How To Invite All Friends on Facebook in Single click?

Facebook pages are one of the best ways of building a niche audience. Just creating a facebook page is not enough, we also need a good amount of likes to drive traffic to our website. Getting likes on your facebook page is definitely not an easy task.

One of the official ways to do this is by inviting your Facebook friends to like your page. Well inviting all your Facebook friends to like your facebook page is a huge task especially when you have thousands of friends. No, you just can’t click the invite button manually thousands of times.

So to simplify this process we can use a javascript. All browsers allow us to run javascript code on each and every website. Actually, this concept was introduced for web developers in order to debug their websites. So there is a simple javascript code that automatically clicks the invite button for all your friends. This method is really a lifesaver for people who have thousands of friends.

So just follow the simple guide given below to invite all friends to your Facebook page.

Code to Invite all Friends on Facebook

How to Invite all your Friends on Facebook Page?

  • First of all Login to your Facebook account and navigate to the Facebook Page where you want to invite friends. 
  • If you are the admin of the page then you can click on the “Build Audience” tab and then click on Invite Friends.

Code to Invite all Friends on Facebook Page in One Click

  • If you’re not the admin then click on the “More Options” button next to the message and then select Invite Friends.

Code to Invite all Friends on Facebook Page in One Click

  • Now scroll down until all of your friends get listed in it.
  • If you are a Chrome user then hit Ctrl+Shift+J to open the developer console and if you are a Firefox user then hit Ctrl+Shift+K to open the developer console.
  • Copy the code given below and paste it in the developer console and hit enter. 
var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }
  • Facebook might show you some warning regarding self XSS but don’t worry this code is safe to use.

code to invite all friends on facebook page

  • Now it will automatically start inviting all your friends to like your page, so just wait some time until the process gets completed. It may take up to two minutes.

Code to Invite all Friends on Facebook Page in One Click

Here’s a video tutorial to invite all your friends on Facebook in a single click.


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