Everything You Need to Know About Video Conferencing

Since the pandemic turned the world upside down, people have been trying to compensate for the lack of live communication in private life, business, education, etc. So video conferencing software and equipment became extremely desired. How should you start working with video meetings, and why iMind reviews show it is the best solution?

What is video conferencing?


Video conferencing is a technology that makes it possible to communicate, exchange files and data, and have full-bodied meetings remotely. Following this idea, the developers of various solutions try to create or improve their products to be the best among the universal video conferencing tools. 

Purposes you may need video meetings for

Our mentioning of video conferencing products’ versatility causes a reasonable question: are there so many situations when you may need video conferencing? Of course, yes. Video calls are more demanded, as today people reconsider their attitude to remote work and communication. If taking personal needs into account, the list would be infinite. But as for the business purposes, they include:

  • one-time meetings, when you get or give some unique information;
  • periodic but rare meetings for large amounts of people to gather and listen to the news a company has to communicate;
  • regular meetings (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) that serve to maintain a smooth work process;
  • interviews and training sessions;
  • one-on-one quick meetings – to clarify the question instantly;
  • team-building meetings, corporate remote parties, and other team events.

These are only the most obvious usages you can imagine. The more specific your sphere of activity is, the more unique kind of video conference you may need. So if you struggle to choose your first video conferencing software, you should consider some points to help you understand what degree of versatility you should seek. 

Things to consider while choosing the software

First, consider the business you have. Is it a small business, or do you need more extended opportunities for bigger teams? If your needs refer to enterprise requirements, how many tasks do you need to perform with the software? It is the first and foremost to pay attention to because it defines the other aspects. Among those, we emphasize:

  • Your budget – most solutions suggest you choose some plan which provides you with functionality appropriate to your demands. For instance, iMind offers you four variations: free, pro, business, and enterprise – relevant to your company size. And their prices differ significantly.
  • The main and secondary reasons for implementing video conferencing – think out this question because if you use the software for only regular meetings, you don’t need an option for holding webinars. If you think you may need some function later, consider how much later your demand will arise. It will orient you on the plan to buy and the organizational issues to deal with before starting your work.
  • Compatibility and integrability – do you need video conferencing for only PC users, or is it better to find something available for mobile devices too? Will you use some specific equipment like video meeting systems? 
  • Current rates and reviews – what brands are the leaders of an industry for the moment? Personal experience reports are more substantial than any marketing campaign.

 Thus, you can choose the best solution relevant to your case. 

Pay your attention to iMind

The iMind app provides plenty of possibilities for business. Depending on the plan you choose, you will have diverse security, support, and live streaming opportunities. But the basic functionality, even in the free plan, impresses:

  • 24-hour group conferences;
  • simultaneous screen sharing;
  • unlimited recording and cloud storage for your meetings;
  • previewing and sharing the recordings;
  • background noise elimination;
  • you can host meetings with up to a hundred participants.

Combine all these with an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to create, share, and manage your conferences in a couple of minutes.

When choosing a video conferencing software for the first time, you may find yourself confused about the variety of solutions presented on the market. Some are considered classic; others associate with something too complicated or expensive. But the world changes quickly, and those who don’t follow the flow remain behind. The iMind platform is an example of being relevant to current demands and tendencies. That’s why they are the leaders!


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