[Fixed] – Error Downloading There is Insufficient Space on the Device

Recently I came up with an error while downloading an application from google play. The error was Error Downloading “App name” There is Insufficient Space on the Device. The point was I was having enough storage on my sd card as well as in internal memory. Then after doing some research I came up with the following methods which I have mentioned below. Most of the time the first method works great but incase if it doesn’t work then we have two back up methods which may work.

First let’s checkout why insufficient space error occurs?

Android system reserves certain amount of storage for inbuilt apps like Messenger and Contacts so that these apps won’t run out of space while running. So if you have internal memory less than 200 MB then you will definitely face this error. So in this case you should try to moving some apps to sd card to free up internal storage. If this is not possible then try to uninstall apps which you don’t use frequently. Also try to disable some google apps likes Google plus and Google photos, Only if you don’t use them.

If you are having internal memory more than 250MB and still facing this error then follow the below methods to fix there is insufficient space on the device error.

There are few methods to fix this problem –

  • By Uninstalling Google Play Services Updates
  • Clearing Cached Data
  • Remove Junk Files

Uninstalling Google Play Services Updates

This is the most efficient solution to fix this problem. This error has been seen in latest version of google play service so by uninstalling updates of google play services this problem can be easily fixed.
  • Tap on menu and go to Settings.
  • Now select applications and switch to All apps tab.
  • Search for Google Play Services and select it.
  • Click on Uninstall Updates, So that it will switch google play service to the default factory version.
  • Now we need to update Google Play Store to it’s latest version. So download and install the latest version of Play Store APK from APKMirror.
  • That’s it ! Now you will no longer face this error.

 Clearing Cached Data

Most of the apps saves tons of junk data temporarily, which could sometime overlap the internal memory usage, and because of this you can face error message while downloading and updating apps. This is also the most common troubleshooting method to fix any kind of bug in your android device. So Clearing cached data may help in solving this error.
  • Tap on menu and go to Settings.
  • Now select Storage and click on Cached data
  • Now it will display a warning as shown below

  • Click on Ok and hopefully this can solve the error.
Note – If you can’t find Cached data option then you need to manually clear cache for all apps.

Remove Junk Files

I’m pretty sure that for most of the time the first method will work but unfortunately if none of these two methods worked then it might be possible that you have lots of junk files on your device, To clean these junk files we can use third party applications like DU Speed booster or Clean Master.

  • First of all download Clean Master apk file and install it. This way it won’t show insufficient space error.
  • After it is installed, open the app.
  • Now click on the Junk Files option so that it will automatically start scanning for junk files.
  • Wait until the scanning gets completed.
  • Make sure the app is not deleting any useful files and click on clean junk button.
This process will delete all the junk data from your android device and will hopefully you will be able to fix error downloading there is insufficient space on the Device problem.


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