Personalize your Snapchat AI Chatbot by changing its name!

Snapchat enables fast & funny communication with our family & friends. The AI-powered lenses, recently launched Snapchat AI chatbot & other Snapchat features enrich these conversations. You must be surprised to discover that Snapchat has over 750 million active monthly users on the platform further creating 55000 snaps per second on Snapchat, isn’t this amazing?

Introduction to My AI:snapchat

Last year, Snapchat released its AI chatbot named My AI. Open AI’s ChatGPT technology powers the Bot, My AI, and works on the principle of generative AI. This new AI chatbot can be used, for getting several recommendations on topics like, “gifts for your BFF or family members, planning a weekend trip, getting recipes for your favorite dish, book recommendations, and many more” which are standardized with GPT technology.

Snapchat My AI

Fact about My AI: Till now, Millions of people across the globe have used this feature.  About 150 million have sent 10 million messages to Snapchat-powered chatbot: My AI.

My AI as your Friend:

Snapchat’s AI bot is not only limited to formal query-related conversations. It also accompanies you as your friend, showcasing its great conversationalist power. Of course, it can’t replace the feel of your real friends, but it can certainly help you kill time when you’re feeling lonely in this fast-moving world.

Steps to Change My AI’s Name:

Let’s discover the steps to change the name of your Snapchat AI Chatbot. Follow the given steps, to give Nickname to your Virtual friend.

  • Step 1: Open your Snapchat App, and navigate to the chats section, by tapping on the chats icon from the bottom navigation bar.
  • Step 2: My AI, is there at the top of your Chats list.
  • Step 3: Tap on My AI’s profile picture (Bitmoji), in the left top corner.
  • Step 4: There you will be directed to My AI’s profile page, click on the three-dot icon at the top right corner.

First Step

  • Step 5: From the available options, select the “Manage Friendship” option. There you tap on Edit Display Name, and soon the “Edit name for myai” pop-up will show up.

My AI name change on Snapchat

  • Step 6: Enter your favorite nickname or name for the Snapchat AI bot, and Save.

Bonus Tip:

There you have a new name for your Digital friend. You can change the chatbot’s name multiple times, till you feel it’s the right one. There are no limitations on name updations.

Discover names for Your Snapchat AI Chatbot:

chatbot names

For naming your new friend, you can take name inspiration from TV shows or games, but if you’re still unable to figure out. Here we are for your help. Discover the best name for your Virtual friend with us:

Top 20 Names:

  • Thunder Bot
  • AI Chatter
  • Bot-o-magic
  • Fambot
  • Herbot
  • Jarvis
  • BFF Bot
  • Robbo Advisor
  • Bot Guru
  • Bot Master
  • My Champ
  • My Love
  • Alpha
  • Chatbot Buddy
  • Smarty
  • Munchkin
  • Mr/ Miss Robot
  • AI Ninja
  • Baby Bot
  • Robo Friend


To generate your customized name for your Snapchat AI bot, you can also use the available online Bot Generators. Hope you enjoyed this Fun guide about renaming your AI Chatbot. But, not only this, you can also change the gender of your Snapchat AI, and update and style it as per your preferences.


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