[Solved] There is a Problem Parsing the Package

While installing an android APK file you may face an error which displays ‘There is a Problem Parsing the Package’. Well, this is a common error you may face while installing an APK while rather than downloading it from the Google play store. So if you face this error then don’t freak out in today’s article I’m going to share some of the proven methods you could use to solve Parsing error. So before we start let us check out the reasons why we face this error.

Why Parsing Error Occurs?

 There is a Problem Parsing the Package
Error While Installing APK Files
These are some of  the reasons due to which this problem usually occurs :
1. The application is not compatible with your device.
2. The application’s APK file may be partially downloaded or it may be corrupted.

Fix There is a Problem Parsing the Package Error?

Most of the time this error occurs due to corrupted APK file, So try to download the APK file again. If still, the problem exist then you can try the solutions given below. These are some solutions that you can use to fix problem parsing the package error.

Allow Installation from Unknown Source

By default android device does not allow us to install APK files directly due to some security issues. So to install APK’s from other sources we need to enable allow installation from unknown source option present in our device settings. Just follow the below instructions to allow apps installing from unknown sources.
  • Navigate to Settings and then select Security.
  • Now just check on Unknown Sources.

check unknown sources

  • Now your device will be able to install APK files from other sources.

Download the App through Play Store

There are chances that the file you have downloaded is corrupted, So I suggest you to download the application from play store. Also, try to search for the application in play store if you can’t find the application in play store then simply it means your device is not compatible with that application.

Use Old Version of that App

The latest version of the application may not be compatible with your device so you can use the old version of that application. How can I find the old version of that android application? Well, it is simple just head over to APKMirror and search for the desired application. Now you can find many version of that application, Simply download an old version and hopefully, the error will be solved.

These were some of the best solutions to fix There is a Problem Parsing the Package error on your Android device. If you know some alternate solution then don’t forget to share it in comments.

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