10 Best Travel Apps Every Traveler Should Know About

If you have ‘wanderer’, ‘explorer, or ‘globe trotter’ as your Instagram bio, then you must know that traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives.

However, everything comes with its own pros & cons & traveling & exploring a new place is no different.

Traveling can bring its own anxiety.

Right from finding a place to go, applying for visas, booking your tickets, and looking for a comfortable hotel to sightseeing, renting cars, & more – it is never-ending.

But, Hold on!

Here, we bring to you some useful travel apps that can take the burden off your shoulders & help you have a joyful time.

best travel apps

1. Google Maps

I’m sure everyone is acquainted with this popular app, Google Maps.

There’s hardly a day we go without using this app.

It provides accurate and detailed information through maps, routes, and directions & makes it super easy for people to navigate new places, roads, & much more.

Also, it gives you the option of downloading maps & routes & informs you about the latest traffic development & the public transport available on a particular route at that specific time.


  • People who use Google Maps can save maps and instructions to use without an internet connection, particularly when vacationing in places with unreliable web access. 
  • Google Maps utilizes user info to furnish tailored suggestions for restaurants and destinations based on your position & past searches. 
  • By supplying travelers with an inclusive outlook of the area they are navigating, the app’s street view feature makes it easier to pinpoint exact locations and landmarks.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb is another popular app that offers people features on the app that they can use to book comfy & spacious hotels, houses, & rooms at an affordable price within their respective budgets.

If you are traveling with your big Indian family, then a hotel room won’t suffice for you & booking an entire floor can leave you penniless.

So, at such a time, Airbnb can come to your rescue!

Airbnb has luxurious villas, big apartments, & bungalows for people to stay.

So, now it is easy to find the perfect place for your dream vacation without any difficulty.


  • Airbnb residences frequently feature extraordinary features such as kitchens, washing machines, and activities nearby like cooking lessons and excursions. 
  • In terms of the guest experience, Airbnb hosts commonly exceed expectations by providing personalized help and advice concerning nearby restaurants, activities, and points of interest. 
  • To help visitors have a secure and gratifying stay, Airbnb furnishes dependable payment methods and a review system that permits them to read other guests’ experiences with hosts and lodgings.

3. Kayak

Kayak is a travel website that offers you a wide range of services that include everything – right from your flight bookings, and hotel reservations, to renting a car, and itinerary.

You name it, Kayak has it all!

Kayak allows you to compare the prices from different other travel websites so that you can choose the most amazing deals in your budget.

It also provides a variety of tools for tracking flights, getting airport information, and notifying you of different price alerts.


  • Kayak furnishes custom-made flight, hotel, and car rental proposals based on the individual’s details and traveling inclinations. 
  • The app sends notifications and alerts for discounts, postponed flights, gate alterations, and other occurrences, keeping the user suddenly informed about their travel arrangements. 
  • Organizing and scheduling all details of a journey in a single place is made easy with Kayak’s capacity to book flights, lodgings, and rental cars directly. 
  • Individuals can even access their travel plans, flight specifics, and more without an online connection.

4. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a widely-used app for obtaining feedback and recommendations from globetrotters about lodgings, restaurants, and sights all over the world. 

It allows you to search for locations based on locality, value, price, and other criteria to identify the optimal choices for your needs. 

Moreover, TripAdvisor provides a variety of travel guides, tips, and counsel that can help in organizing a more successful trip.


  • The app facilitates the arrangement and reservation of all components of a journey in one location by allowing users to make immediate bookings for resorts, flights, and excursions via the platform. 
  • People using TripAdvisor can obtain maps, reviews, and other travel data for offline consumption, which is especially useful when touring areas with unreliable online connectivity. 
  • The app delivers a variety of community features, such as discussion boards and trip groups, which enable users to connect with other travelers and share knowledge and advice.

5. Google Translate

You can converse with citizens in their own language by using Google Translator. 

Through this app, talking with people who have different dialects is straightforward due to the instantaneous adaptation of text & speech. 

Even when you don’t have an internet connection, you can still make use of Google Translate because it offers offline translation.


  • The app’s straightforward interface renders it easy to use and comprehend, enabling users to quickly interpret words, expressions, and sentences. 
  • Interacting with an individual who speaks a different language is achievable with the aid of Google Translator’s discussion mode.
  • The discussion’s two sides are automatically interpreted by the app, designing it uncomplicated for both parties to comprehend each other. 
  • The app’s store translation functionality makes it effortless to gain access to often-used words and phrases in the future.

6. PackPoint

Utilizing PackPoint, you can craft a tailored packing list according to your trip agenda, length of stay, and recreational activities. 

The app implies what you should bring based on the weather prediction and other factors, making certain that you don’t miss anything essential. 

What’s more, PackPoint allows you to share your packing list with companions and relatives to help you remain orderly.


  • PackPoint provides outfit and gear tips based on climate data at the user’s destination and travel schedule. 
  • This helps people make sure they are suitably equipped for the environment and landscape of their destination. 
  • People traveling in groups, with family, or as a couple can make sure they all have the same things with the app’s list-sharing option. 
  • Additionally, PackPoint links up with other travel apps like TripIt and Evernote so users can access their list alongside their other travel data.

7. XE Currency

The XE Currency conversion app can aid you in determining the swap rates between different currencies. 

When you’re exploring any place abroad, you can effortlessly exchange money with the app’s current exchange rates for over 180 currencies. 

To follow currency fluctuations over time, XE Currency furthermore offers historical rate graphs.


  • The app’s intuitive interface makes it effortless to use and traverse. Users can rapidly assess exchange rates and transform currencies due to the interface’s straightforward layout. 
  • Users of XE Currency can modify the app to fit their tastes by establishing default currencies, selecting the number of decimal places, and deciding the time zone for exchange rates. 
  • Users can access exchange rates and convert currencies even without an internet connection due to the offline capability of the app.

8. Hopper

The journey application Hopper predicts the perfect time to secure lodgings and flights utilizing information examination. 

To help you save more, the application gives cost warnings and proposals dependent on market exploration


  • Predicting the optimal time to buy a plane ticket is one of the main benefits of Hopper. 
  • This app employs algorithms to examine past pricing data and alert customers when the cost is likely to be at its lowest. 
  • Furthermore, Hopper allows users to keep track of flight rates for a certain date and place. 
  • Additionally, Hopper offers various booking methods, such as reserving a flight with a deposit or revisiting or annulling a ticket without paying penalty charges within a day.

9. TripCase

By utilizing the TripCase travel app, customers can conveniently arrange and organize their journey plans. 

This app aims to make the traveling experience easier by providing users with all the necessary information in one convenient and user-friendly app. 

Both Android and Apple phones are compatible with the app. 

Users can add their flight info, hotel bookings, car rentals, and other trip details to TripCase to build a travel agenda. 

The app then automatically refreshes the itinerary with up-to-date travel warnings, including flight delays, gate modifications, and climate changes.


  • The capacity of TripCase to synchronize with other travel operators is one of its main attractions. 
  • Making a link between their TripCase accounts and airlines, lodgings, car rental agencies, and other travel companies allows users to have their travel details included in their schedule automatically. 
  • This means no more entering all the info for your trips manually, making it effortless to keep track of them all in one spot. 
  • Moreover, TripCase gives users access to significant travel info such as airport maps, currency exchange rates, and local meteorological forecasts. 
  • The app can also point out nearby eateries, attractions, and activities based on your location and preferences.

10. Booking.com

Booking.com is renowned for its broad selection of bed and breakfast establishments, ranging from extravagant hotels and mansions to budget-friendly hostels. 

The website provides information on each location, as well as pictures, reviews, and remarks from former guests, helping travelers make informed choices about where to stay.


  • There are no extra charges or expenses charged with the cost of the lodgings on the website. 
  • Tourists can conveniently identify and make a reservation due to the Booking.com website’s and app’s convenience and straightforwardness. 
  • Tourists can always receive assistance with their bookings from the firm, which provides round-the-clock customer service.


In conclusion, the utilization of travel apps has benefits that make it easier for tourists to plan and navigate their trips. 

Travel apps provide effective and uncomplicated solutions to a lot of common trip-related issues. 

The use of travel apps has revolutionized the way we travel and will continue to have a tremendous influence on the travel industry for years to come.



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