How to Block Someone on Facebook who has Already Blocked You

If some Facebook user blocks you on Facebook then you can’t message him, tag him in a picture, access his profile or even find him in the Facebook search results. Although these restrictions apply to both of them, the one who has blocked and the one who is blocked. But the one who has blocked can easily unblock you and get rid of all these restrictions anytime. So here’s a killer hack to block someone who has already blocked you on Facebook.

Block Someone who has Already Blocked you on Facebook

Note After Blocking Someone on Facebook you won’t be able to:

  • See their notifications, pictures, and status updates.
  • Add or Invite them to a group or event.
  • Chat with them.
  • Access their profile.
  • Can’t see him in the search results.

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How to Block Someone who has Already Blocked you on Facebook?

So does someone keeps on blocking and unblocking you? And you find this very annoying, Then it’s time to take revenge. Just follow the below guide to block the Facebook user who has already blocked you.

  • Login to your Facebook account and navigate to settings, You can use this link to head over to Facebook settings or click on the down arrow icon and further select settings.
  • On the left-hand side click on Blocking.


  • Now on the right-hand side under Block users, you will get an option to block peoples and a list of Facebook users whom you have blocked.
  • Now in the text field type the name of the person who has already blocked you.block users
  • It will show you a list of people with similar names, Search the right person in the list and smash the block button.

block user of on facebook

  • You will get a warning message. Read the message and click on the block option.

block warning message

So this was a simple tweak to block your ex or your die-hard enemy on Facebook. If you have some doubts regarding it then please do let us know in comments.


    • You are right, Ive dont that before. Was hoping i missed something… but the name that blocked you .. is not in the list of names. I ended up blocking everyone with same name with no profile pic. Go figure. Hope theres another way.

  1. Yeah, doesn’t work. Someone blocked me so I wanted to return the favor in case they changed their mind later, to keep them blocked. I can find them in the potential block list and it looks like it gives the option to block them but when I hit Block it says that functionality is not available.

  2. UPDATE: *It works on your phone, just not computer. First I tried to block someone using my computer, but it wouldn’t let me. Then I opened FB on my phone, went into Blocking (had to type “blocking” in the search bar, that was the only way I could access it), typed in the person’s name and was able to block them that way. I went back into FB on my computer just to be sure, and the person’s name appeared in my blocked list. So yay, just use your phone


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