How to Increase Your MMR in Group Games in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a massive battle royale project from Riot Games where players must choose their agent and fight side by side with allies to win the match and earn rating points. The higher the rating level of the team, the stronger will be the level of players that will oppose your team.

How to upgrade your group MMR

  1. Choose Your Agents Carefully
  2. Think about the landing point
  3. Tactics and cover when moving
  4. Defense and offensive


Choose your agents carefully

Apex Legends has a system of agents that combine with each other, and if you do not follow the game logic, then the only way to increase the rating will be to order Apex boosting from professional players who are guaranteed to raise the rating.

If you earn points with your team, then I advise you to pay attention to the following agents:


A field corpsman and excellent support for any battle group.

Lifeline uses drones to heal and revive allies. The health regeneration drone can fully heal a fighter’s vitals, as can field health kits scattered throughout the map.

The resuscitation drone can independently lift a fallen soldier without the need to be distracted by the rest of the squad. Lifeline himself can fight and cover the rest during the resuscitation of allies.

Drone with equipment – brings random supplies of the starting level, there will be no items that change the course of the game, but it will be possible to replenish your supplies and start the match even in the absence of equipment.


Intelligence and disguise character. Uses skills to get out of combat undetected or sneak up on the enemy, can use skills to scout the area and identify targets, even hidden and well-camouflaged.


A character similar in style to the Wraith, but with a very important difference, is the Bloodhound hunter, and can track the enemy by footprints and silhouettes wherever they hide.

If Wraith simply knows that there are enemies nearby, then Bloodhound feels them and knows where they went and where they came from.


Uses illusion and deception to confuse the enemy. Can summon a copy of itself as an empty decoy, or as a temporary unit.


Warrior and shooter of the first rows. It perfectly absorbs incoming damage and obscures allies due to constant health regeneration outside of combat. Can use stims to speed up movement and place trampolines for super high and long jumps

Think about the landing point

Always think through and discuss your drop zone with your squad. The more time the detachment is alive and the more enemies it destroyed, the more total points you will receive and, accordingly, the rank increase will come faster.

Choose a landing zone away from the general meat grinder that will start around large cities and warehouses.

Choose a zone from several locations where all squad members are guaranteed to receive at least basic equipment. Then you can move on to more advantageous positions and fight with other units.

Tactics and cover when moving

Despite the fact that Apex Legends is a royal battle with elements of an arcade, you need to follow the tactics of squad movement, otherwise you risk dying for the whole platoon due to an unsuccessful place to start the battle, and there are many opponents on the map who are just waiting for a mistake from rivals to destroy them .

Travel in pairs

An old and very popular tactic is moving in twos. Two characters are positioned and ready to fight – the rest move forward and take cover.

Take up defense when inspecting new buildings and equipment storage areas.

Many units die, because of the so-called greed – when they find a place with valuable loot, each unit wants to find and put on as much better equipment as possible. This can play a cruel joke – if at this very moment an enemy group approaches you. You will simply be killed in this turmoil.

To avoid such situations, all-round defense is set up – each fighter looks at his sector and additional intelligence is used while one squad member inspects positions and looks for the most valuable items. If he finds the loot useful to another fighter, then you can pick it up and transfer it later, or swap positions with him for the duration of the boost.

Defense and offensive

Attacking is always more difficult than defending, and if you need to storm enemy positions – do it together from one direction – you do not have much strength and means to imitate an attack from several sides and stretch the flanks.

Put one fighter to watch the windows and attack the enemy if he shows up, and get closer yourself. Your task is to quickly and quietly approach the object, if possible, without engaging in battle.

When you get to the target, you can attack – there are several people and you can quickly neutralize any targets, especially if you take them by surprise – the main thing is not to get under each other’s feet.



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