How to Get WhatsApp Voice Calling APK Feature on Android

WhatsApp is not the first application to introduce voice calling feature, Other apps like Hike, Skype, Facebook Messenger have already did this but yeah nobody uses them because of low voice quality. So taking this point seriously WhatsApp have just launched beta (Testing) version of voice calls which is yet only available to android developers. So in this article I’ll be demonstrating how we can enjoy WhatsApp voice calls without having any technical knowledge or rooting your android device..

..Just follow the sweet and simple guide given below to get WhatsApp voice calling feature.

WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature on Android

Steps to Get WhatsApp Voice Calling APK Feature

  • Download the latest version of whatsapp from this link given below – 

Download WhatsApp 

  • Install the downloaded apk file and overwrite the existing WhatsApp version.
  • Now you need to find a user who already has the feature activated and ask them to call you.
  • Once you received the call, WhatsApp voice call feature will get automatically activated.
  • Now the entire UI of WhatsApp will be changed ! You’ll be able to see three tabs i.e.. CALLS,CHATS & CONTACTS.

WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature on Android

How to Make Voice Call in WhatsApp ?

  • To make a WhatsApp call simply open the chat windows of your friend and click on the call icon next to attachment as shown below.
  • If you get a error message which says “The user needs to update the app to receive WhatsApp calls” then ask your friend to update WhatsApp to its latest version from play store or above link.
  • Similarly you can just call anyone and bless them you WhatsApp voice calls.

The feature is yet not available for windows phone & iOS, but we may soon expect it.
If you don’t find any user who already has this feature activated, then you can ping me on facebook & I would love to help you. Also checkout our article on Best android launchers of 2015.


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