How to Schedule Entire Month of Social Media Posts in 30 Minutes?

Organizing social media posts can take up a great deal of time and you have to agree that it is quite tricky, particularly for people and companies that oversee a lot of social media accounts. 

It can be hard to dedicate the energy and resources to reliably publish first-rate content. But, maintaining a social media account is essential for preserving a robust online presence.

So, the question is how do we do this?

Well, this is where social media scheduling comes into play. This means that you can make a routine as to when and when your post will be published in a certain period.

Here, social media scheduling tools such as is a practical answer to the problem. These programs make social media post scheduling easier and more manageable, giving users the freedom to focus on other essential aspects of their work.

Now, you might have a question – What is this & how does it work?

What is

fptraffic is a social media management tool that lets users manage content over different social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter.

You can do a variety of things using this tool, including creating and uploading pictures, planning posting timings, and assessing performance analytics to upgrade your content strategy.

With the numerous features provided by, you can up your social media game to the next level. Furthermore, the platform contains a content research engine that allows people to search for relatable content and post them for better reach & exposure. offers different paid plans for its users, depending on the features they need & the support required. However, before investing, you can go for the free trial plan provided by the website to check if this is what you are looking for.

What makes FPTraffic Unique?

FPTraffics’s meticulous attention to productivity & efficiency makes it stand out amongst the others.

You can observe how often your content was shared & when it was last shared, and if it needs to be scheduled again in the upcoming days. This is possible because of the content library it has that keeps track of all the activities on social media. boasts a larger range of content sources than some other social media tools. You can conveniently search and find suitable material to post on your social media accounts within no time.

Also, you are able to edit most of the content, all within the website itself. You can find, write, edit, add, and transform your text here. There is no need to open a different document to write your content.

In addition, the cherry on the cake is that provides reasonable rates in contrast to other social media management tools. For companies and individuals searching for an economical approach to handle their social media visibility, you can easily opt for FPTraffic.

How To Schedule Content in FPTraffic?

Scheduling your content on FPTraffic is very simple. You need to have your content ready & with just an internet connection you can plan your social media for a month in no time.

  • First of all, log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, then you can sign up using Facebook.
  • Once you are in the dashboard, click on the Compose button to start scheduling your posts.

fp traffic dashboard

  • Here you can upload up to 500 images at once and schedule them.
  • Once you have planned out some posts, you can look at the list of all your content in the Scheduled Post section.


  • By selecting “Edit” alongside a post, you can edit the image using its built-in photo editor.
  • Moreover using the URL scheduling feature, you can post up to 500 links or photo addresses, which makes the URL organizer stand apart. You can post pictures using the photo uploader on Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages, or Facebook Groups.
  • Once you’ve organized your material, will post it without delay following the predetermined plan. The “Queue” tab constantly enables you to observe and manage your pre-scheduled posts.

Chain Scheduling & Bundles

Chain scheduling and Bundling are two unique features of FPTraffic that help users save time and arrange their content scheduling process.

On chain scheduling makes the process of posting from one social media profile to others easy. If you share a particular post on one of your social media accounts then you can automatically share that specific post on your other social handles as well.

Suppose you have a Facebook account & also a Twitter account. So, any content you share on the Facebook account automatically gets shared on your Twitter handle with this Chain scheduling feature.

Here, your Facebook account becomes the “Source” profile & your Twitter handle or any other profile that the post is chained to becomes the “Chained” profile.

You can create multiple chains on your account using However, each chain must have one source profile & not more than five chained profiles.

fptraffic profile

Another feature called bundling allows users to organize the posting of multiple contents at the same time by grouping them. 

This can be advantageous for sharing relevant content, like a compilation of pictures or a series of blog posts, and ensure that everyone can access all your material in one spot. 

By scheduling multiple posts simultaneously rather than one at a time, bundling can assist you in saving time.

On, the “Queue” tab gives users access to both scheduling and bundling. Merely pick “Add to Chain” when arranging a post to schedule your content. 

If you want to go for bundling, choose the posts you need to bunch together and select the “Create Bundle” button. From that point, you can plan when and how regularly your chain or bundle will be distributed.

Plans & Pricing

fp trafic pricing

Besides offering a free 2-week trial, it has a monthly subscription plan for $15 a month & an annual plan for $125 per year, which is cheaper when compared to other social media management tools. You can cancel the subscription at any time. All features like content finder, content library, & more are accessible with the premium plans.


An effective way to schedule your posts on social media can be done with this renowned tool, FPTraffic. With over 8 years of testing and proven results, users vouch for its effectiveness. 

You are not likely to face any issues like broken links and repeated sign-ins to sync your posts while using FPTraffic. FPTraffic makes it effortless to advertise on social media, thanks to its set-it-and-leave-it approach.

Go & try its free trial service to get started!


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