Top Blockchain Certifications Online – Updated [September 2022]

Even though blockchain technology is a relatively new concept, its popularity is increasing yearly. It was essentially formulated as a financial ledger for currencies, including Bitcoin. And since then, it has evolved into much. This technology caters to a decentralized system for ideas and businesses of every kind.

Numerous sectors, including utility, supply chain, governmental, healthcare, and business, are highly associated with blockchain-based applications. And until 2021, the global blockchain technology market was valued at $5.85 billion. Also, by 2024, worldwide spending on blockchain is expected to grow to an estimated $19 billion.

While the stats are commendable, there is remarkable scope for enthusiasts willing to learn blockchain technology. There are a plethora of blockchain development courses and certification programs available online.

Today, this article will enlighten you with the most popular online blockchain certifications. Stay tuned until the end to discover more aspects of blockchain certification programs. Let’s get started.

Top online Blockchain Certification Courses in 2022

  • Blockchain Developer

This introductory program for Blockchain will efficiently allow you to cut through a significant buzzing surrounding. It essentially includes Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency. While learning blockchain, you have an incredible opportunity to master essential tools along with its core platforms.

As you will be associating with tools like Truffle, Ganache, Geth, and MetaMask, you’ll be able to create applications with Ethereum. Thus, you will be capable of setting up an essentially small private network with the help of Hyperledger Composer.

Some of the basic Blockchain skills you will get to learn from Blockchain Developer certification include:

  • Bitcoin Blockchain
  • Blockchain Overview
  • Hyperledger Composer
  • Ethereum Deployment Tools
  • Blockchain on Multichain
  • Smart Contracts on Ethereum
  • Blockchain prospects
  • Blockchain Specialisation

The blockchain specialization certification essentially focuses on the critical concepts of blockchain. It will probably suffice to get you up and running within the industry. Programmers enthusiastic about learning the secrets of deploying, designing, coding, and executing smart contracts can enroll.

On the other hand, this certification program features a minutely detailed overview of the blockchain ecosystem. Also, it covers numerous blockchain platforms and challenges. You can also obtain in-depth knowledge regarding decentralization models, including IPFS and Hashgraph.

  • Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases

This Blockchain certification course is perfect for both developers and non-developers. However, they must be interested in understanding the fundamentals of blockchain technology. Here, philosophical concepts of decentralization are also introduced.

Besides, the importance of application development is also given prominence. Initially, it will cover all the blockchain fundamentals and the technology used. And eventually, it delves into Bitcoin and Ethereum. Here, professionals will also introduce you to the importance of next-generation blockchains.

While everything is explained with real-life examples, your concept regarding business problems will be clear.

  • Python and the Blockchain Technology

You’ll learn about blockchain technology and Python in this blockchain certification course. You’ll also get insights regarding the proven ways of developing a blockchain and a cryptocurrency with Python. Further, it would be best if you worked on a real-world assignment to enrich your portfolio.

This blockchain certification program is ideal if you are willing to learn a programming language for the first time.

  • Berkeley’s Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate

This blockchain course educates you on the subject’s technical and non-technical aspects. So you have a remarkable opportunity to explore ecosystems, central ideas, and technologies regarding blockchain.

On the other hand, the blockchain technology mechanism and its functioning is also covered. So you can essentially formulate specific hypotheses and models. Future scope, cryptocurrency regulation, and other broader implications are also covered within this course.

  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Fundamentals

It is probably the bestselling blockchain certification course. Enthusiasts gain sufficient proficiency in the basics of bitcoin. Other portions covered by this course are:

  • Blockchain fundamentals
  • Digitals tokens
  • Bitcoin
  • Smart contracts
  • Networks
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide

This blockchain certification course teaches you both front-end and back-end programming. Also, it lets you better understand more innovative contracts significantly. So initially, you will be introduced to Semantic UI, Metamask, and React.

In this blockchain program, you will get to learn Ethereum. Also, you will gain insights into the best techniques for building professional applications.

  • The Basics of Blockchain: Ethereum, Bitcoin, & More

This blockchain training program is top-rated amongst enthusiasts. Here, you’ll learn about the exquisite connection between business, blockchain technology, and the economy. Also, you’ll obtain a detailed overview of the possibilities of blockchain tech impacting various businesses and industries.

In this certification course, each of the concepts is explained with examples from the business world.

  • Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

The certification course of Cryptocurrency Fundamentals is created explicitly for ambitious professionals. It is essential for those who wish to eliminate the skill gap between acquiring formal education and becoming world-class enterprise experts.

This certification provides mere education and grants practical insights and concepts regarding cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals will allow you to:

  • Learn the basics of cryptocurrency and the ways how blockchain technology empowers cryptocurrencies.
  • Review the crypto ecosystem only to identify key players, privacy implications, regulatory advancements, and other applications.
  • Thoroughly identify the relevance and value of cryptocurrency for conventional financial infrastructures.
  • Carefully evaluate every risk associated with crypto and the techniques for using blockchain analysis for risk management.

Is an online Blockchain Certification worthwhile in 2022?

A Blockchain Development course effectively prepares you for one of the current trendiest industries in the tech space. It is the most sought-after online course you will ever come across. Learning Blockchain is essentially worthwhile as it is associated with tremendous job opportunities.

At present, the global blockchain market is projected at $7.18 billion. And by 2029, it is expected to grow by at least $163.83 billion. Also, this course will give you the privilege of taking advantage of numerous opportunities in the Web3 job market.

You can check out this video to understand the online Blockchain Certification course:

That’s all about the top Blockchain courses and certifications that can provide in-depth knowledge about Blockchain. It is not only for sending fast money but also for monitoring supply chains and controlling digital identity. Thus, we can rightfully say that a career in Blockchain development is truly a remarkable one.


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