5 Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

Most Canadians, like many others, have access to smartphones. Although not everyone likes smartphones, there is no doubt that those things help people in all areas of life.

Speaking of helping, not everyone uses their mobile phones to have fun by watching videos and reading texts. Instead, people are also interested in other things, so let’s learn more about them.

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  • Mobile gambling

Despite the strict gambling laws, Canada is a place where users can find all sorts of online casinos. Many of them do not look that good and don’t provide that many perks, but the Jackpotcity bonus is among the generous casino promotions in Canada because it lets clients get a lot of extra cash and use ot to wager on all kinds of things. Even more impressive is that all those offers are available to mobile users.

Canadians who have smartphones have access to stand-alone gambling apps and mobile websites. Many users prefer the first option, but clients can only use the latter since some operators only have sites.

Interestingly, the number of mobile gamblers in Canada grows all the time. Since casinos and smartphones grow in popularity, we wouldn’t be surprised if there is an even more substantial increase in how many people use those things.

  • Playing different games

Gambling aside, many mobile phone users like playing all sorts of games on their handheld devices. Even though smartphone games weren’t a thing several years ago, nowadays, this is a billion-dollar industry where people can find tons of things.

Mobile games are fun, but some smartphone users also want to access popular PC titles, which is why some of them developed special mobile titles. For example, Mobile Legends and Hearthstone are 2 very big titles in Canada, and both have loads of fans.

Aside from playing for fun, people in Canada want to get better and compete in different events. In fact, many of the world-class eSports players reside in this country. That’s why it is probably a matter of time before the number of online games focusing on mobile devices increases even more.

  • Social Media

After pointing out two things that are becoming more popular all the time, it’s time to address the elephant in the room. Like people from other parts of the world, Canadians use their smartphones and tablets for social media. Almost everyone online has some social media presence, whether it is on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok or something else. 

Since those things are much easier to use when you’re on the go, mobile phones have become the go-to option people use to talk communicate with friends and family.

The growing popularity of social media usage in Canada and other parts of the world is something that people should be careful with. Some users spend too much time on them, which has an effect on their everyday life. No wonder there are special apps that show you how many hours a day you’re using a specific application and what you can do to be more productive.

  • Dating apps

Aside from the popular social media platforms, many Canadians who use smartphones daily are also interested in dating apps. The latter is especially popular in some North American states, but they may not have that many fans in other parts of the globe.

Let’s face it, many people in Canada aren’t thrilled that they need to use dating apps to meet someone. That said, people who live there are always busy, and almost everyone uses their phones, so it shouldn’t be surprising this has proven to be one of the easiest ways of dating. Consequently, the number of dating app downloads in Canada and several other countries grows all the time.

  • Talking with friends

Finally, Canadians use their phones a lot for talking with friends. Nowadays, smartphones are so advanced and offer us so many things to do that we often forget their primary purpose – talking with friends & family. Unsurprisingly, we can use all kinds of apps to do that, including options that let us make free phone calls.

Deepa enjoys reading fantasy novels to escape the mundanities of everyday life. On other days, she likes to keep herself updated about the latest technological trends.


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