Download NikGapps for Android 10, 11, 12 Custom ROMs

If you are looking for the latest version of NikGapps for Android 10, 11, 12, and 12.1 Custom ROMs, then this article is for you. You will get a wide array of options to choose from. Some ROMs come with Google apps built in while others provide a de-Googled environment without Google services. 

All that is needed to get started is to flash a compatible version of Google Apps via a custom ROM. For those who are not aware of what exactly is meant by “Google Apps”, these are pre-installed apps that come bundled with every new device running Android OS.

These include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Maps, Photos, Play Music, YouTube, Hangouts, etc. While they do offer a lot of good features, they also come with their fair share of issues too.

One such issue is that they can easily crash if you try to install an app outside of the official Google Play Store. Another problem is that they are not updated often enough. Therefore, if you are planning to switch to a different ROM, then you might want to consider installing a third party alternative instead.

What Is NikGapps

NikGApps offers extensive customization options for power users. What is unique about this package is that it includes Android Go, making it suitable for low-end devices. You can even dirty flash this package any time you want. This project was created by the XDA senior member Nikhil.

NikGapps is a flashable application that contains all versions of Google’s apps. There are six variants which are differentiated by the number of apps contained within them. Check out the attached image for the list of apps contained within each of these various builds.

NikGapps Android 10, 11, 12, and 12.1 Packages

  • Core- Runs on the minimum number of Google apps which are essential for an Android device
  • Go- Mostly for low-end Android devices.
  • Basic- This comes with the right amount of GApps for your everyday user experience.
  • Omni- This has some add-ons than the Basic package.
  • Stock- For the complete stock Google experience.
  • Full- This has all the GApps and services, including the likes of Android Auto, etc.

nikgapps android 11 apps list

Basic packs are great for beginner users. The package includes all the essentials, plus some extras for more creative and detailed blog posts.

NikGapps Add-Ons

Other than the NikGApps for your Android customized ROMs, these packages also support other apps to download and use apps not included in the main package. For example, you could settle with the core package but you may want to additionally download the Photos app by downloading the Google Photos add-ons package.

Download NikGapps For Android 10, 11, 12, And 12.1 Custom ROM

Android 12 Gapps:

Android 11 Gapps:

If you are using the latest Android version, and installing custom ROMs, these are the latest versions of NikGApps. 

7 Best NikGapps Alternatives

Open GApps

open gapps 1

Open Gapps is an app with the sole purpose of automating Google Apps package installation. There are different packages built specifically for devices, and it is a self-updating utility that supports more than just one platform.

It offers customized applications based on preferences as well as device capabilities testing. Open Gapps provides people with detailed information to find appropriate projects.

Users can also automate the generation of updated Google Apps packages and can find a wide variety of utilities on the platform. The platform is compatible for most platforms, and also has several customization options for users to provide their own preferences.



YouTube Vanced MicroG APK Download 1

With microG, it’s possible to use the freedom of installing Google components and libraries that are proprietary to their structure. MicroG allows Android users to get access to the available APIs on Google Play Services that are modelled for applications, rather than tracking user actions. MicroG does not track data collected by the system and will allow users to selectively enable or disable certain features.



bitapps nikgapps alternative

BiTGApps is a custom Google apps package that includes all that you need to customize your app, and it’s capable of installing with various options including ARM and ARM64.

The package is designed with minimal installation, keeping you in control of what packages are being used. When installing the package, you gain access to the NikGapps Add-ons that can be used with other Gapps. In addition, BiTGApps facilitates the management of applications through Google Play services companies.


Ghost Commander

NikGapps Alternatives

Ghost Commander is a file manager program that has a dual-panel interface for managing files. You can use it to manage your files locally or remotely.

This open-source software will give you an intuitive user interface and a capacity to work with cloud storage like Google Drive, BOX, and Dropbox. There is rich support for advanced users like root mode, system tweaking, change file attributes and permissions, and more to add.


Mind the GApps

A new software, MindTheGapps, is designed to let Google-related things work on a custom ROM of your Android device. It can be used as a replacement for OpengGapps and permits Google application to run sufficiently on your device.



The FlameGApps App Installer provides you with optimal performance, a clean and optimized resource-friendly Google application package. You have the option of choosing the Basic or Full Edition.

The Basic edition features Google Services Framework (GSF), Google Play Services (GMS), Google Play Store and other fundamentals. The full edition includes all core applications like Google Dialer, Messages, Contacts and many more.


Beans GApps

Beans Gapps lets you control the custom Google apps package, which includes all of the necessary applications that suit your needs. Beans Gapps provides consistent support so that an optimized resource-friendly Google application package is provided, and there are several add-ons that can be installed for free with side gapps.

In general, Beans Gapps is a useful utility, providing access to complete customization and various components with installed packages.


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