Stellar Photo Recovery Software: Your Solution for Lost Photos

Losing your photos can be a difficult situation, and not being able to recover them can be even more challenging. There are several software options available for photo recovery, such as Stellar Photo Recovery. Let’s explore why this particular software stands out.

Stellar Photo Recovery is a photo recovery software that allows users to restore lost, damaged, or corrupted files. This software not only recovers photos but also helps with the recovery of audio and video files easily. They help the users with their lost photos just as insurance helps people recover their damages caused due to uncertainty. This software is extremely easy and user-friendly to use, unlike other software that complicates the process.

We are aware that our data, especially our photos, are just a few clicks away from being deleted, whether intentionally or unintentionally. In addition to the risk of losing important files, corrupted or damaged data can also be lost due to something as simple as a power cut if not properly secured.

Stellar Photo Recovery stands out from other software due to its wide range of features. While competition may affect the software’s reputation, Stellar provides a quick and handy solution for those in need.

Stellar Photo Recovery Software: Features

Not everyone understands the importance of file formats. To cater to everyone’s needs, software should support all formats, especially when it comes to photos. Stellar supports a wide range of file formats, including JPEGs, PNGs, MP4s, MKV, AVI & more. This allows users to select the file type they need and also provides the option to change it later.

  • Compatibility 

Similarly, compatibility with various file formats and devices is essential, and this software addresses that need effectively. It is compatible with a wide range of devices and works seamlessly on both Windows and Macintosh systems. This sets it apart from many other software programs and gives it a competitive edge. Stellar is compatible with numerous cameras, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, GoPro, Garmin, and Phantom. It not only supports these devices but also works with hard disk drives, SSDs, flash drives, SD cards, and any storage devices.

  • Usability 

Stellar has an easy-to-use operating interface that allows users to access the software easily. Everything in the software is presented clearly, and not the slightest bit is challenging. Before you start recovering, the software gives you an anticipated duration for the scanning to be completed. However, if it fails to do so, the user will waste a considerable amount of time recovering irrelevant data.

  • Different tiers

Stellar users have access to versatile software that not only helps identify specific needs but also offers tailored solutions for different issues. The software is divided into three sections: Standard, Professional, and Premium, each with its own set of features.

The Standard version helps recover basic lost or accidentally deleted photos. The Professional version not only retrieves lost photos but also repairs corrupted files. The Premium level is designed for users with a large number of lost or damaged videos. This version primarily focuses on video files and is capable of repairing files in bulk.

Stellar Photo Recovery Process

To start the recovery process, one must first download, install and then launch the software. Now, once you see the main screen in front of you, you must get going with the following steps.

  • Select the drive or storage media to scan and recover from.

photo recovery software (1)

  • Click on ‘Scan Now’ to start the scanning process.

photo recovery software (3)

  • To quickly get the results without wasting time, you need to go to the Advanced Settings icon. Then, look for the file type option and select the exact file type, add a new file type, or edit the file type. After completing this step, the software will initiate a scan to provide the results.

photo recovery software (2)

  • After the scanning is completed, a dialog box of ‘Scanning Completed Successfully’ pops up. This will ensure that the scanning is complete, subsequently the found files will be displayed on the screen. If you get your desired results kudos, but if not there is an option to ‘Deep Scan’. To opt this another scanning occurs, even deeper to find all sorts of corrupted, deleted or extremely old lost data.


Stellar Photo Recovery software may not be the best recovery software available, but its user-friendly interface and easy accessibility attract many users. This software can be very useful and can save you from a lot of stress. It can recover your data without requiring you to root the device. In addition to recovering photos, if you are looking for something that can also repair your damaged or corrupted files, this software is the most accessible option.


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