Mobile Vs. Desktop – Which Is The Best For Gaming?

Desktop gaming has been called the king for a very long time. Even today, many people prefer playing games on their PCs rather than on consoles or smartphones. However, things are rapidly changing as more and more games are optimized for mobile phones and there are even exclusive games for mobiles. The question of today is – which of these two devices is better for gaming?

Desktop Gaming

Desktops have been around for a while and they have really evolved in the past decade. They bring a lot of benefits to gaming so let’s see what they are. 

Better Graphics and Performance

When it comes to graphics, it can truly be a pleasure to play games on your computer. Even desktop monitors don’t cost too much today and they truly have great resolution. What’s more, gaming on a computer means playing on a larger display which allows better view and perspective in games. Additionally, most video games can be more versatile in genres, and their graphics if designed for PCs. 

Mouse and Keyboard

Ever since computers became popular and widely used, they come with a mouse and a keyboard. These two gadgets are perfect for people who like having mobility in games. Controls in games are easily optimized according to your needs and preferences, and you can easily choose any button for any action in a game. 


Since a desktop means playing on a bigger screen with a mouse and a keyboard, it means that you have better interactivity in games. You can open doors, pick up things, move around and so much more. Additionally, playing online casino games on a desktop offers a better view and more interaction within the games. It may be more comfortable for a lot of people to spin the reels on slots or play their cards in poker with the control of a mouse since it is more precise. Plus, some games even offer other clickable things that you can easily explore with the mouse cursor. 

Bigger Storage for Games

It goes without saying that the storage in PCs is bigger. You can store your favourite games as much as you want. And even though you may run out of space, there are big online stores, such as Steam, that still keep your game in your account so you don’t have to install it immediately. 

Mobile Gaming

Gaming on mobile phones has certainly changed in the past few years. And this device still keeps evolving. So, let’s see what benefits brings mobile gaming. 


Even though PCs have their advantages, they are not that easy to carry around; especially desktops. On the other hand, mobile phones are easy to carry and we do carry them everywhere. So, they do provide an advantage in gaming because you can play on the go and wherever you are. If you have a few favourite games on your smartphone, then you probably already know that they are easy to access whenever you want to lie down and relax or you are travelling or waiting in line. 

Huge Range of Games

Back in the day, games on mobile devices were rare. However, today, this is a whole industry. You can find games of various genres and simply download an app and play wherever and whenever you want. Additionally, online casinos have also adjusted to the mobile gaming market. You can easily find your favourite casino and download an app and play. If not, many online casinos have optimized their browser-based games to fit mobile phones, so that’s a huge advancement in this field, opening up a whole new market of games. 

They Keep Getting Better

Smartphones have only started evolving. Big manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have already started creating models to fulfil consumer needs. Many models today have higher-quality displays and more internal storage than ever. 

Which is Better?

There is no saying for sure which platform is better for gaming. Both desktops and mobile phones have their advantages and disadvantages. Both are accessible to people today, and both have new and trendy games coming out each year. Ultimately, it is up to players to decide which platform they prefer. People who love playing games on the go will more likely choose mobile gaming. While those old-school gamers that enjoy high-quality resolution and more explorable and interactive games will still stick to their desktops. There is no definitive answer, it is simply up to you to try both and decide on your favourite. 

There are a lot of differences between these two devices when it comes to gaming. Both are still improving, offering better features, a wider variety of games, and higher-resolution displays. It is up to gamers to pick their favourite, and most people still prefer both because they can enjoy more games that way. No matter which genre of games you like, you will certainly find the game on either device. So, do your research, pick the games you like and simply relax and play. 


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