5 Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Halloween Storytelling Event

When the weather gets cooler and the sweet smells of pumpkin spice fill the air, Halloween is never far behind. The cornerstone of a fun-filled Halloween night is sharing some spooky — perhaps even by candlelight!

If you really want to spread some holiday cheer this October 31st, here are five ways to promote your Halloween storytelling event.

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Hang fun flyers around town

Yes, social media is great for marketing in the 21st century, but there’s one major problem: It reaches a global audience! Although your stories will be undoubtedly amazing, it’s important for your marketing to reach specifically a local audience that will actually attend your event. That’s where Halloween flyer templates come in.

Naturally, flyers can only be seen in person. So if you hang them around your town, only people in your town will see them. Makes sense, right!? They’re a great way to attract only a local audience.

Since you’re busy planning a big event, using Halloween flyer templates can speed up the design time without sacrificing quality. Simply browse through the thousands of free flyer templates, choose the one that best fits your event’s style, update the information, and you’re ready to print.

Hang your flyers around in places where your ideal audience spends their time. For example, if you want to host a children’s Halloween storytelling event, put flyers in schools and daycares where you know parents will see them — with permission from the business owner or school, of course.

Provide plenty of information on social media and your website

Just because someone sees your flyer doesn’t mean they’ll go to your event. They need to know all the juicy details before they mark their calendars, so make sure you give it to them! Fill your website and social media pages with all the information anyone could need to decide to attend your event.

Cover all the essential information, including:

  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Recommended age (There’s a big difference between adult and children’s Halloween stories)
  • Stories being read
  • Who will be reading (especially if the reader is popular)

You should also include any other relevant information about your event, like if you’re going to provide snacks or if attendees should wear costumes. The more information available, the more likely people will be to attend your event.

Make it a costume party

Storytelling events are fun, but they’re even more fun when the listeners can participate and engage with the festivities. Since it is Halloween after all, you can entice more people to attend by making your storytelling event a fun costume party!

Encourage attendees to dress up as they listen to thrilling tales. You could even introduce a fun theme, like asking everyone to dress as their favorite literary characters.

Throw in a costume contest after the storytelling is over to make even more people want to attend! (Nobody can resist a good prize.)

Work with local businesses and organizations

It always helps to have a little support when planning an event. By partnering with local businesses and organizations, you can extend your marketing reach and maybe even raise some funds in the process.

First, when you partner with a local business or organization, they’ll promote your Halloween storytelling event to their audience. They’ll share with their followers on social media, send out marketing emails, and likely even hang your event flyers at their building, exponentially expanding your reach.  

Second, they might even offer donations in exchange for some publicity. For example, a local restaurant might offer to provide the snacks at your Halloween storytelling event if you put up some signs with their logo and promote their brand on your marketing channels.

Boost your Instagram feed with spooky promotions

Just because flyers are better at reaching a local audience doesn’t mean that social media should be overlooked. You should still use all your social channels to promote your Halloween storytelling event. And just like your flyers, you need your content to look incredible!

Your promotions will be competing with professional content creators for attention online. If you need a little help creating scroll-stopping posts, there are plenty of Instagram post templates available online for free.

With templates, you can cut down the content creation time and maintain your high-quality standards to bring even more people to your storytelling event. Make plenty of posts leading up to the event, so there’s no way potential attendees will forget to show up when the big day comes.

Make your Halloween storytelling event the talk of the town

Halloween and storytelling go together like Jack-O-Lanterns and candles. Hosting an event with fun, spooky stories is a great way to create an evening everyone will enjoy. You just need to make sure people actually show up!

When you’re ready to promote your Halloween storytelling event, start by using Halloween flyer templates and hang posters all over town, update your website and social channels with all the event information, encourage attendees to wear costumes, partner with local organizations, and fill your Instagram feed with plenty of high-quality posts.

When people get a glimpse of all your amazing marketing materials, they won’t be able to wait until Halloween to attend your amazing event.


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