Free Photo Storage Apps: 10 Best Apps To Keep Your Photos Safe

Technology has made our lives easier by making it possible for us to save and share our memories digitally, but the downside is that storing all of these files can be a bit tedious. 

We know that the sheer amount of pictures we take is rapidly increasing, but what about storage space? At some point, your smartphone will run out of room to store these images and you’ll need a way to save them.

Here are 10 of the best free photo storage apps in 2022 that can make it easier for you.

10 Free Photo Storage Apps

There are many great free photo storage apps out there that can help you organize and store your photos in the cloud.

Whether you’re looking for an app that offers basic storage capabilities or one with more advanced features, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best options.


flickr 1

Flickr is a free online photo storage and sharing service with over 300 million registered users. You can upload your photos to Flickr, or use its search engine to find photos by keyword or date.

You can also create albums and groups to organize your photos, share them with friends, and more.

Flickr also has some great features that are not easily found in most other photo storage apps, like the ability to add text annotations to photos, and use Flickr’s templating system to easily create custom galleries and posts.

Download- IOS, Android

Google Photos

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Google Photos is another popular online photo storage and sharing service with over 1 billion registered users. Like Flickr, you can upload your photos directly to Google Photos, or use its search engine to find photos by keyword or date. 

You can also create albums and groups to organize your photos, share them with friends, and more.

However, what sets Google Photos apart from other photo storage apps is its machine learning algorithms that automatically organizes your photos based on things like location (if you added locations when taking the pictures), time stamping (when you took the picture), etcetera. 

Download- IOS, Android




Dropbox is a popular cloud-based productivity tool for individuals and teams that allows for rapid document creation and collaboration. Your team can share documents or files with ease, and the application also offers simple file backup and storage.

What’s the best thing about Dropbox? It offers an amazing suite of storage, sharing, and collaboration capabilities! Plus, it’s also known as a backup service because all your important files are safest there.

Download- IOS, Android


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Do you want a secure, comfortable place to store all your files? Definitely, this app is for you.

With 10 GB of extra storage space included, there’s no reason not to give this app a try. You can also take advantage of the convenient sharing feature that allows someone else to access your file even if they don’t have enough disk space.

Download- Android


Many apps give out free storage, but they don’t offer all the features that can help save your files. Icedrive is different. They offer 10 GB storage for the lifetime of your account and provide a ton of extra features, too.

This mobile app is designed with security in mind, so you never have to worry about losing anything important! With this repository, it’s easy to enjoy the convenience of working with documents and vector graphics.

With everything you need at your fingertips whether it’s a computer or mobile device, the developers have provided a preview of files to help you browse easily.

Download- IOS, Android

Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe

Keepsafe App Image

Are you looking for a smart way to secure your photos and videos? Keepsafe is designed to help you take control of your data by protecting it with a PIN code. In addition to that, it offers powerful tools and utilities like searching, sorting, editing, and sharing.

Download- IOS, Android

Terabox: Cloud Storage Space

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TeraBox makes it easier for you to manage your photos. The app keeps track of how much phone memory any given individual photo is taking up so you can quickly delete unnecessary photos from your gallery and make space for the important ones.

The app offers a free storage space of 1 terabyte for all your photos and videos, with plenty of other features to offer as well.

The biggest part is that you can get your photos and videos organized in a way where they’re easy to find. Also, make sure to join lotteries that help you win free storage space on your phone.

Download- IOS, Android

pCloud: Cloud Storage

pcloud android screenshots 1

pCloud strives to keep your memories safe, privately and securely. It’s easy to back up all of your important Photos, videos and other documents. You can also take care of sensitive information with a password that you set and encrypt data so it stays private at all times.

You’ll never lose your important memories again with pCloud. You can upload up to 2TB of data, and you’ll be able to access it from multiple devices at the same time.

It also includes pCloud Encryption that allows you to keep your passwords, documents, and financial information protected.

Download- IOS, Android

UnLim: Unlimited cloud storage


UnLim is a great application that promises to save your photos, as well as all sorts of other files. The developers have also clarified another point of interest; that this cloud storage will be free to use.

However, it’s not yet available on Google Play. Despite this shortcoming, UnLim looks like a promising app with a lot of potential.

Download- Android

Microsoft OneDrive

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OneDrive is a cloud storage service from Microsoft. The service offers users to store personal files in the cloud, so they are not lost if their device crashes or malfunctions for any reason.

With this application, you can access all of your personal files at any time–no need to worry about your laptop/computer crashing and losing your bookmarks, notes and other important data.

Download- IOS, Android


Photos are one of the most important assets we have, and it can be hard to keep them safe. That’s where free photo storage apps come in! These apps allow you to store your photos offline so that you don’t have to worry about them being lost or stolen.

Plus, many of these apps offer features like password protection, private albums, and automatic photo backup.

So whether you’re looking for a free way to store your photos or just want to make sure they’re safe from prying eyes, these 10 free photo storage apps are worth checking out.

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