30 Webinar Landing Page Examples to Copy in 2022

You might think that webinars have now become an outdated concept, however, that is not the case since in a lot of surveys and research conducted it was concluded that Webinars are crucial in the marketing strategy.

In order for people to actually show up to your webinars, you need to ensure that your webinar landing pages are uniquely crafted such that they would promote the registrations on your page.

In this particular article, we shall be taking a look at the 30 best landing pages, through which you can take your ideas and create the perfect landing page as per your preferences.




Kissmetrics has developed an efficient landing page for their webinar which is mostly simplistic in nature. The best part about their page is the headline which briefly surmises the benefits of the webinar to the people.

The texts are filled with shorter paragraphs and bullet points which make the overall content easier to read. All the headline subheadings and the bolded texts create an organised look which is very easy to follow by the users.

IBM Watson


IBM is a multi-million dollar company and their webinar landing page has also set its standards. There are no navigation buttons which would mean that there are no readily available means to get off this particular page.

The headlines and the subheadlines present on this page create an organised look and hence have an easy-to-follow hierarchy for the users. The logo is not hyperlinked and hence it does not allow people to leave the page.



Microsoft has proved why they are the best in the business and they surely have a good landing page. The headline on the page has a clear benefit thus providing much-needed clarity for the users.

There is a bulleted copy attached to the page that tells people exactly what they would learn in the webinar. As an additional benefit, the page is very balanced since the page and the enclosed copy are in line with each other.

Best Buy

best buy

The header which is branded will periodically remind the users that they are on a page that is created by Best Buy. The subheadings also are very organised and they essentially give a proper visual hierarchy which makes it easy for the users to read.

The copy which is bulleted gives the users all the key information that they need and the information they will be gaining from the webinar.


The wordstream landing page firstly has a headline that conveys a clear benefit. The bright button also attracts the attention of the visitors. The biographies are very easy to read because of the bulleted text which makes them organised to look at.

The paragraphs are shortened which makes the copy easy to read and digest. The subheadings are properly placed and designed and the bolded text creates a sense of visual hierarchy.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure webinar landing page has a bulleted copy which easily lets the people know about the content that they would be learning in the webinar without just loading them with loads of information.

The landing page is extremely informative, which is extremely useful for the visitors who may view the page on tablets or mobile devices which have screens of varying sizes.

Content Marketing Institute

The header which is big and branded lets the users know easily that they are on a content marketing institute’s page. The subheadings are in an extremely organised manner and this creates a hierarchy that is easy to read and follow.

The summary informs the visitors of what they are slated to receive by joining the webinar. The logo of CMI is not hyperlinked and the user cannot escape through the button over there.


The Nvidia webinar landing page comes without any apparent way off their page hence the users cannot easily quit. There is a privacy link under the webinar which reassures the users that their privacy is safe and their information will not be leaked.

The headshots and the biographies give a clear idea to the users about who is presenting.


The Kapost landing page has a blue button that gives out a blue background. The CTA is also viewed in the first person since instead of saying ‘Save your Spot’ it says ‘Save my Spot’. The paragraphs are separated into small chunks to make the text easier to read and the bullet points convey the exact benefits that you would get for attending the webinar.


The Forrester landing page has Bite-Sized paragraphs that make the text on the page easier to read and comprehend. The bulleted copy easily explains to the user what the webinar will cover thus making it easy for the user.

The terms of use and the privacy policy links in the form provide the users with reassurance that their information is safe and sound.

Centres for Disease Control

The bulleted itinerary breaks down the schedule of the webinar in 15-minute intervals in order to make the visitors aware of what they can expect. The button colour pops off on the white page very well, which makes the call to action easy to see for the users. A lack of navigation would mean that there is no obvious way for the user to exit.

Search Engine Journal

The headline of the landing page essentially covers the benefits of the webinar. There are small paragraphs that quickly convey the advantages of attending the webinar as well. The button which is bright red in colour pops off on the grey background very easily.


The Groove webinar landing page has a question subheading that easily engages the reader. The form for registration is very short and it does not ask much from the visitor. There is a word ‘Free’ attached which makes the webinar very appealing to the users.

The paragraphs are short and bite-sized which makes the page very organised and easy to read. The copy is bulleted and easily explains the benefits of joining the webinar.


The upwork webinar landing page has a headline which easily explains the strong benefit of attending the webinar easily.

The bulleted copy also gets the benefit of attending this webinar quite a bit easier. The small paragraphs make it very easy for the users to read the content. There is a green CTA button which pops off the white form and attracts the visitor’s eye.

Mastin Kipp

The headline of Mastin Kipp conveys the benefits of the webinar clearly. There are multiple cooperative CTAs that work together in order to convert the visitor.

There are no navigation or outbound links which would mean that the user has to either convert on the particular page or leave it. The bulleted copy easily summarises the benefits of the webinar.

The Linux Foundation

There are small paragraphs that make the summary easy to read for the users. The bulleted copy also explains what the visitors gain by registering easily for the webinar. The logo is also not hyperlinked hence the users cannot exit the page through it.

The subheadings were formed to create an easy-to-follow organised hierarchy.


The deluxe webinar landing page comes with minimal text which makes the page easy to digest. There is a non-hyperlinked logo present which does not let the user exit. There is a lack of navigation options which means that there is no apparent way to get off the page.

There is a bulleted copy as well which quickly helps the users understand the benefit of registering for the webinar.

HCL Tech

The HCL tech webinar landing page contains a small paragraph which makes the texts on the page much more readable. There is an ‘Autofill with LinkedIn’ button that allows the users to complete the form easily with just a few clicks.

There is a blue button which jumps off the orange form and looks quite good as well on the landing page of the webinar.

The Marketing Scope

There is a results-based headline that conveys a quite strong benefit of attending the webinar of The Marketing Scope.

There are bite-sized paragraphs which make this page much more readable. There is a bulleted copy enclosed which quickly explains the content of the particular webinar and emphasises the benefits of joining.

Network Marketing Pro

The network marketing pro webinar has the work Free attached to it which makes attending the webinar much more elusive to the users. There is also a ‘How To’ headline which conveys the proper and obvious benefits of attending the webinar to the respective users.

The videos also take advantage of the bias of the users towards visual content. There are primarily two cooperative CTAs that work together to convey the prospects.


The landing page of the webinar has a good amount of human touch attached to it. The landing page establishes itself as a good teacher in order to make you understand that you are in good hands.

The CTA button on the webinar or the claim the seat option is also very lucrative since it is clearly visible alongside the guest list. The button is always sticking onto the screen and you can scroll up and down easily.


The slack landing page has a modern design which is aesthetically pleasing. Slack has gone above and beyond in designing its page.

The page is very clean and effective. There is an image attached to each page that you can remember. Slack does not waste any time communicating about the target audience of the webinar. It has a precise copy to explain to you all of that.


The Wix webinar landing page has a design form that is very short and concise and asks only for the information that is absolutely imperative.

This makes the form-filling process very efficient and takes less work as well. Everything the users need to know about the event is attached to the page and the users have to do very little work to find out any info.


The landing page of this webinar site is created with a sense of emergency thus it adds to the lucrative nature of the site.

It first prompts a sign-up for the users. The landing page of the site is filled with engaging visuals which has a unique and creatively featured image in order to pique the interests of the visitors.


The UXPin landing page has clear benefits and it makes new visitors easily understand the clear benefits of the new users and also makes them understand its value.

There is no need to provide the users with a lot of info and you only need to provide your email address in order to access the webinar, which is basically the minimum information a user can get asked for.


The landing page at calendly is very short and simple. There is not much information in order to ensure that the user does not get overwhelmed with a lot of information.

The users get provided with need-to-know info and are also given a very short sign-up form which keeps everything visually cohesive.


The WordPress landing page comes along with a consolidated information page which contains more content than the average landing page but limits the length of the texts by having some FAQ modules.

This way, if the visitors just have a quick question they do not need to register first. There are a lot of CTA buttons available throughout which appear at the top and bottom of the page and can be pressed with a minimal amount of scrolling.


The landing page contains the headshots of a lot of speakers who would be speaking in the webinar. Their role and their company are also mentioned in order to ensure that there is a good amount of trust embedded within the users.

The Women in Technology World Series

There is a very minimal amount of navigation required by you. There are also very few navigational elements which take you off the page.

Even though navigation is certainly important they create distractions. The bios of the speakers are well presented and very well detailed and placed just below the CTAs.


The Duolingo interface has a consistent webinar landing page in order to widen their respective company branding. They also have their signature font and button design in their landing page.

The page has a lot of CTAs which link out to the events by the same host mentioned so that the learners can sign up for more webinars.


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