3 Ways to View Instagram Stories Without Others Knowing

Instagram is a great way to stay connected with friends and family, but it’s also a great way to stay connected with your favourite celebrities. However, there’s one problem: if you’re not logged in to Instagram, you can’t view any of the Stories, Highlights, Posts, or Reels. This can be a real pain if you’re trying to stalk your favourite people without them knowing.

But don’t worry – I’m here to help. In this article, I’m going to teach you how to view Instagram Stories, Highlights, Posts, and Reels anonymously. So whether you’re trying to avoid the public eye or just want some privacy, I’ve got you covered.

Why can’t users watch and download IG stories anonymously?

Whenever you’re connected to cellular data or WiFi, Instagram tends to automatically preload several posts and stories present on your Instagram homepage. But the downside to that is, that it can only preload a limited number of stories and posts which is why it is almost not possible to view all Instagram posts, stories, reels and highlights anonymously.

We have found some sneaky ways for you to snoop around Instagram without fretting over revealing your identity. And, you don’t even need to have an Instagram account to do all of that!

So, stick around to read the rest of this blog, where we tell you foolproof ways to stay anonymous and enjoy Instagram.

Method 1: Use an IG Stories viewer for PC, Android, and IOS

What are IG stories, viewers?

Instagram Story Viewers are third-party apps that enable a user to reap all benefits of Instagram without signing up for an account, or logging into one. These apps can help you view IG stories anonymously on your PC, Android, and iOS devices seamlessly. You’ll not only be able to watch Instagram anonymously but also be able to download ig posts, reels, stories, and highlights anonymously. And the best part is, they’re free!

1. InstaStories.watch

InstaStories.watch was developed by a group of people at MIT, who wanted to test out whether it was possible to view Instagram without the need of an account or anonymously. They came up with this app, which is very easy to use and lets you put your detective hat on, without anyone knowing!


  • Be Anonymous while viewing Instagram stories and posts
  • Easily download old and new Instagram stories and posts directly to your phone or desktop in any format like MP4, JPEG, etc.
  • Simple User Interface.
  • Impeccably watch and download IGTV Reels or live streams of any Instagram user (if the account is public).
  • Works fast on PC/Laptop browsers and your smartphone (android, IOS) and desktop(Mac, or Windows) devices.
  • No need to have an account on Instagram to watch Instagram stories and posts.
  • It promises complete anonymity, that is, Instagram Viewers won’t be noticeable to other Instagram users as the app does not store any data.
  • An option to browse Instagram in over 30 languages.

Step by step guide: How to watch Instagram Accounts anonymously via Instastories.watch

Step 1: Get the Username from Instagram

Just copy the username of the person whose insta stories you want to view anonymously. For example:

http://www.instagram.com/leomessi OR leomessi OR @leomessi

img1 1

Step 2 – Type it into InstaStories.watch:

Then type it into the search box on the instagram story viewer and hit enter.

img1 2

Step 3 – The Anonymous Instagram Viewer:

After pressing enter, you’ll be redirected to a page(https://instastories.watch/en/leomessi/) – an anonymous viewing version of the user’s profile, where you’ll be able to browse everything from Instagram stories, reels, posts to highlights, all anonymously.

img1 3

Step 4 – How to Download Instagram Stories, Posts, and Reels:

Simply pick the post, story, or reel you want to download and there will appear a button above or below the content. Just press the button and your instagram stories will be downloaded directly to your desktop or your android and iPhone devices in their relevant formats i.e. MP4, JPEG, etc.

img1 4

2. Storiesig.me

This is another anonymous IG Stories viewer that doesn’t require you to have an Instagram account. Just sneak around without worry! Has it always been this easy to view IG stories, IGTV reels, and anonymous IG posts? We don’t think so. Explore this hidden software that will work on your PC/Laptop and mobile phones regardless of Android or iOS.

Check out its features below to know more about what it has to offer.


  • View IG stories, reels, posts, and highlights anonymously without signing up for an account.
  • Download IG Stories, Highlights, and Articles from public accounts directly to your desktop or mobile device.
  • View IGTV reels, IG stories, and posts from public accounts.
  • Quickly view Instagram Highlights (Story Archive) from your browser (Instagram Highlights Viewer).
  • No need to have an Instagram account or log into an existing account.
  • The app is easy to use and does not require supervision.
  • It costs 0 money to use it.
  • There are multiple language options to view Instagram content in.

Step by step guide: How to watch Instagram Accounts anonymously via StoriesIg.me:

Step 1 – Choose the Username/Instagram URL:

Decide who you want to stalk or view anonymously, copy their Instagram handle, and enter like this: www.instagram.com/beyonce, beyonce, @beyonce.

img1 5

Step 2 – Paste It into StoriesIg.me Search Bar:

Enter the username of your desired person into the search bar present on the StoriesIg.me webpage and hit enter.

img1 6

Step 3 – View IG Stories and Posts Anonymously:

After you hit enter you’ll land on their profile and will be able to view all their insta posts, IGTV Reels, IG Stories and highlights all without having to log into your account or even having to register for one.

img1 7

Step 4 – How to Download IG Stories/Posts:

To download any post, story, reel, or highlight on IG, simply click on the post or story on Instagram and you will see download options at the top or bottom of the post/story. Just click and save directly to your smartphone or desktop.

Method 2: Airplane Mode:

When mentioned Instagram’s feature that preloads some posts and stories, what we were really getting at was the “Airplane Mode” hack. Go to the settings of your android or iOS smartphone and enable airplane mode. This way you’ll be able t to watch some of the preloaded stories without an internet connection and the poster of those Instagram posts and stories will not be able to see that you viewed them. The downside of this, however, is that you can only view preloaded Instagram content.

Method 3: A Secondary Instagram Account:

We have another tip for you if you’re too paranoid about being caught. Make a secondary Instagram account that is different from your primary one. Name it something entirely different, something that doesn’t give away your identity in any way. Once you’re done making the account, you can freely enjoy Instagram stories, posts, reels, and highlights without anyone knowing that it’s you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can you watch IG anonymously?

Yes, through the manual method and third-party app methods discussed above, you can watch IG anonymously. Just follow the above steps and begin your anonymous viewing journey.

2. Can I download IG highlights, reels, posts, and stories anonymously?

Yes, you can download IG highlights, reels, and stories anonymously using the programs described above, such as storiesig.me and instastories.watch

3. Can I view the Instagram account of someone who has blocked me?

Yes, you don’t have to be on Instagram or logged in to enjoy the benefits of anonymous IG watching. Simply enter their username into the search bar of your preferred app, and if their account is public, you’ll be able to view it.



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