5 Popular Smartphone Myths That Aren’t True

Smartphones have became an important part of our life. An average person checks their phone 85 times a day. So we are totally addicted to smartphones. Their are several myths regarding smartphones on the internet, but not everything your read on the internet is true. So here I am busting the 5 most popular smartphone myths.

1. More Megapixel Means Better Camera

This is one of the biggest myths in the smartphone industry. More number of megapixels looks great on specifications sheet. However, you should never judge a smartphone’s camera quality by its Megapixels.

It totally depends on how much light the sensor can take in. So if your smartphone has a 20 MP camera, then it has 20 million pixels in the camera sensor. This means the manufacturers have to stuff in 20 million pixels in a tiny space, thus reducing the size of actual pixels.

Let’s compare iPhone 7 & Xperia Z3 camera. So iPhone 7 has 12 MP of rear facing camera whereas Xperia Z3 has 20 MP rear facing camera. However, the camera quality is totally different. iPhone 7 has larger pixels due to low megapixel count, which can let more light in.

Also, the con with the higher megapixel camera is they suffer in artificial & low lighting conditions.

So the camera quality totally depends on the lens, quality of the sensor, and the image-processing software.

2. Should Not Charge Phone Frequently

You might have heard that you should completely drain your phone’s battery and then charge your device. Please stop doing this as it may degrade your battery’s performance.

Modern smartphones have Lithium-ion batteries, so there is no need to drain your battery to recharge it again. It is a great idea to frequently charge your phone when your battery is about 20-30%. This could help your battery in the long run. If you are facing battery issues, then do check the best fast charging apps for Android.

I usually don’t let my smartphone’s battery go below 20%.

3. Phone Gets Warm While Using Quick Charge

So while using a quick charger, your phone might get warm or a little hot. This is totally normal; your phone is not defective.  It happens with all smartphones like Galaxy S7, Nexus & even Pixel. The fast charger pushes a lot more current to charge your phone faster, and that is the reason your battery gets little warm.

4. Should Kill Apps Frequently 

If you have a modern smartphone, then your device might have 2-3 GB of RAM.  With so much of memory available, you don’t have to kill apps frequently. Actually it is a bad idea to kill apps frequently. Android, as well as iOS, is very intelligent in managing memory.

It is even worse if you are using a task manager app that automatically kills apps after some time. Such apps run in the background and drain your smartphone’s battery.

5. Charging Phone Overnight Kills Battery

Most people think that if they charge their phone overnight, it may harm their battery’s performance in the long run. Guys, it is totally safe to charge your phone overnight as these modern smartphones are pretty smart. When your battery gets fully charged the circuit automatically gets disconnected and your phone will stop charging.

So these were some of the popular smartphone myths that you shouldn’t believe. Let us know some other myths in the comment section.



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