13 Best Fantasy Map Generators, Tools, and Resources

If you’re eager to enhance your fantasy worldbuilding skills, whether it’s for penning your upcoming novel or devising an exciting RPG campaign, nothing quite compares to the charm of a meticulously crafted map that seamlessly blends with the world you’ve created.

To assist you in breathing life into your unique realm, we’ve compiled a collection of our most beloved resources, tools, and fantasy map generators. These invaluable aids are guaranteed to propel your imagination to new heights!


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When it comes to crafting a fantasy map, engaging a professional can truly elevate your project. For a personalized touch and expert guidance, enlisting the skills of an illustrator is a worthwhile investment. At Reedsy, we’ve meticulously handpicked a roster of top-tier freelance illustrators in the publishing industry, all just a click away from adding a distinctive touch to your work.

Watabou’s Medieval Fantasy City Generator

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While some writers revel in crafting worlds filled with intricate divisions, others prefer to focus on a single sprawling city or traverse between a couple of distinct urban landscapes.

If you fall into the latter category, then the Medieval Fantasy City Generator by Watabou is bound to captivate your imagination. This ingenious software allows you to conjure up as many cities as your heart desires, complete with customizable names, street names, points of interest, and a vibrant array of colors.

Though the options for directly manipulating the city maps are somewhat limited, fear not! With the variety offered, chances are you’ll stumble upon a city map that perfectly aligns with your narrative needs or serves as a compelling muse for your writing journey.

ProFantasy’s Campaign Cartographer 3

Savage World Campaign Cartograher 696x392

When it comes to map creation, Campaign Cartographer 3 by ProFantasy is a versatile powerhouse. Whether you’re looking to craft whimsical cartoon maps, intricate hex maps, or immersive medieval landscapes, this software has got you covered. You have the choice to utilize the built-in landmass generation tools or exercise your artistic prowess by drawing your own maps with helpful assisting tools.

One of the standout features of Campaign Cartographer is the vast array of mapping symbols, styles, and types readily available to you without the need for additional paid expansions. This extensive selection ensures that you’re not confined to a single map style. 

Whether you desire to create an 8-bit pixel art map one day or seek inspiration from the rich world of the Witcher books for your next endeavor, Campaign Cartographer provides all the necessary tools to bring your vision to life.



Moving on to the next tool on our list, we have Wonderdraft. While it may come with a higher price tag compared to other software options, it’s widely regarded as one of the best choices available. Wonderdraft specializes in crafting breathtaking continental and regional maps, striking a delightful balance in terms of size and functionality.

What sets Wonderdraft apart is its ability to create maps that embody a level of detail and beauty reminiscent of the works of Tolkien himself. The art style is highly praised for its intricate design, drawing users into a world of visual splendor. 

Moreover, Wonderdraft offers a high degree of customizability, allowing you to generate a multitude of elements to enhance your map. From rivers and roads to mountains and cities, the software provides a vast array of options to bring your vision to life.

And should you desire further control, the “paint” tool empowers you to mold the landscape according to your exact needs, ensuring a truly tailored map.


map nortantis

Enter the world of Nortantis, a charmingly straightforward fantasy map generator that specializes in crafting hand-drawn-style maps. Once you stumble upon a map style that captures your heart, the possibilities for customization are limitless. With the power to tailor the terrains, icons, background, colors, and text font, your imagination can run wild.

Looking to conjure a mysterious and eerie swamp map? Embrace the magic of choice by selecting a purple background fused with a darker purple terrain outline. Or perhaps your characters embark on a perilous journey through a land of fiery volcanoes — fear not! 

A combination of a dark red background with Nortantis’s lighter red terrain outlines is bound to perfectly complement your tale. The map-making magic doesn’t end there. Once you’ve honed your ideal story setting, exporting it to your preferred image file or printing it straight from the app is a breeze.

Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator

large fantasy map generator azgaar 7af45b

When it comes to fantasy writers and Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts seeking a reliable map generation tool, Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator has consistently been the top choice. And with good reason. 

Azgaar offers a diverse range of twelve initial templates to kickstart your map creation, spanning from “Pangea” to “Volcano.” This intuitive approach works wonders since most users already have a general concept in mind for their world’s appearance, such as “a large island” or “a hot land with abundant mountains,” with the intention to refine the specifics later on.

Should you find something in your randomly generated map that doesn’t quite align with your vision, fear not! Azgaar provides a handy terrain painting tool that allows you to modify and customize the map to your liking. With a myriad of options at your disposal, you can label continents, countries, cities, regions, and even different religions, each of which can either divide or unify the map based on your world’s dynamics.

For those in need of a map that reflects the intricate social and political landscape of their world, Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator unquestionably fits the bill, offering an exceptional platform for your creative endeavors!

World Anvil Worldbuilding Tools


When it comes to creating a map that is both visually appealing and seamlessly tied to your story, it can be quite a challenge. That’s where World Anvil’s Interactive Map tool steps in, serving as the ultimate companion for creative writers who begin their journey with a rough outline.

With World Anvil’s user-friendly software, you have the ability to upload your own map and customize it with a range of interactive elements that perfectly align with your needs. For instance, you can trace the paths of heroes and villains as they traverse the map, adding waypoints to mark significant moments of conflict or respite. 

Additionally, the function to interlink maps is a game-changer, enabling you to effortlessly connect various locations by incorporating icons that lead to detailed city maps. This ensures that you never lose track of the geographical landscape and the intricate web of interconnected places within your world.

Donjon Worldbuilding Generators

large fantasy map generator donjon d8f07a

If you find yourself seeking some foundational inspiration to give shape to your world, look no further than donjon’s free fantasy world generator. With a swift and effortless process, you can generate the initial land formations, leaving ample time for delving into the finer details of your creation. Whether you prefer the classic touch of pen and paper or the digital convenience of tools like World Anvil, donjon serves as the perfect muse for your worldbuilding endeavors!

Donjon’s user-friendly interface offers a refreshing simplicity, making it a breeze to customize the appearance of your randomly generated map. You have the freedom to tweak the color or style, balance the ice, land, and water ratio, choose the number of cities, and even select the font. 

Once you’ve tailored your map to your liking, a click will unveil the result on a new tab, easily downloadable as a captivating image. Embrace the sweet simplicity of donjon and let your creativity flourish!

Dungeon Scrawl


For those craving to craft sprawling, twisting, and maze-like dungeons, caves, or castles, Dungeon Scrawl is the ultimate fantasy map tool. Picture an Adobe Photoshop specialized exclusively in creating captivating indoor maps, but much, much more user-friendly – that’s Dungeon Scrawl.

With the convenience of no installation needed, Dungeon Scrawl invites you to unleash your creativity by either building upon pre-made dungeon templates or indulging in freehand drawing to forge unique fantasy realms. 

The software’s seamless user interface ensures a smooth map-making journey, allowing you to infuse your creations with a handmade and personal touch. You’ll effortlessly weave corridors, staircases, and rooms of all shapes, bringing your world to life with every stroke.


large fantasy map generator flowscape 9849ef

Venturing into the realm of three-dimensional map generation, FlowScape sets itself apart from the crowd. With this innovative software, you have the power to sculpt a variety of terrains that range from snow-capped mountains to idyllic beach paradises. Alternatively, you can opt for one of the 20 presets and customize them to your heart’s content.

Listing all the elements you can modify in FlowScape would take quite a while, but here’s a glimpse into the possibilities: breathe life into your world with simulated animals, construct magnificent castles, manipulate physics to create authentic castle ruins, control the rotation of the sun to set the perfect lighting, and even build upon the backs of colossal turtles. The range of options is truly exhilarating, opening up a world of endless creativity.


large fantasy map generator rollforfantasy 41a3ad

Renowned among fantasy map enthusiasts, Inkarnate stands out for its user-friendly interface, lightning-fast generation, and an extensive array of assets. This versatile tool empowers you to create awe-inspiring maps that breathe life into your imaginative worlds. Whether you envision sprawling cities with angular roads, landscapes adorned with winding hills, or even an entire town perched precariously on a bridge in a canyon, Inkarnate has you covered.

With limitless possibilities for shapes, sizes, and placements, you can bring every aspect of your world to fruition. From charming towns and treacherous dungeons to majestic mountains, Inkarnate offers an expansive library of options to suit your creative vision. Furthermore, the tool goes beyond traditional map-making capabilities, providing features like the creation of “battlemaps.”

Roll for Fantasy Map Creator

large fantasy map generator dungeon scrawl 1dc565


If you prefer a more streamlined approach and aren’t swayed by the flashy features of larger software packages, then this next gem is for you. Introducing Roll for Fantasy, a grid-based map generator that offers a no-frills yet highly functional experience. Whether you seek the thrill of random map generation with room for customization or prefer to start from scratch, this tool has got you covered.

The system operates with elegant simplicity: just a click on a grid square allows you to place elements on the map, such as landmasses, which can be rotated to your heart’s content.

While the user interface may be intuitive and straightforward, don’t underestimate its potential. With a little dedication and time, you can harness the power of Roll for Fantasy to craft captivating map designs that will leave others astonished.

HexTML Hex Map Creator

large fantasy map generator hextml 8fcae1

As we reach the delightful conclusion of our list, let me introduce you to HexTML, a captivating browser-based fantasy map generator that embraces a charming board game-like art style. If you’ve ever reveled in the strategic joy of Settlers of Catan, HexTML will undoubtedly spark a sense of familiarity and joy.

The tessellating hexagon grid, a hallmark of this tool, offers surprising versatility. Whether you’re crafting vast and expansive territories by combining smaller hexagons on larger maps or curating individual biomes with each hexagon on more compact ones, HexTML adapts to your creative whims.


With the power of these tools at your fingertips, there are no limits to the fantastical realms you can create. From sprawling continents to intricate cities, the stage is set for your storytelling prowess to shine. Let your imagination soar as you breathe life into vivid landscapes and weave tales that will transport readers to enchanting realms.

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