How to Reset Insignia Fire TV Remote? – (Easy Steps)

If you’re an Insignia Fire TV user, you’ll certainly be aware of how cool is it to have this smart TV at your home. Viewers who are new in this regard, and have to gain knowledge regarding this brand, should know that Insignia HDTV Fire edition, is a smart television device for the new generation.

This brand will not only offer you a fire TV experience, but the best thing about it is that it has a voice remote with Alexa. You can watch your favourite movies as well as TV shows, and enjoy the superior TV service at your convenient time.

However, a problem still remains with these kinda smart TV, where the remote sometimes malfunctions and tends to work slow, or gets slightly damaged for various reasons. It may fall from your hand, the batteries might run out of power, and in that case, you certainly need to buy a new one. However there are also some cases when you’ve done nothing wrong with the remote, but it still tends to show some problems. 

These are generally caused by connection issues and bug fixes and glitches, and resetting it will sort out the problem. Or you can just apply other fixes like simply restarting it. You can check out this article on what to do if the Insignia TV remote is not working, in case resetting the remote doesn’t help you out. Check it out in the sections below.

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Restarting the Insignia Fire TV Remote

Before you apply a factor reset to your Insignia Fire TV remote, you need to perform the simpler step first which is restarting the device. First, take out all the batteries present in the remote, give a pause of 60 seconds, and then, put them back in their place in the correct order. This simple process will reboot your Insignia remote and will help your device to make a clean start. It is a well-known process applied to deal with multiple glitches and network interferences.

This primarily works as a power cycle which we generally do to a TV, turning it off, unplugging it from the wall socket, and putting it back to its original place again. This whole process will help you remote to drain away the residual power present and your issue is likely to be fixed. But in case, it doesn’t check out how to reset Insignia Fire TV remote, below.

Simple Steps to Reset Insignia Fire TV Remote

Applying a factory reset is likely to remove the glitch and fix the bugs on your device, and this process will get your remote working like a brand new one when it was bought for the first time. Depending upon which Fire TV model you use, the switches can be placed anywhere else, not following the same pattern as the other models. However, the basic process remains the same. Check below.

Step I: First, tap on the Home button of your Insignia remote, and hold it for a few seconds.

Step II: Next, click on the Menu button on your remote, three times consequently, and then release the Home button.

Step III: Now, press the Menu button which you tapped three times before. Press it now for 9 consecutive times.

Step IV: Next, remove the batteries from the Insignia Fire TV remote, and apply a power cycle to your Insignia Fire TV. This includes unplugging your TV from the wall socket and staying on hold for at least 60 minutes.

Step V: Next, plug back your TV into the power source, and also put the batteries back into your Insignia remote.

Step VI: You’ll see the Home Screenappearing on your TV, then tap on the Home button, and hold it for 40 seconds.

Now, your work is done. Wait for another 60 seconds for the setup to get fully completed, and your Insignia remote should be restored to the original default settings. Just pair your Insignia TV with the remote again, and enjoy your favorite shows without getting disturbed.

How to Reset using 1st Gen Alexa Voice Remote?

If you’re using the 1st generation Alexa voice remote which comes with the Insignia Fire TV, then the process would be a bit different from the earlier one, as this remote will neither have any volume up or down buttons nor any power buttons as well. The process of factory resetting this remote is –

Step I: First, unplug the Insignia TV from the power socket, and keep it for a while for 1 minute. At the same time, press and hold the left side of the circular button situated in the middle of the remote as well as the Menu button for a minimum of 15 seconds.

Step II: Next step will include releasing the buttons and giving a pause of 5 seconds, remove the batteries from your Insignia Fire TV remote.

Step III: Now the process is completed, and put back all the things that weren’t in their place, including plugging in the TV and inserting the batteries into the remote, back. And, then click on the Home button of your remote.

Now, your 1st generation Alexa remote will be fully restored to defaults and will be successfully paired to your Insignia Fire TV. Else, if you see that the remote is showing any problems while pairing with the TV, then press the Home button, for at least 10 seconds, and then check out.

This second process of resetting your remote is applicable for devices including –

  • Alexa Voice Remote Lite
  • Alexa Voice Remote (Including Buttons)
  • Fire TV Edition Soundbar Remotes
  • Fire TV Edition TV Remotes

Bottom Line

Resetting will likely sort out the issue that your Insignia Fire TV remote is facing, and you’ll be able to enjoy your service freely. Also, if restarting or resetting doesn’t help, you also replace it and buy a brand new one. The remotes that work with Insignia Fire TV are – Harmony 950, Logitech Harmony Elite (Premium), OEM Device Universal, OEM Replacement remote, etc.


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