How To Сhoose A Theme For Your Blog?

Starting a blog is easy, but the initial planning and execution come to a sudden stop at the moment when you are asked to choose a theme for your new blog. It is the design of the blog that plays a key role in the further development of the online resource.

You should spend some time choosing the theme for your blog, especially if you want your blog to be taken seriously. There are many free themes available for WordPress. But if you want your blog to stand out, it is better to invest in a paid WordPress theme.

Blog Theme: What is it?


The theme potentially has a big impact on the performance of the blog that is created, how easy it is for visitors to navigate, how much they will want to browse other pages, and how easy they will want to sign up for the proposed site. A theme can affect a blog’s security, SEO, and site speed.

There are paid and free themes and the difference between them is significant. Free themes lack the features and functions of paid themes and will hold your blog back in many ways. Free themes will make it much harder to promote and succeed in your newly created blog, they will give you a lot of headaches and limitations and may eventually look very simple. If you can, buy a professional theme from the start, and be sure to take advantage of it.

Paid themes have a much greater degree of flexibility compared to free themes, where the options are more limited. The problem with a free inflexible theme is not only that it won’t let you customize your blog to your liking, but also that it will end up looking like any other blog that uses that theme. There’s nothing catastrophic about it if your blog looks like an exact copy of a lot of other blogs, but that, unfortunately, doesn’t attract new users.

The Main Requirements for Choosing a Theme for a Blog  

For beginners, choosing a theme can seem difficult at first because there are so many different options on the market. However, you don’t need to worry, it’s not as complicated as it seems at first glance. The main thing is to consider the basic recommendations when choosing a theme, and you will be able to constantly increase your readership and get the maximum return from your blog. So, what is important when choosing themes:

  • A high level of readability. The first thing to consider when choosing a theme is to make sure that it provides high readability. After all, the main reason people visit blogs is to consume content. This means that you should choose a blog with a consistent and pleasing font. No matter how cute you think the font is, if it’s hard to read, it’s better to eliminate such a theme. Basic steps to improving readability:
Font Classic fonts are used, such as: Arial, Courier, Verdana, and Times New Roman. They are safe to use.
Space Design, text, and images can make a big difference, but only if there are plenty of gaps between them to give the reader’s eyes a break.


Distance There is one of the easiest ways to make your blog readable – using line spacing to your advantage. Make sure you double the line spacing between paragraphs rather than making an indentation.
  • Setting. The more settings there are, the more opportunities there are to make a blog attractive. This can be the color scheme of the blog, or the header image.
  • When choosing a theme, double-check that it is optimized for viewing on both PCs and mobile devices. After all, it is from cell phones that most users are looking for information. Therefore, if today your blog is not optimized for mobile devices you may lose the lion’s share of users.
  • Compatibility with updated WordPress themes. When buying a third-party design, you need to make sure that the chosen theme can be updated with WordPress.

Choosing the right theme for your blog is a big decision, and if you get it wrong, it can be a big problem. It’s essential to know that most themes, especially paid ones, have many style options – you can change colors, fonts, design elements, change the order of features, and so on. So really, the flexibility and ability to customize your theme is much more important than how it looks in the demo.

The Main Theme of the Online Casino Two Up

The Two Up casino Australia theme is quite attractive and well designed. Upon entering, the user is greeted by a kangaroo on the coins when loading, koalas on lianas in the jungle, and a giraffe. The last one shows a beginner’s bonus, which acts as a motivator for further entertainment. In addition, the cartoonish graphics engine and many shades of green and brown make the portal visually appealing.

Another map is also present. If you call up the menu in the upper left corner, a green continent with the main sections will appear. The original menu will allow you to instantly navigate to the game room or check promotions, check available banking systems, or read tips from the FAQ section.

On the site, every detail counts when it comes to a well-thought-out design. This online casino has an attractive color palette, high-quality graphics, interactive icons, and most importantly, a very user-friendly login process and more.

In summary, Two-Up Casino is an incredible online casino site with an Australian-style enchanted forest theme. It’s a modern site with easy navigation on any mobile or desktop device, designed for players from all over the world, particularly players who are from Australia.

Which theme to choose, paid or free, is up to you, but before you buy, you should read the documentation of the theme and find out what you can and can’t change. Focus on the elements you want to use in your theme, not on the specific look of the demo theme. The right approach to choosing a theme will be a basic and important step to promote the site.


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