10 Super Fast Charging Apps for Android [Quick Charge]

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems today. If you have been using Android smartphones then you might be facing battery issues too! Smartphones consume much battery when used with the internet. Moreover, we don’t have that much time and patience to wait for them to get completely charged.

So how do we do charge smartphones faster? Well as Android phones are so much in demand there have been various applications that have been developed that helps the user to charge their phone battery faster. These applications are the best when it comes to helping you in stretching your battery life.

These applications work very well if you want to save your battery and make it lasts longer and even boosts the charging speed while your phone is on the charge. Some of these applications even have additional features like cleaning unwanted cache data which will help in the smooth functioning of your smartphone.

Does Charging Apps for Android Really Work?

Now there is nothing magical in Android charging apps. All it does is limit some of the apps running in the background which consumes too much battery.

You might have heard that keeping your phone in flight mode while charging reduces the charging time; this is because the mobile network consumes a heck of a battery. So fast charging apps works by optimizing your phone to consume less battery by limiting background activities and features.

Now if your phone has some custom skin like MIUI or EMUI then you can look for battery saver feature in settings. This feature exactly works as fast charging apps. All you have to do is turn this feature on while charging your phone.

If you are using a Huawei smartphone, then you are lucky.  EMUI comes with an ultra-battery saving mode which if turned on while charging reduces charging time by 50%. I am using honor 6x and this feature charges my phone in almost 1:30 hour, while the normal charging time is 2:30 hours.

Best Fast Charging Apps For Android

1 – Super Fast Charger

This is the most popular and recommended fast charging application to boost your charging speed. This app enables users to stop their unwanted background battery draining activities. Not only has this but it also contained a lot of premium features that are absolutely free of cost.  You can download this from the Google Play store and it also guides you about the temperature, technology, and voltage of the smartphone so all these details give you a better idea about the battery usage of your phone and how well can you use it for efficient uses.


2 – Dr. Battery

Another best charging apps with a 4.5 rating on the Google Play Store, this application is a brilliant combination of the RAM booster and battery saver. You are provided with some advanced features to boost their charging speed by 10x than the normal charging speed.  This application even informs about the battery status and the time left for its survival. It has an optimize button, and with just one simple tap on it, you can stop all the unnecessary tasks of your phone.


3 – Super Fast 5X

According to the developers of the application, the super-fast charging app can help you charge your phone five times faster than the normal time. It also shows information about the phone’s charging rate, voltage, and temperature. This is a free app so you can get its super awesome features by just downloading the app from Google Play Store.

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4 – Fast Charger

This is the best combination of an android cleaner and the fast charging applications, this not only boosts your charging but also helps to clear the Android smartphone which helps to make your smartphone run smoother.

5 – Battery Guru

A battery saving app for Snapdragon-based devices. This app helps you to optimize the battery life of your smartphone. This app does not even require any user configuration as well. This app gives a seven day trial period in which it tries to understand the functioning of your phone and then resolves your battery problems. This application is quite unusual and different from others.


6 – Speed Booster

Now, this application automatically cleans your unwanted cache files which help you to remove a lot of junk from your phone. The best thing about this application is that they also have an anti-virus application which will help you to save your phone from trojan, malwares & viruses. The combination of optimizing your battery life, anti-virus and cleaner are the best which makes it worth a try. This application is absolutely free to download and has other great advantages as well.


7 – Go Battery Saver

Another fast charging app which will help you to save a lot of your phone battery. This application even helps the user to boost their battery performance of their Android smartphone. Be it a new phone or an old smartphone using this app can help you optimize your battery life. If you have this app on your phone, then the charging process of your phone becomes very easy as it gives you all the details one will require.


8 – Battery HD

A very unique and productive application to save your phone’s battery. It is a user-friendly application and can be easily collaborated with any device. The application provides a detailed calculative time of how long can you use your phone with what all applications being running at the same time. It even gives an alarm timing of recharging your phone’s battery. So what else can be better than this?


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9 – Fast Charging

Now just like the name suggests this is one great fast charging app for Android users, they can simply download this from the Google Play store and start saving their phone’s battery and making it last longer. It is free of cost and it is the best app and worthy one to download to allow less power consumption of your smartphone.

10 – Battery Booster

Battery booster helps the person to deal with various situations in which they can simply save their battery. It avoids the battery from draining and even provides accurate information about your battery. Any recent changes which are made in your phone with respect to the battery are been tracked by this application.


So these were the best fast charging apps one can download to charging their phones faster and saving their battery for a longer time.



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