8 Best Virtual Hair Makeover Apps for Hairstyle Makeover

Imagine if there was a way to visualize how a particular hair color would suit you before making a commitment. Thankfully, with the advancements in technology, there are now numerous hair makeover apps available to assist you in selecting the perfect hair color.

Choosing the right hair color involves considering several factors. Will it complement your skin tone and enhance the color of your eyes? Is it a shade that resonates with your personal preferences?

Does it harmonize with your current fashion choices and makeup style? Are you inclined towards bold or natural looks? A well-chosen hair color can illuminate your complexion or add an extra touch of flair to your overall appearance. These makeover apps conveniently enable you to explore all of these possibilities.

By simply uploading a selfie onto one of the 8 available apps, the software applies various hair colors over your existing hair shade. This allows you to visualize how each color would appear on you. With an extensive range of colors to choose from, these apps provide a vast selection for you to explore. So, take a moment to discover these technologically advanced makeover apps and find the hair color of your dreams. Go ahead, let your imagination run wild!

Garnier Virtual Shade Selector

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Introducing the Garnier Virtual Shade Selector, a convenient tool for selecting your perfect hair color. Capture your hair effortlessly by uploading an image or using your camera. No need for hair mapping with a brush. With a wide range of natural-looking colors, the app is easy to use and available for free on the website. Discover your ideal hair color with the Garnier Virtual Shade Selector.

Seventeen’s Salon Makeover

Introducing Seventeen’s Salon Makeover, a user-friendly tool for virtual hair makeovers. Whether you choose to upload your picture from Facebook or your laptop or utilize the pre-loaded model images, the website offers a seamless experience for users of all skin tones. 

No need for hair mapping using a brush; the website provides a variety of cropped hairstyles that can be easily dragged and dropped onto your face. You have the flexibility to adjust the size of the hairstyle to ensure the perfect fit.

With its intuitive interface, Seventeen’s Salon Makeover makes the process effortless. Discover your new look with ease using this simple and convenient tool.

StyleCaster’s Virtual Makeover

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Introducing StyleCaster’s Virtual Makeover, an easy-to-use online tool for trying out new hairstyles. Upload your photo or choose a model’s image, and effortlessly overlay different hairstyles.

With a good variety of natural-looking colors available, you can experiment to find your perfect look. Best of all, it’s completely free to use. Discover your ideal hairstyle with StyleCaster’s Virtual Makeover.

Matrix’s Virtual Makeover


Introducing Matrix’s Virtual Makeover, a fantastic tool for exploring different hair colors. Whether you choose to upload an image or use the live camera feature, the website effortlessly captures your hair, allowing you to experiment with various shades. 

No need for hair mapping with a brush; the website automatically detects your hair, simplifying the process. With its user-friendly interface, the Virtual Makeover is easy to navigate and highly efficient. 

Explore a wide variety of colors, from regular to bright and pastel shades, providing ample options for customization. While the colors may give off an unnatural glow, the technology functions well. It’s important to note that results may vary depending on skin tone.

Marie Claire’s Virtual Makeover

Introducing Marie Claire’s Virtual Makeover, a user-friendly tool for exploring new hairstyles and colors. Whether you choose to upload an image from your system or select one from your Facebook account, the website offers seamless integration. Additionally, pre-loaded model images are available for you to experiment with. 

No need to use a brush for hair mapping; simply ensure your hair is tied up when taking your picture. The website provides a collection of cropped hairstyles from various photos, allowing you to easily drag and drop your desired style and color onto your image. Customize the length of the hairstyle to suit your face shape effortlessly.

UK Hairdressers Virtual Hairstyler

The UK Hairdressers Virtual Hairstyler is an easy-to-use online tool that allows users to try out different hairstyles and colors. Instead of automatically capturing your hair with a camera, you can upload a picture onto the website or use one of their model images. 

Once uploaded, you can select a hairstyle and color of your choice and easily drag it onto your image for proper placement. While some hairstyles may take time to load, the hairstyler offers a variety of basic shades like red, black, blonde, brown, and gray for color experimentation.

YouCam Makeup

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YouCam Makeup, developed by Perfect Corp., is an image capture app that offers various features for hair styling. To capture your hair, you can either upload an image from your phone or use the app’s camera function to take a picture. When using the app, it is recommended to tie your hair up for better results. 

The app provides cropped hairstyles from other images, which you can drag and drop onto your own image. Additionally, you have the flexibility to change the hair color and adjust the size of the selected hairstyle by zooming in and out. While there is a wide range of colors available in the app, it’s important to note that some features may require a purchase to access.

Chouchou: Virtual Hair Try-On

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Chouchou: Virtual Hair Try-On, developed by MotionPortrait, Inc., is a brush tool capture app that allows users to try on virtual hairstyles. To capture your hair, you have the option to upload an image from your phone or use the app to take a picture with your connected camera. 

In order to accurately map out your hair, the app requires you to use a brush tool. While some apps provide a magnified view to assist with the outlining process, it can still be challenging. These apps offer a wide variety of colors for the virtual hairstyles, but certain features may require a purchase to access.


Which Hairstyle Will Complement My Facial Structure?

Your unique facial shape often dictates the ideal hairstyle that enhances your facial attributes, creating a youthful appearance.

For those with a rectangular face shape, consider opting for soft layered haircuts, voluminous blowouts, natural waves, curtain bangs, soft chignons, or even gentle rounded fringes.

If you possess an oval face shape, you have various options such as long flowing locks, short crops, a sleek blunt bob, or a lob haircut with subtle layers.

Individuals with a square face shape can experiment with side-parted styles, hairstyles with long layers, a short layered bob, or side-swept bangs to complement their features.

For those with a heart-shaped face, you may want to consider a long side-swept hairstyle, a side-parted pixie cut, or even bob and lob cuts to enhance your facial structure.

If you have a round face, hairstyles with long layers, choppy pixie cuts, or short side fringes can help create a flattering look.

How Can I Determine If Short Hair Is Suitable For Me?

To assess if short hair is a good fit for you, you can utilize the “John Frieda Rule.” Simply take a pencil and position it beneath your chin. Then, place a ruler perpendicular to your ear. If the measurement between the pencil and the ruler is less than 2.25 inches (the point where the pencil intersects with the ruler), short hair is likely to complement your appearance.

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