5 Best Ways To See Someone’s Likes On Instagram

The “Following Activity Tab” was a feature of an earlier version of Instagram. You could previously view your friends’ Instagram activities. However, Instagram developers soon discovered that only a few users were actually using this feature. As a result, they considered it an unnecessary feature and removed it. Users who enjoyed this feature weren’t happy with the new Instagram update.

Instagram still has a tonne of tools that allow you to view the activity of your friends. Read the entire article to learn how to get past them so that you can see someone’s Instagram likes.

How To See Other People’s Instagram Likes?

How To See What People And Pages They Like?

It has become somewhat challenging to keep tabs on someone’s Instagram activity. As was previously stated, the activity feature is no longer accessible. Now more than ever, it can be difficult to follow someone’s activities on Instagram.

You might start by looking at someone’s following on Instagram to find out what they are interested in. The term “following” in this context refers to how many pages, individuals, and tags someone is following. To verify that, take the following actions:

  • Launch the Instagram app on your phone or tablet.
  • Use your credentials to log in. If you are already logged in, disregard it.
  • Tap on the search button at the bottom of your screen and type the username of the person you want to monitor. If that person’s profile appears in the results, click on it to view it.
  • If you follow that individual, clicking on your profile’s symbol at the bottom will take you there.
  • After that, select “Following.”

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  • Click on the profile name after searching for that person’s name or username.
  • Since you are following that person, you can check all the accounts they are following by clicking on the following option. There, you may learn every detail about the pages, users, and tags they are interested in.

You can follow the same pages and tags. In this manner, their little profile image will appear whenever they like a post from the same page. Additionally, you may open the same page’s posts and look at the likes to see if anyone has liked that particular post. Keep in mind that you cannot access a person’s “following” if you do not follow them. On the other hand, if their profile is public, you may quickly check that.

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How To See What Posts, Reels, And Stories They Liked?

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You may think of this action as an enhanced version of the one before it. You might notice the posts and reels someone enjoys if you have access to the pages and persons they follow.

Remember that some of the pages or users may have private accounts. In these situations, following them is the only way to have access to their posts and clips. It is easier for you if you follow popular pages and people.

For instance, you gain access to Instagram posts of the people and pages that the person is following. You can check the reels’ and posts’ likes after you have access.

In short, you can check the posts and reels of the pages and people that your person follows. To do that, you need to:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Go to the person’s profile that you are researching.
  • Open the pages they have “Following” by clicking on them.
  • You’ll be taken to the primary account. Make sure you are in the posts area before checking the likes on the posts. If not, you can access it by pressing the image of a square grid. If you are in the reels section, you can also slide the screen to the right.
  • Now tap on the post to view the number of likes.
  • Click “X others” once. People who liked the post will be listed. Here, “X” stands for the overall amount of likes for the post.
  • To see if they liked that post, type that person’s name into the search field.

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How To Check Who Liked A Post And A Comment

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You might only want to view the people who have liked a specific post. You may also be aware that users can like comments on posts. In order to see how many people have liked a certain post, just do as follows:

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • Go to the post where you wish to see the likes by navigating there.
  • Select “Others” or “X others” from the menu that appears just below the post’s image.
  • Here, X stands for the quantity of likes received by that post.

You will now have access to the complete list of individuals who liked that post. These instructions can be used to check the number of likes on any post.

Now, to see how many people have liked a comment, you must:

  • By selecting “View All X comments,” you can access the comment area. This choice is located immediately below the number of likes on a post. Alternatively, you can select the comment icon next to the like button (Heart icon).
  • Find the comment you want to see the likes for after opening the comment section.
  • A very little “X Likes” symbol might be written at the bottom of the comment. You may access the list of people who liked the comment by tapping on it.

The “Comment” option, which is also located at the bottom of each comment, can be used to respond to any comment. It is located next to the “X Likes” option. Remember that X is the total number of individuals in this section.

How To See Posts Someone Likes On Instagram On Android Device

How To See Posts Someone Likes On Instagram

You must now realise that there is no built-in feature that allows you to view the posts that someone likes. However, you can also manually check someone’s likes. Utilizing an Android device, you can proceed as follows:

  • To open the Instagram app on your phone, click on the Instagram symbol.
  • Go to the person’s profile whose likes you want to monitor. By clicking on the magnifying glass symbol at the bottom of your screen, you can access their profile.
  • Enter the person’s username in the search box and click “show all results.” Select the desired profile by clicking on it.
  • Go to their profile page and select “Following” from the menu.
  • Visit the user’s profile that they are following. Then, see if the individual you are tracking has liked any of their posts by looking at the likes on their posts.

For additional persons and pages that your person follows, follow a similar procedure. But keep in mind that you can only see postings from users whose accounts are set to “Public.”

How To See Someone’s Like On Instagram Using A Third-Party Application


Instagram does not have a built-in function that enables you to follow someone’s activities. However, it is supported by a large number of third-party applications. The program Snoopreport is one example. Therefore, you can use the services of Snoopreport to snoop on someone, say your kids.

You must add Instagram handles for tracking in Snoopreport in order to use it. It will give you information about the person’s likes, comments, and followers. With the help of this fantastic app, you can also track someone’s Instagram account for commercial purposes.


This article has covered every action you may take to view someone’s Instagram likes. Either employ the time-consuming manual approach or use a third-party service.

You should be aware that while utilizing a third-party application may be speedier, it comes with risks. Some fraudulent apps might use your data to break into your system. Therefore, use caution when using such applications, and do so at your own risk if you do.

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