10 Free Websites That Feels Illegal To Know

The internet has become a significant part of our daily life. It has improved and made our lives more convenient by making it simple to do and learn almost everything while seated at home.

There are several websites available right now that can make our day-to-day life easier. But getting to know them all might occasionally be a little difficult.

Thankfully, we have already done the legwork of looking for you. Check out these top 10 valuable websites that are all free to use, and each has something interesting to offer.

List of 10 Free Valuable Websites

Here are a few of the most helpful websites you might not be aware of existing online. Most of them will effectively address at least one of your issues, and they all have incredibly straightforward website addresses that you can memorize, saving you a trip to Google.

  1. Pexels


Using videos in place of photographs is a fantastic approach to stand out in presentations. According to studies, videos are effective visuals that may keep your audience interested and entertained. According to Kennected, numerous companies now incorporate videos within their marketing plans.

A great website for free, high-quality stock films that can liven up your presentations is Pexels. It offers free stock videos and photos that you can download and use even for commercial purposes.

  1. Quillbot


In case it wasn’t clear, Quillbot is a tool for paraphrasing and summarizing, not for outright plagiarism. However, remember to properly cite your sources and provide credit wherever required. Additionally, Quillbot offers a feature that will assist you in checking your content for plagiarism.

The use of cutting-edge AI, helps millions of students and professionals reduce the amount of time they spend writing by more than half.

  1. Microcopy


A fantastic website for finding catchy slogans and headlines. The term “microcopy” refers to the tiny text elements on a product’s user interface. It can be found across a website or app to direct visitors, explain functionality, and help them finish activities. Regardless of how small they may be, these tiny passages of text can significantly enhance the user experience of any product.

We constantly come across microcopy without even realizing it. Consider cautionary messages on apps or the language that shows in a search box before entering a query. You may have also encountered it in loading text, where it frequently occurs together with interesting animation, calls to action pushing us to fill out an online form, and explanatory text.

  1. Remove.bg


A fantastic website that makes it simple to remove background from your photograph and replace it with any background you like.

  • With simply one click, automatically remove image backgrounds in 5 seconds.
  • Don’t labour over-picking pixels for hours.
  • Now, upload a photo to experience the magic.

With remove.bg, you can perform all of these things and more, including making a backdrop transparent (PNG) or adding a white background to a photo.

  1. Otter AI

Otter AI

Taking notes at meetings a challenge? Otter automatically converts the audio from your meetings into text and records them. Otter, an enterprise-ready AI-powered assistant that creates comprehensive notes for meetings, interviews, and presentations, will make you a hero at work.

Concentrate on the talk rather than taking notes because you know Otter understood. Otter is a cutting-edge technology for recording and discovering crucial spoken information that frees teams to work more efficiently and actively.

By offering an app to record, share, and recall all of your meeting notes, Otter.ai increases the efficiency of business teams. A collaborative note-taking tool by Otter.ai provides crucial information from voice conversations, such as meetings, interviews, and lectures, instantly available and usable.

  1. Loom


A helpful website that lets you record yourself and your screen at the same time so you can explain things however you want. With only one click, record both your screen and camera. You can also send an immediate link to that content and share it online.

Loom can help you stay in touch with your team, record brief screen, and camera recordings. With Loom, you can instantly generate a link to share with anyone after recording your screen. It’s the quickest and simplest method of screen capture and team communication.

Loom makes it simple to keep informed with async video, whether you’re screen recording a product demo, providing feedback, or just expressing your thoughts.

  1. Temp-mail


Visitors are frequently required to register before accessing information, leaving comments, or downloading anything on forums, websites and blogs. The most cutting-edge disposable email service, Temp-Mail, keeps you safe and out of spam’s reach.

Temp-mail provides you with a temporary email address and inbox to enable you to join up for a website and prevent future spam.

A temporary email address that self-destructs after a set amount of time is possible with the free email service called Temp-mail. Some alternate websites to generate temporary emails are “10minmail,” “throwaway email,” “fake-mail,” “fake email generator,” “burner mail,” or “trash-mail.”

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  1. Convertio


A powerful file conversion tool called Convertio enables users to transform pertinent business files into any format of their choice. Along with 300+ file formats, the platform provides over 25600 conversion techniques. The tool is quick, straightforward, and simple to use. Simply drag and drop files into the screen, choose an output format, and click the “Convert” button are all that are required of users.

It intends to finish all conversions in 1-2 minutes. Convertio completes all conversions in the cloud, therefore, it doesn’t use up any of the users’ computers’ storage space. Businesses can also modify the conversion settings to achieve the desired outcome file and ensure that it is properly stored.

You can convert files for free to any format you like using this service.

  1. TinyWOW


A wide range of free, user-friendly utilities for PDF files, movies, photos, and more are available from TinyWOW. You can create memes, sharpen photographs, remove backgrounds from images, convert films to GIF files, convert word documents to PDF documents, and much more.

Amazingly, it appears like I can find all the digital tools I’ll ever need on one website. I adore how well-organized and user-friendly everything is.

Download trial versions of the tools you would typically purchase. Free variations of:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro (PDF editor)
  • With Photoshop (image editor)
  1. Jenni AI

Jenni AI

An artificial intelligence (AI) auto-writing program that composes your emails and essays for you. Just give it a title and a few phrases, and you’re done.

When writing blogs, copy, or anything else, Jenni AI is the best content assistant you can have. Jenni offers excellent advice as you write. 10x more quickly produce a persuasive copy.

The AI assistant who keeps you in control is named Jenni. You collaborate with Jenni as you write, and once you start writing with Jenni, there is no turning back.


It can be challenging to find relevant websites. There are well over one billion websites on the internet, many of which are completely useless. These were some of the less popular websites that provide premium service for free.


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