In Which One Piece Anime Episode Does Luffy Unleash Gear 5?

A year ago, the author of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda dropped a bombshell in the manga. It was called Gear 5 and people all over the web went nuts over it when they heard about it. The manga fans and anime-only folks were super excited to know more.

Even before the episode came out, Gear 5 was already super popular. To show their excitement about it before it’s airing time, fans searched for hidden clues, bought cool stuff such as toys and clothes, and talked about it everywhere! Everyone was super excited to watch Gear 5 on screen.

Luffy Unleash Gear 5

About the Episode: 

One Piece episode 1071 which aired on August 6th, 2023 introduced Luffy’s Gear Five Move. Directed by Tatsuya Nagamine this episode titled Luffy’s Peak – Attained! GEAR5 signaled a turning point in Luffy’s power scale and his rematch with Kaido.

The following episodes were streamed on August 13 & 20 respectively where the rematch continued. Luffy’s unveiling of his Gear 5 was utterly breathtaking.

About Kaido & Luffy:

Luffy and his crew never gave up despite being beaten several times by Kaido. Zunesha announced that Joy Boy had returned through some amazing animations. Episode 1071 of One Piece, depicts the intense rivalry between Kaido & Luffy, this was one of the most important rematchs. Kaido had always been the biggest hurdle in Luffy’s adventure, portraying his Antagonist role in the best way. This episode is said to be full of twists & turns.

Luffy’s Power of Gear 5:

Luffy’s potentials reach its peak by using the powerful Gear 5 move. It’s like watching a superhero, unleashing his powerful abilities to fight the odds & his enemies. After, being empowered by Gear 5, Luffy undergoes drastic transformations, which makes him a super strong, fast, and amazing warrior, who can attack with galloping speed and thunderous charm.

Watching the combination of Gear 5 with Luffy Valor is an exhilarating experience, and this revelation is ruling the Fan Kingdom. If excited to know more about Gear 5, see the pointers below:

Now, here we will highlight the major transformations & Powers of Gear 5:
Increased Physical Abilities: Gear 5, known as “Boundman,” empowers Luffy’s strength, speed, and durability. After activating Gear 5, Luffy’s Body enlarges and gets stronger.
Life-Claiming Attacks: With Gear 5, Luffy comes up with incredibly powerful attacks, where his punches and kicks are so strong, that he even faces dangerous situations bravely & calmly.
Escalated Haki Abilities: Gear 5, ignited Luffy’s willpower to such a great extent, that, he was able to predict the opponent’s strategies & moves, which helped him to be on the safer side and stay in a Win-Win situation.

Gear 5 Teaser in One Piece Film: Red

Do you know, that this wasn’t the first time, that fans discovered the power of the Super Gear 5 move? As, gear 5, showed up in One Piece Film which was released on August 6, 2022, almost a year before the Gear 5 episode. So, fans were eagerly waiting to see Gear 5 empowering Luffy and enhancing his war skills.

Let me also tell you that the film unveiled, Luffy with curly eyebrows and surrounded by clouds, which was an indirect hint, that something new was being planned for Luffy. Although, it was a small sneak-peak as it was a teaser. But the intentions, with which it was shown off, got it marked high.

Fan Reaction: Breaking the Internet:

Fan Reaction Luffy Unleash Gear 5

  • Social Media Trends:
    On the rolling of the Gear 5 move, fans geared up on social media, and shared their thoughts and reactions. Memes, fan art, and virtual discussions flooded timelines and feeds and soon Gear 5 made its place in the trending topic list.
  • Online Communities & Forums:  gear 5 connected all the One Piece Anime fans, and engaged them in in-depth discussions, making new storylines for the upcoming episodes and hence, making Gear 5 an internet sensation
  • Worldwide Celebration: Gear 5 took on nerves, and turned a simple movie into an amazing & thrilling experience. Virtually, through different mediums shared happiness, experiences, and love for Luffy & his newly launched Gear 5.

Conclusion:  Finally, we conclude this article with the same energy and power as Luffy’s Gear 5, where we witnessed an enthralling journey of discovering all about the Gear 5 move of Luffy.


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