One Piece Filler List: Every Filler Arc You Can Skip

As you may be aware, the anime adaptation of the popular manga series, One Piece, has now surpassed 1,000 episodes and continues to air new episodes even after several decades. This longevity and continued success of the series is a testament to its popularity among viewers.

Out of the vast number of episodes, only a small percentage, roughly 9%, comprise filler arcs, consisting of nearly 95 episodes of filler content. In contrast to other anime series, One Piece has filler episodes arranged in the form of filler arcs. 

Therefore, if you intend to begin watching One Piece and wish to skip the filler arcs or watch them separately, we can provide you with the necessary details. Keep reading to learn about the filler arcs and episode numbers that you can safely skip without missing out on the core storyline of One Piece.

One Piece Filler Episodes List (2022)

We recommend taking the time to read through the descriptions of these filler arcs to get an overview of the story they present and help you decide whether you should watch them or not. 

For those embarking on their One Piece journey, it is advisable to consult the list of arcs to ensure you watch all of them in the correct order. With that in mind, let us now delve into the specific episodes that can be skipped in One Piece, focusing on the filler content.

Filler Arcs in One Piece Anime

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The filler arcs within the anime may not hold significant importance for casual viewers, but they hold a special place for dedicated fans. It’s worth noting that these arcs encompass both purely filler content and arcs that should be watched prior to certain One Piece movies.

Ultimately, the decision to watch these episodes rests with you. However, if you intend to explore the One Piece movies as well, there are some arcs that are worth watching before diving into those films. Our intention with this filler guide is to assist you in maximizing your One Piece viewing experience. 

Warship Island Arc

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Episodes: 54-61- One of the initial filler arcs is the Warship Island arc. In this arc, the Straw Hats encounter Apis, who they save from the ocean before entering the grand line. 

Apis had escaped from a warship, and the crew decided to help her and a mythical creature called Sennenryu return to their homeland. However, this arc is of little significance and can be skipped without any major impact on the overall storyline.

Post-Arabasta Arc

One Piece Filler List (3)

Episodes: 131-135- The Post-Arabasta arc, which consists of five standalone episodes, is the second filler arc in the series. In this arc, each episode delves into the dreams and goals of the crew members, excluding Luffy and Robin’s aspirations for some unknown reason.

If you wish to gain a deeper understanding of the Straw Hat pirates, then this arc is worth watching.

Goat Island Arc

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Episodes: 136-138- The Goat Island arc documents the Straw Hats’ unexpected arrival on this island while attempting to flee from the Marines. In this third filler arc, Luffy and his crew encounter an elderly man surrounded by a flock of goats, from which the island derives its name. The Straw Hats agree to aid the man in repairing his ship, which had fallen into disrepair.

Despite the Straw Hats’ efforts, this arc is often regarded as a weak filler arc and can be safely bypassed to save time.

Ruluka Island Arc

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Episodes: 139-143- The Ruluka Island arc follows the Goat Island arc and spans from episodes 136 to 143, making it the fourth filler arc which is known as the Rainbow Mist Arc.

On this island, they encounter a dictator named Ruluka, who was once a pirate, and discover that the people are being overtaxed. Luffy and the crew decide to intervene and help the oppressed citizens, but their stay on the island is brief. As with the previous arc, this arc can be safely skipped without affecting the main storyline. This will allow you to jump straight into the Jaya Arc without any delay.

G-8 Arc

Filler Arc 6

Episodes: 196-206- The G-8 Arc is the fifth filler arc and follows the events of the Skypiea adventure. This arc is considered as the best and most entertaining filler arcs in the series. The story sees the Straw Hats inadvertently trapped inside a fortified marine base, forcing them to use their wit and resourcefulness to find a way out and retrieve their ship. With a perfect blend of humor and suspense, this filler arc is definitely worth a watch for One Piece fans.

Ocean’s Dream Arc

Filler Arc (7)

Episodes: 220-224- The Ocean’s Dream arc, serving as the sixth filler arc and derives its inspiration from a PlayStation game of the same name. The storyline revolves around a young man who manages to erase the memories of the Hat Pirates.

Consequently, each crew member loses all recollection of their comrades, leading to a perplexing and unusual predicament. Remarkably, Robin stands as the sole survivor unaffected by this strange occurrence.

Although the arc presents an intriguing and distinctive plot, comprising four filler episodes, it is generally recommended to skip them without concerns for continuity.

Foxy’s Return Arc

Filler Arc (8)

Episodes: 225-228- The Foxy’s Return arc is positioned right after the Ocean’s Dream arc, which makes it another filler arc consecutively. The arc portrays the Straw Hats encountering Foxy once again, and they engage in a conflict. It is advisable to consider skipping this arc, mainly due to Foxy being considered as the most disliked characters amongst the One Piece fandom.

Ice Hunter Arc

Filler Arc (9)

Episodes: 326-335- The Ice Hunter arc is positioned after the Post Enies Lobby arc, and it is regarded as the eighth filler. In this arc, while the Straw Hats are on their voyage towards the Florian Triangle, they encounter a damaged ship and try to offer help. 

However, they soon realize that the crew of the damaged vessel is actually comprised of bounty hunters, leading to an intense battle between the two crews. Although the One Piece canon has not delved much into the concept of bounty hunters, this arc might be an enjoyable watch for some. 

Spa Island Arc

Filler Arc (10)

Episodes: 382-384- The Spa Island arc is positioned right after the Thriller Bark arc, serving as the ninth filler arc within the series. As expected, this arc is a fan service concept with its spa setting, as is typical for most anime shows. 

Although it may be enjoyable to witness the Straw Hats relaxing and having a good time, the arc is interrupted by the character Foxy, which might be frustrating for some viewers. As such, this arc could be classified as one that can be skipped.

Little East Blue Arc

Episodes: 426-429- The Little East Blue Arc is an anime-only filler arc that holds a special place within the One Piece series. It is recommended to watch this arc before viewing the One Piece Film: Strong World.

In this arc, the Straw Hats come across an unusual island that bears a striking resemblance to East Blue. If you are interested in watching the Strong World movie, then it is essential to watch this arc. Otherwise, it can be skipped with ease.

Z’s Ambition Arc

Episodes: 575-578- The Z’s Ambition arc occurs immediately after the time skip, making it the initial filler arc in the post-time skip era. Like the preceding arc mentioned, this storyline serves as a prelude to the One Piece Film: Z.

In this arc, the Straw Hat Pirates transition to the Maubeugemour Sea within the New World and find themselves entangled in a confrontation with the Neo-Marines. If your intention is to watch the One Piece Film: Z, it is imperative to view this concise four-episode arc.

Caesar Retrieval Arc

Episodes:626-628- The Caesar Retrieval Arc follows the events of the Punk Hazard arc. In this arc, a mysterious group kidnaps Caesar Clown, taking him away from the Straw Hat crew.

Now, both the Heart Pirates and the straw hats are determined to locate and retrieve him, essentially kidnapping him back. If you wish to delve deeper into the character of the troublesome antagonist, Caesar, it is recommended to watch these filler episodes.

Silver Mine Arc

Episodes: 747-750- The Silver Mine arc is situated after the events of the Dressrosa arc. These episodes serve as a foundation for the One Piece Film: Gold. The plot revolves around Luffy and Barto, who are taken captive by the Silver Pirates.

In order to escape from the clutches of these pirates, who reside in a colossal fortress encompassed by silver mines, the duo must strategize their escape plan. As is customary, it is necessary to view this filler arc if you intend to watch the One Piece Film: Gold. However, it’s worth mentioning that some fans consider this arc to be dull, and it can be avoided.

Marine Rookie Arc

Episodes: 780-782- The Marine Rookie arc unfolds following the events of the Zou arc and is classified as the thirteenth filler arc. During their journey to Whole Cake Island to rescue Sanji, the Straw Hat Pirates face a shortage of food supplies. 

In response, they devise a plan to infiltrate a nearby marine base, posing as Marines, with the intention of looting food resources. While this premise may appear entertaining, it fails to live up to the level of excitement found in the main arcs mentioned above.

Cidre Guild Arc

Episodes: 895,896- The Cidre Guild arc is the fourteenth filler arc within the series, occurring during the midst of the Wano arc. Its purpose is to set the stage for the Stampede movie. Unexpectedly, the Straw Hat crew encounters Boa Hancock, and together they join forces to combat a group known as the Cidre Guild. 

If you have intentions to watch the movie, you can choose to watch this filler arc consisting of two episodes, or alternatively, skip it. However, it is worth noting that the One Piece Stampede movie is highly acclaimed among fans, making it a worthwhile experience to explore.

Uta’s Past

Episodes: 1029,1030- The Uta’s Past arc serves as the fifteenth filler and has been recently aired. This arc is intricately linked to the One Piece Film: Red, adding an interesting dimension to Luffy’s backstory through the introduction of the character Uta. 

If you have intentions to watch the latest Red movie, it is highly recommended to watch this arc, as it provides valuable context. Alternatively, you can choose to continue following the ongoing events in the raid on Onigashima.


That concludes our current list of filler arcs. We have included all the episodes up to this point and will continue to update the list regularly, ensuring you can navigate to the significant moments in the anime. Whether you choose to watch these filler arcs or skip them entirely is entirely up to you. 

Some filler arcs, such as the G-8 arc, are highly regarded by fans for their entertaining content. Additionally, watching certain filler arcs is necessary if you wish to fully appreciate specific One Piece movies. As a dedicated One Piece fan, you may opt to watch the filler arcs during your leisure time, as they can provide enjoyable experiences. Feel free to share your favorite filler arcs with fellow fans in the comments section below.

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