Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date, Features, Specs and Price

Samsung S series has always been everyone’s first choice. According to Statistics Galaxy S series have over 200 million units of sales. Samsung has recently released Galaxy S6 which is a great device and now they are planning to release its improved version which is galaxy S7. Here’s everything that you need to know about Galaxy S7.

Galaxy S7 Concept Video

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date

There is no official confirmation from Samsung electronics regarding Samsung Galaxy S7. According to internal sources they have planned to release the gaint Galaxy S7 in the first quartor of 2016. I know you guys love exact dates, So we can expect Samsung galaxy S7 on April 8 or 15 April 2016.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S7

Specifications have always considered as the main part while buying a smartphone. Although it comes with latest technologies like USB-C, Android M and  Edge style spin-off. But Apple is planning to launch the next iPhone that is iPhone 7 which will outrank galaxy S6 in specs as well as features so Samsung has to definitely widen there specifications for the new galaxy S7 in order to beat their competitor. Here are some leaked specs of galaxy S7.

64 Bit Processor
Samsung galaxy S7 will be the first device which will have a 64 bit processor. It will have a 3.5 GHz of processing power. So we can definitely expect a great performance on this device.

Let me tell you one thing, Even my laptop doesn’t have 4 GB of RAM. So just imagine an android device with 4 GB of RAM. You can perform all your office work with this gadget easily without lagging. Although this is not the accurate figure, You may expect more if apple comes up with such size with its new iPhone 7.

32,64 and 128 GB Storage
It is expected that Galaxy S7 will come up with 128 GB of internal memory. Although galaxy s6 also carrying the same capacity so thing could change as Galaxy S7 is an improved version of Galaxy S6.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S7

As the last two launches that is Samsung S5 and S6 have failed to bring much more exiting features. Samsung will definitely add some great features to the new Galaxy S7. Here are some interesting features of galaxy S7.
Super Amoled Display
We have already seen super amoled display in some android devices, But S7 has a 4k display with 5.5 inch of screen size.
30 Mega Pixel Camera
Microsoft has already introduced A 41 megapixal rear camera smartphone, So 30 MP wouldn’t be that shocking. Galaxy S7 have brought something new called GigaPixel which takes picture with more clarity. It is expected that it may have front camera of 10 MP which have the tendency to click great selfies.

5 G Connection
Many other smartphone companies are struggling to get 4G network on their mobile devices. While Samsung have decided to be on the top of this race by adding 5G network to galaxy S7. So now we can enjoy the fastest browsing experience with 5G Network.

Infared Sensors 
This is going to be really amazing. The infared sensors are able to measure body temperature and some other things accurately.

The whole body of galaxy S7 will be waterproof. You can use your it while bathing or in the pool. Water will be no longer a problem with this device. Apart from being water proof it is also dust proof which will

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price:

Galaxy S7 prices in different countries.

US/UK: $999

Canada: $999
India: Rs 68,500
Italy: €840
Denmark: 6240 Danish Krone
Australia: AU $ 1,245
Germany: €840
Belgium: €840
South Africa: 11,145 South African Rand
Indonesia: 11,542,264 Indonesian Rupiah
Malaysia: 3,652 Malaysian Ringgit


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