10 Best Free Movie Apps for iPhone/iPad

Most of us over here prefer watching free movies rather than spending loads and loads of money on streaming services such as Netflix or Disney Plus. There is particularly nothing wrong with watching free movies unless, of course, the source of those movies is illegitimate or illegal in nature. This would clearly substantiate that we do not support piracy or stealing any sort of media content.

But the major question in all of this is how can one watch free movies. Before we proceed, one thing you need to understand is that you should not have any sorts of unrealistic expectations from the free movie app. Let us now have a look at the best available free movie applications for iPhone.

Tubi TV


Tubi TV is surely one of the best free movie applications for iPhone. This app offers the users with free movies and tv shows, however, they are coupled with a lot of ads which indirectly pay for the movies and other content available on the app. The movies that are available on the application are from the best production houses such as Paramount, MOM, Lionsgate and so on.

There are movies available in all of the genres such as action, horror, comedy and much more. You can easily sync your content in Tubi TV across devices if you have Tubi TV installed on your other devices such as Xbox, Roku or even Amazon Firestick.



vudu movie app for iPhone

Vudu has more than 100,000 titles which essentially contain all of the major genres, Vudu is surely on the list of the best free movie apps. Vudu is also quite similar to Tubi, however, the best part about this application is that it does not have a lot of ads as compared to Tubi and the ads are relatively tolerable.

Vudu has the option which lets the users download the different type of content available and watch it as well later on without the availability of the internet. Vudu also lets the users stream the content across other devices with the use of Airplay, thus making it one of the must-have iPhone movie apps on your respective device.




Popcornflix is another popular free movie application on iPhone. This particular app facilitates thousands of movies that are categorised into all of the popular genres and there are a few underrated ones as well such as Western Documentaries, thrillers, drama and so much more. You can easily watch the content through WiFi and mobile data as well.

You can select the picture quality ranging from 720p to 1080p. This application comes with a unique feature of downloading subtitles automatically. You can open settings and select language, font size, type, colour and style. All of the subtitles are obtained from opensubtitles.com.




If you have a knack for classic movies then crackle should be your go-to application. This app offers classic movies such as Metropolis, Nosferatu, Vagabond and a lot of others. There are other movies, TV shows and documentaries also available apart from Crackly originals on the app.

The major issue of this app is that it offers content to the users but with a lot of ads and commercials which need to be viewed alongside the movie. Crackle also has a lot of good cartoons which can be used by the kids.



Untitled 4

Snagfilms is yet another application that has made it onto the list for best free movie apps on iPhone. Even though Snag Films does not have a large movie collection as compared to the other applications, it does have a lot of quality action, horror, thriller, romantic, kids and adventure movies in its collection.

The content in the app included movies, TV shows, and documentaries as well which can be viewed by you on all of the devices that support IOS such as an iPhone, iPad as well as and iPod touch.

Box Loca

Box Loca is a free movie application for iPhone that streams newer movies and TV shows, unlike the other iPhone movie applications. This app is compatible with all of the IOS devices running IOS version 9.0 or higher.

Other than the movies this app has other content such as the latest movie news, trailers and other movie-related programs as well. However, you cannot download content and view it offline through this particular app.

Public Domain Movies

Just as the name suggests, Public Domain Movies consist of all the movies that do not fall under the copyright period and are potentially available for free of cost for everyone to watch. Even though the collection of movies in this is large, it consists of old classic movies and TV shows and there is a large collection of apps available. This app also curates a special list for you based on your past viewings.


If you are bored of watching the same old Hollywood movies and want to explore new languages then this is the app for you. You can watch Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Korean movies easily with English subtitles. The best part about this application is that there are no ads available unless all the other streaming apps for iPhone. There is also a large collection of tv shows available on the app which makes it very lucrative for users.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is more of a streaming app in iPhones for TV shows rather than movies. This does not mean that there are no movies at all. There are a lot of movies and TV shows available in various genres such as horror, action, adventure, comedy, romance and so much more. You can bookmark a particular channel or content for future viewing.


Last but definitely not least, Yidio is a free movie app for iPhone. This app is more like a search engine. and does not have its own resources in content. In other words, this app will let you search for a particular movie or a tv show and then provide options on how you can watch that particular piece of content on your iPhone.

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