12 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Need to Check Out

Since its introduction to the public, ChatGPT has experienced a surge in popularity. This chatbot, developed by OpenAI just a few months ago, has garnered immense fame to the extent that servers are facing challenges in keeping up with the demand.

In today’s exploration, we will delve into tools that enhance the capabilities of this AI chatbot. After scouring the internet, we present to you the 12 most noteworthy ChatGPT Chrome extensions. Without any more delay, let’s explore these extensions.

WebChatGPT Enhancement Tool

WebChat GPT (1)

Even though ChatGPT impresses with its insightful responses and vast information database, it faces a challenge – staying up-to-date with the latest info online. Because ChatGPT’s knowledge caps at 2021, its answers might not cover anything post that period. Luckily, WebChatGPT, one of the top ChatGPT Chrome extensions, tackles this issue head-on.

This extension amps up the bot’s game by adding relevant web results to your queries. When you throw a prompt its way, the extension allows ChatGPT to scan the web for links and then compile information based on what it finds. You can tweak things further with filters like time, region, and result count. Sure, it might bulk up the response a bit, but the trade-off is worthwhile. Yet, it does raise a slight flag about potential plagiarism.

Perplexity AI Search Engine

Perplexity AI (1)

Perplexity AI goes all-in as an AI-savvy search engine, using GPT-3 LLM with natural internet access. When you toss a question its way, Perplexity combines its dataset with internet know-how to dish out results. What’s cool is that this Chrome extension even cites its sources – a nice touch.

It’s not just a regular search engine; it can dive into whole websites or single web pages. Because of its flexibility and the bonus of citing sources, Perplexity AI easily makes the cut for one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions.

ChatGPT Companion for Google

WebChatGPT (1)

If you’ve hung out with ChatGPT, you know it’s tab-specific. So, if you want it at arm’s reach all the time, that tab has to stay open. Enter the ChatGPT for Google extension – problem solved. True to its name, this extension puts ChatGPT right alongside your Google search results. Just log into OpenAI through the extension, and you’re good to go.

Whenever you’re using Google, this extension kicks in without any special prompts. Search as you normally would, and instead of the usual knowledge panel on the right, you’ll find a fresh ChatGPT panel.

It pulls responses straight from your Google search results, treating your query like a prompt. No extra steps needed. Like the website, it handles various prompts – from info requests to coding queries – all in the familiar Google search setting.

Fireflies AI Meeting Assistant

a (1)

Fireflies AI stands out as a noteworthy ChatGPT Chrome extension designed to function as your AI meeting assistant. During Google Meet video calls, it seamlessly records, transcribes, and provides immediate summaries of the meetings using AI, eliminating the need for manual note-taking. The extension effortlessly generates transcripts with speaker names, notes, and action items after each meeting.

What sets it apart is its ability to produce detailed meeting summaries without any complications. Additionally, it features AskFred AI, powered by GPT-4, enabling you to efficiently summarize articles, YouTube videos, emails, and documents. If you seek an all-encompassing AI extension for meeting summarization, Fireflies AI is an excellent choice.

Monica AI Copilot

Monica serves as a robust AI co-pilot for your Chrome browser, leveraging the advanced GPT-4 model. This extension uniquely utilizes both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models for conversations and relies solely on GPT-3.5 for explaining, translating, and paraphrasing content. Monica offers a comprehensive range of functionalities on the web.

From writing emails and handling complex questions to summarizing YouTube videos and seamlessly integrating with Google, Monica is an all-in-one Chrome extension. It boasts a substantial Prompt Library to ensure optimal responses on various subjects. Notably, the extension connects ChatGPT to the internet for real-time information and provides various utilities such as Chat with PDF, AI image generation, voice input, copywriting, and more.

ChatGPT File Uploader Extended

image 20 (1)

For users of the free version of ChatGPT facing limitations in features, especially the inability to upload files, the ChatGPT File Uploader Extended is a valuable solution. This extension allows easy file uploads, supporting formats like PDF, ZIP, Excel, Word, TXT, CSV, and more, even without the paid ChatGPT Plus plan.

Having personally utilized this extension, I can attest to its effectiveness. While it initially supported image upload with OCR functionality, this feature has been removed due to Chrome Webstore policy issues. Nevertheless, for seamless file uploads to ChatGPT without a paid plan, this extension remains an indispensable tool.

ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer (1)

ChatGPT Writer brings its language proficiency to your browsing experience, focusing on writing emails and messages across all websites. As a standalone extension requiring login to OpenAI, it prompts you for input with context, tailoring the email or message content based on your specifications.

The extension delivers responses almost instantly upon receiving the prompt. While designed for emails and texts, it can also be used to engage in conversations with ChatGPT, although responses may take longer. However, for optimal results, it is recommended to stick to its original purpose, making it one of the top ChatGPT Chrome extensions for effective email and message composition.


Wiseone stands out as a great ChatGPT Chrome extension, especially for those who love to dive into various reads. It calls itself an AI-powered reading copilot, and the cool part is that it becomes a seamless part of your browser window. The goal? Making reading different content a breeze without messing with the natural flow. Wiseone is pretty clever—it recognizes all sorts of text, automatically spots the tricky parts, and offers to break them down for you.

Hover over something you find tricky, and Wiseone pops up with a box of explanations and context in a snap. Feeling curious and want more angles? It can even toss you links to competitor articles. And for those days when you’re feeling lazy, there’s a nifty summarize button that condenses the whole text into a couple of paragraphs. 

Superpower ChatGPT


Superpower ChatGPT is a Swiss Army knife of Chrome extensions, and here’s one slick feature—it lets you create folders to keep your AI chats all neat and tidy. Picture this: You can set up different folders for different kinds of chats, drag and drop the relevant ones, and boom—organized. The extension takes care of storing these chats, and you can easily fetch them later.

But that’s not all. Superpower ChatGPT is like a superhero with multiple powers. You can stash away various custom prompts, scout for them online, tweak the tone, writing style, and language. And the best part? You can download those ChatGPT chats, and it won’t cost you a dime.


Merlin (1)

Imagine ChatGPT, but everywhere in your browser—that’s Merlin for you. It’s like the ChatGPT for Google extension, but it spreads its wings browser-wide. All you need to do is hit CTRL (or CMD on Mac) + M, and there you have it.

The interface is sleek with those trendy rounded corners. You toss in a question, and Merlin hits you back with a quick reply in seconds. And guess what? Merlin works anywhere on the web, not just on Google.



MaxAI.me is like the shortcut to getting ChatGPT in any tab you’re working on. No more tab-switching hassle. Activate this Chrome extension, and a handy sidebar shows up in your active tab, giving you instant access to ChatGPT. And it’s not just ChatGPT; MaxAI.me brings along other popular AI chatbots like Bard, Bing AI, and Claude, making it your one-stop AI shop.

Tired of switching tabs? Hit Cmd/ALT + J, and MaxAI.me opens the door to your favorite chatbots. 

YouTube Summary Assistant by Glasp

For anyone who frequents YouTube, finding videos that get straight to the point without dragging on forever is a real game-changer. Enter the YouTube Summary extension by Glasp, designed to put an end to your impatience and save you from lengthy videos. Once you’ve installed and logged in, a handy YouTube summary box pops up next to any video you play on the site.

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