What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat? Slang Definition & Usage

Snapchat can sometimes leave you feeling a bit perplexed when you come across chats or Stories filled with unfamiliar slang. However, if you’re determined to fully enjoy your texting experience on Snapchat, it’s essential to up your game by staying in the loop with these popular abbreviations. In this article, we’ll delve into the meaning of “KMS” on Snapchat.

While “KMS” is a commonly used slang on Snapchat, there are plenty of other abbreviations and slangs floating around, such as “S” and “FT.” These little linguistic shortcuts add a touch of coolness and fun to your Snapchat conversations, especially when you’re engaging with a close buddy.

Given that there isn’t a handy dictionary to turn to for these slangs, your best bet is to educate yourself by reading articles like this one. Besides, constantly pestering your friends to explain every single abbreviation can make you come across as less informed. So, let’s dive in and expand your Snapchat vocabulary!

What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat?


So, let’s delve into the meaning of KMS on Snapchat, and I’ll provide you with practical examples of how to use it. Incorporating these into your Snapchat conversations will give you a savvy edge.

However, it’s important to note that KMS carries more than one meaning on Snapchat. Fascinating, isn’t it? Get ready to explore!

Kill Myself

The most common interpretation of KMS on Snapchat is “Kill Myself.” This abbreviation is frequently used by teenagers and adults alike. It comes into play when you want to express exaggerated feelings of anger or frustration.

It’s essential to remember that using KMS in this context doesn’t indicate a genuine desire to end one’s life. Let me share a practical example to illustrate its usage.


  • Anne: Peter will be at the party too.
  • Karen: Gosh! I’d rather KMS than see his face again!

Kiss Me Silly

When it comes to Snapchat, “KMS” can also stand for “Kiss Me Silly.” This expression indicates a desire for someone to shower you with an abundance of kisses to the point where you can’t handle it anymore. It carries a sense of romantic playfulness.

Depending on the flow of your conversation, if you want someone to kiss you repeatedly, you can playfully use “KMS.” It adds a touch of romance to your interactions. How delightful!


  • Karen: How do I repay you for saving my life?
  • Peter: KMS!

Killing Me Softly

Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to endure or engage in something unpleasant or uninteresting. However, opting out of that particular task or responsibility would come with significant consequences. Thus, you’re left with no alternative but to go through with it.


  • Anne: Did you have a good time in your History class?
  • Karen: Honestly, the teacher was so dull with his repetitive tales of 17th-century battles. It was like a never-ending KMS.

Killer Make-out Session

If you’ve experienced a passionate and romantic kissing session with your partner and want to share the excitement with a friend, simply mention KMS! It’s also used as an abbreviation for “Killer Make-out Session” on Snapchat and perfectly captures the intensity and fiery nature of the encounter.


  • Jake: How did your time with him go?
  • Peter: Oh, we had an incredibly heated KMS! It was absolutely amazing.

Kill My Swag

If you’re looking for an alternative to the phrase “kiss my ass” that carries a touch of sarcasm or conveys the sentiment of “I don’t care about your opinion,” you can use Kill My Swag.

Do you have that one friend who always has something negative to say? I know it can be unpleasant. So the next time they start with their comments, simply say KMS.


  • Anne: Oh my gosh! Your T-shirt is so hideous! Even my pet has better fashion sense.
  • Karen: Anne, seriously, CMS!

Note: It’s worth mentioning that on Snapchat, KMS is often used as an abbreviation for “Kill Myself” or “Kill Me.” However, it does have other meanings, as I’ve explained above.

Discord and KMS: What’s the Connection?

While Discord may differ from platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, it still maintains its own unique social network identity. With various channels and groups dedicated to culture, work, and shared interests, Discord provides a space where like-minded friends can come together.

However, just like any online platform, Discord is not immune to slang usage. Interestingly, the KMS acronym also finds its way into Discord conversations. In this context, KMS carries the same meaning as it does on Snapchat: Kill Myself.

Given the shared meaning, the usage of KMS on Discord aligns with its usage on Snapchat, finding its place within similar contexts.

Decoding KMS in the Automotive World

Can you take a wild guess at the meaning? Well, when it comes to cars, KMS stands for Kilometers. As you may know, a kilometer is a unit of measurement used to quantify the distance covered by a vehicle.

Additional Snapchat Slang to Spice Up Your Conversations

Apart from KMS, there are several other slang terms used on Snapchat that can add some excitement to your conversations. Let’s explore a few of these slang terms below.


On Snapchat, SU can have two different meanings: Swipe Up or Shut Up. The appropriate usage of SU depends on the context of your conversation. For example, if your friend is teasing or annoying you, you might tell them to shut up. On the other hand, swipe up can be used as a call-to-action for your Snapchat Story, encouraging your friends to check it out.


GTS can stand for two things: Go to Sleep or Good Times. The meaning of GTS depends on the nature of your dialogue. If someone sends you nostalgic pictures of the two of you, you might respond with GTS (Good Times) to reminisce about those fond memories. 

However, if you’re bombarding someone with random photos or messages late at night, they might tell you GTS (Go to Sleep) as a playful way of asking you to stop.


GFY is an acronym that can have two distinct meanings: Go F*ck Yourself and Good For You. The interpretation of GFY depends on the context of the conversation. 

If someone is being bothersome or irritating, GFY can be used to express frustration or anger towards them. Conversely, Good For You can be used as a positive remark to acknowledge and appreciate someone’s efforts or achievements.


On Snapchat, KYS has two different interpretations: Kill Yourself or Keep Yourself Safe. The meaning of KYS varies depending on the situation and the intent behind its usage. 

It can be employed as a harsh and derogatory remark to belittle someone for their actions or choices. Conversely, Keep Yourself Safe is used to convey care, concern, or well-wishes towards someone, demonstrating a desire for their safety and well-being.


What does ONG mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, ONG is an abbreviation for “on God” or “on God’s” name. It is similar to the well-known acronym OMG (Oh My God).

What does BP mean in Snapchat?

When it comes to Snapchat, BP stands for Beautiful People. It is often used to refer to individuals or groups of attractive or aesthetically pleasing individuals.

What does PH mean on Snap?

PH is an acronym used on Snapchat that stands for People Here. It is typically utilized to indicate that there are people present or active in a particular location or event.

What does FR mean?

FR is an abbreviation that commonly stands for For Real. It is often employed to emphasize the sincerity or truthfulness of a statement or sentiment.

What does OG stand for?

OG stands for Original Gangster. Originally used to refer to someone who is respected or influential within a particular group or community, it has since evolved to generally denote someone who is an original or pioneer in their field or domain.

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