5 Online Games to Play When You’re Bored

Playing online games can be a fun and engaging way to pass the time, especially when you’re feeling bored. There is something for everyone in the broad realm of online gaming.

With never-ending options – from adventurous shooters to brain-teasing puzzles – you name it, you have it!

Online games present an opportunity to enter an exciting arena of daring, struggle, and exhilaration. If you are someone who has nothing much to do & is looking for something exciting, then you may try your hand at online gaming that is available free of cost in the Play Store. 

You have the choice to participate solo or with buddies, or create an online group of players whom you can bond with. They can also provide much-needed relief from the mundane of everyday life.

Online games can include interactive visuals created to make a virtual world or have text-based formats. A few advanced gaming also requires the use of a joystick & different hardware devices.

Free-to-play internet-based games have unquestionably become immensely popular. Games like online casino Kenya have become people’s favorites. Anybody equipped with an internet connection can easily access these games, which provide entertainment and a means to connect to people. 

Competitors can communicate with each other through textual or vocal communication while playing a range of enthralling games.

However, these games can become addictive & caution should be exercised so that it does not harm our mental health or affect our social behavior.

So, here are some online games that you can play to beat your boredom:


This game sets competitors against each other in a futuristic world in a bid for domination.

In this game, you can assume command of a tank and move it around the map while avoiding risks and collecting bonuses to enhance your weapons and arms. To acquire points and ascend the scoreboard, you can also attack and destroy the tanks of other players.

The capacity to tailor your tank with a selection of skins and add-ons is one of WarMax.io’s special attractions. Furthermore, the game has a variety of game modes that you get to choose from, such as Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Free-for-All.

You can also unlock 3 skills that can up your gaming & make you a competitive player. Acceleration, Stop, and Ghost are the skills you can add to become a pro.

Additionally, as it’s an IO game users do not need to go for any installation or downloads. You can start playing this just with your phone & a stable internet connection.

Funky Truck

This game is a 2D side-scrolling driving simulation called Funky Truck that was designed by 2DPlay. The main thing that you have to do while playing this game is drive a small truck through numerous courses while picking up stars & avoiding hurdles.

You need to guide your vehicle through the hazardous landscapes, consisting of inclines, hills, and curves, using the arrow keys on their computer keyboard. The truck is able to perform various stunts and flips to earn more points.

Funky Truck enables gamers to construct their own stages, which is one of its defining characteristics. Consequently, you can assemble and publish your own digital tracks & share them with other gamers online.

Furthermore, this game has colorful animations and a piece of catchy background music that makes it more appealing to the players. This game can be played by people of all ages but you cannot play this sport in a group.

With limited time in hand, driving at high speeds is a necessity & bravery is all you need to ace this game.


Have you ever played the OG snake game? I’m sure you must have. So, this is nothing but a modern take on that snake game. 

Here, you need to first take the role of a serpent-like creature & try to lengthen it as much as possible by eating different blobs present on the maps & other snakes.

If you happen to become longer as a snake, then you also get a chance to score more. Nevertheless, you need to stay away from other obstacles & not collide with anything to avoid elimination. You can do this by increasing your snake’s speed & overtaking other creatures on your way.

The best part is that you can customize your snake’s appearance & choose from a variety of neon skins available. Slither.io has a very simple user interface & it is easy to play so it has been able to achieve immense popularity among millions.

Sky Chasers

In the side-scrolling mission game Sky Chasers, gamers control a female pilot, named Max through a range of levels filled with impediments, challenges, and tests.

This game has a vintage style of graphics with energetic background music that fits right for the adventurous streak it brings.

If you are playing Sky Chasers, then you need to protect Max at any cost & keep her safe from any incoming obstacles & defeat the opponent by collecting coins at every level.

There are a variety of virtual scenarios that are created within the game, such as a desert environment, or you can find yourself in a cave in the forest, & similar others, which makes it more appealing.

You need to use Max’s sliding, jumping, & flipping abilities to cross each level & reach the end of the game. Players can even launch new spaceships with attractive designs if they have collected enough coins & defeated their larger-than-life enemies.

Additionally, you can customize Max’s vessel by collecting components throughout the game & this is one of Sky Chasers’ remarkable traits. To ensure Max’s ship continues to fly, you need to enhance it to make it swifter, more robust, and capable of holding extra fuel.

Overall, Sky Chasers is a fun and challenging adventure game that offers a unique gaming experience.


If you are an English fanatic then this is the perfect game for you. This game asks you to make new words by clicking on the adjacent tiles. The more words you create, the better it is.

Letterpress is a game of two people where it is played on a 5×5 board filled with letter tiles. Each fresh expression is rewarded points depending on the letters you use; rare characters, such as Q and X, are more valuable than more common ones, like A and E.

Until all the squares on the playing board have been used up or until someone chooses to stop the game, you & your friend can take turns creating new words. Like in every other game, the winner is the person who finishes with the most points.

Not to forget that you can also secure tiles by ‘locking’ them & encompassing them with other tiles of the same color. Locked tiles prevent the other player from using them, which gives the game an additional layer of strategy & tactics.

Another interesting thing about Letterpress is that you can ‘steal’ a letter tile from an opponent’s word and incorporate it into your own word. This can be used to both stop the opponent from gaining points and prevent them from utilizing specific letters.

To sum up, this is a pretty engaging game to increase your vocabulary as well as play with a strategic mind & therefore it has become a well-known mobile game.


Online games give gamers a plethora of choices, from easy brain teasers to immersive journeys. To stay healthy, it’s essential to make sure to distribute your time between gaming and other duties and interests.


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