Applications and Mobile Gaming: What do Kiwis Prefer?

Kiwis have a zeal for gaming, which is quite amply resonated by an average of 80% of regular gamblers. The 2003 Act was surely welcomed as a boon, as it implied legalised gaming across a few sections, such as racing, pokies, lotteries, and casinos. 

However, it is still illegal for the six domestic gaming venues (Dunedin, Christchurch, Skycity Hamilton, Skycity Auckland, Skycity Queenstown, and Skycity Wharf) to allow online games for money. Only the NZ Lotto and TAB (Totalizator Agency Board) can avail of this feature, other than offshore operators. 

The recent decade has experienced a surge in mobile gaming and has increased the iGaming economy. Furthermore, the current pandemic situation has pushed customers to the Internet. This can clearly be confirmed by the Kiwis buying Lotto Tickets worth $631 million, which is approximately higher than in the past years. New Zealand has also witnessed a spike of $121 million in just twelve months from the iGaming sector.

But when it comes to comfort and ease, the new generation players claim luxury at their fingertips, and what could possibly be a better option than Android or iPhones? Still, many favour bigger, more protected smart devices such as laptops, desktops, iPods, etc., where a downloadable app of their preferred casinos can easily be availed. 

These days, casinos come with the functionality of all three offers-mobile apps, mobile gaming, or downloadable apps on any smart device (APK version) for their trusted customers. Customers avail themselves of their choice depending on their preference and comfort. As of 2020, there was an average of 1.75 billion mobile gamblers worldwide, which might reach 3.07 billion gamers by 2023. 

Mobile Gaming

Gaming at mobile sites is the most preferred choice of New Zealanders, as 2020 statistics reveal an average download of 80 million games, with players spending $100 billion. It is speculated that the industry will reach a $138 billion net worth by 2025, which is indeed highly profitable. 

The reason is simple – the device is easy to carry and handle, and most importantly, it can be accessed anywhere with a stable internet connection. Besides this primary advantage, regular gamblers believe that mobile gambling provides a broader range of games and a better probability of winning. The sign-in is simple and generally requires the registered email id and password, and almost everything a mobile app claims can be accessed from smartphones. 


Regarding customer care and support, it follows almost the same time frame and trajectories as the apps since customer support depends on the casino services the customer opts for. But hacking and fraudulent activities pose the most significant risk for any customer accessing mobile gaming. There might even be chances of money loss. 

Another commonly faced issue is the loading time, which is way too long on the mobiles, as it is usually a large file. It is usually annoying and discouraging for the players when the mobile game takes a long to load.

Gaming Applications

Recently, these applications are gaining popularity in New Zealand because they have several advantages, including the high level of security provided by respective casinos. The betting applications have another advantage over mobile gaming since it promises to load games in a fraction of a second, and applications place betting wagers swiftly too. 

Moreover, applications also provide additional benefits, such as regular notifications on the latest updates and changes, live betting for sports, races, etc. It is not always necessary to use smart devices such as iPads, laptops, desktops, etc., since the betting applications are also available on Google Play, NZ Store and Apple Stores. In 2020, around 83% of Google Play’s revenue came entirely from installing mobile game applications. 

Following are the most popularly mobile gambling applications installed by the Kiwis, as rated by Google Play:

  • Cash Bursts-Lucky Vegas Games
  • Jackpot Master Games
  • Real Money Slots|Play Slot Games
  • Slots: Hearts of Vegas Game

But, one of the greatest disadvantages of mobile applications is the unavailability of many games and casinos. Several bookmakers cannot be downloaded in the form of applications. Moreover, in accordance with the Gambling Act of 2003, several offshore casinos remain unavailable within the New Zealand borders, which can be directly accessed in mobile gaming.  


Both gaming and applications for smartphones come with their pros and cons, but what needs to be kept in mind is the ease of use, preference, and comfort, which undoubtedly varies with individuals. However, many Kiwi players are fans of mobile gaming since the 2003 Gambling Act restrained several forms of gambling, such as bookmakers, etc., and mobile gaming breaches in several jurisdictions. Further, overseas casinos remain inaccessible too in applications. 


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