10 Fake Email Generator Websites & Apps To Avoid Spam

We have all faced this situation at some point in life where the inbox just swells with unread mails. The accumulated unread emails keep begging for your attention every time you open your email account. But you are too busy to give it the time of your day.

And finally, when your email service provider has had enough of your unread mails. You start receiving alerts on your account running out of space to store more mails.

It all becomes too much, so you finally sit down one weekend to spring clean your inbox. And what do you find? Spam, junk, services you have forgotten unsubscribing from, and services that just won’t stop mailing, like that one annoying friend we all have.

And then you think that it is time to create another email account because this one has gotten out of hand. But listen, you don’t have to. We have services to remedy that exact frustrating situation. Isn’t technology simply amazing?

What you need is a Fake Email Generator service. This is the one-stop remedy to control the spam and junk that takes up a lot of room in your inbox as well as your head (with the constant worry, of course!).

What is a Fake Email Generator?

These temporary email generators allow you to, depending on the providers, create unlimited disposable email accounts to redirect the spam and junk.

Yes, disposable email accounts. The fake emails being generated are temporary in nature, and therefore disposable. These accounts, again, depending on the providers, erase themselves from existence after a certain time has passed. Hence disposable!

Benefits of Temporary Emails?

Utilizing this service has other benefits over using regular email services. Firstly, they completely hide your identity. It helps protect your identity by masking your IP address. Secondly, you can switch between the old account and a new account at the snap of a finger. Even if you have to delete the email ID you are using currently (which automatically deactivates that email account), you can create and switch to a new one really quickly.

Now that you know what a Fake Email Generator does, let the recommendations begin!

10 Fake Email Generator Websites & Apps

1. TempMail

temp mail

This service works like a charm all the time. You get to create unlimited temporary emails. And it’s all about business with them because they know what you want. As soon as you visit their website, you met with the dashboard and with every page refresh, they provide you with a fresh email. This is with no strings attached because you don’t even need to sign up to use this service! Isn’t that amazing?

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2. Mailinator


This service lets you generate not just email accounts, but IP locations as well. It lets you generate multiple email inboxes. And just like TempMail, you do not require to sign up with the service at all. You also get other features like a trash folder and a spam folder. The spam emails are automatically deleted by mailinator. They also offer premium services with loads of other features.

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3. Dispostable


While it serves just like the other websites when it comes to fake email generation, one unique selling point that would make you select this service is the fact that you can create the email account manually. This ensures that your email ids do not read like a child on a sugar rush created them. Dispostable also lets a user use the email for as long as you would need.

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4. YopMail


YopMail stands for Your Own Protection Mail. Just like the other services, YopMail also requires no signup and can be used straight off the page. Also, similar to Dispostable, you can customize your email id on this service. However, the emails are not password-protected, so discretion is advised when using it on devices that are not your own. Further, the emails are stored for a period of 8 days, so you can visit at your convenience to view them.

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5. OwlyMail


This service is very much in line with the other offerings, with a no signup requirement and unlimited emails. But where this service has made its mark is around the fact that OwlyMail stores a user’s emails for 180 days and more. This makes it one of the longest duration these services store mails for. Also, you can choose your own domain name for the email ids.

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6. Instant Email Address

Instant Email Address

This app is just as versatile as the websites are. Install the app and create as many fake email accounts as desired. The emails created can be used only temporarily. Similarly, the emails received by the fake email will be stored only for a time. This service, however, requires a sign-up. Make sure you don’t use a permanent email address to sign-up.

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7. GuerrillaMail


This service is available as a website and as an app, so it is just that much more accessible to you. While using this service, you can also add up to 150 MB of attachments to the mails. However, the emails you receive expire within an hour of receipt, so be mindful of that.

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8. SpamBox

SpamBox - Anonymous Temp Email

Use this app for the quickest and fastest way to set-up a fake email, and get it working. While you cannot send any emails, all of the communication you received is stored for as long as you have the app installed on your device.

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9. TempMail by Nada

temp mail - by nada

While providing services identical to the ones listed above, this fake email generator is slightly more sophisticated as it supports attachments in the mails. Also, while the domain does not get removed by the service, the mails in an email account are automatically deleted after 7 days.

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10. Mailsucker.net


This is another offering that allows you to create an account without signup. You can receive spam emails and related attachments. The emails are available for a period of 3 days.

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So there you have it! The best of the best fake email generator services to stop spam. After all, it is simply liberating to live spam-free!

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