Fix – System Thread Exception Not Handled in Windows [100%]

‘System Thread Exception not handled’ is an error which restarts your PC and shows a Blue screen error, such errors are also called as Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). It is caused mainly due to corrupt drivers.

The error means that one of the exceptions of a system thread couldn’t be caught in the operating system. This message could indicate a hardware problem as well. This error occurs during system startups and can appear after each restart. You might get stuck in the loop of rebooting Windows again and again.

System Thread Exception not handled is experienced by Windows 8 and Windows 10 users, who’ve upgraded their systems recently. This error is very troublesome to its users as you are stuck in the reboot loop. It makes the user experience very irritating.

System Thread Exception not handled error

Why ‘System Thread Exception not handled’ Occurs?

There are various reasons why this error can occur. Even though the error screen is very ambiguous and gives away no specific reason for the error to occur, some of the common reasons which could cause this error are:

  1. Corrupt drivers
  2. BIOS corruption
  3. Hard disk problem
  4. Motherboard overheating

Fix ‘System Thread Exception not handled’ Error

We have compiled some solutions and debugging steps one can follow to fix this error. Here they are:

1. Update Your Drivers

Some times the error text contains the name of the file with ‘.sys’ extension. The file corresponds to the driver that causes the problem, so you need to look it up on the web before performing these steps.

  • So to find the name of the driver you can visit this website.
  • Now search for the driver file name which was displayed in the error. For Ex – atikmdag.sys
  • This will give you the proper description of the driver. So, in this case, it’s the ATI Video driver.

  • Now reboot your computer.
  • While the PC is restarting, press F8 several times until you see the advanced boot options menu.
  • Choose the Safe Mode option and hit Enter. Now your computer will boot in safe mode.
  • Go to your desktop and right click on the start menu logo.
  • Select Device Manager, here you need to choose the proper driver group.
  • In my case the corrupt driver was ATI Video driver, so the driver group was Display adapters.

  • Find the driver and on the list, right click on it and select Uninstall.
  • Confirm by clicking OK.
  • Restart the system and it will automatically install the driver again.

2. Using System Restore

In Windows 10 after three consecutive power offs, it automatically starts the Automatic Repair. So, all you need to do is Start your PC, use the power button to turn it off after a few seconds. Repeat this three times. Now you will get an Automatic Repair Screen, here click on Advanced options.

  • Then select Troubleshoot > Advanced options.
  • Now you will get the followings options.

Here you will find the system restore option. If you have made a system restore point earlier then “System Thread Exception not handle” issue will be solved.  Even if you have installed some programs like driver booster or any other optimization programs, they automatically create a system restore point.

  • Select the system restore option and click Next.
  • It will start searching for a System Restore point. If you don’t find any system restore point then skip to the next method.
  • If you find some system store points, then try to select the most recent one. You can also click on “scan for affected programs” to check what programs will get deleted.
  • Now click on Next and further click on finish.
  • It will start the system restore process and fix the Error.
  • In case if you didn’t find any restore points then you can the other recovery options.

3. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Some people have reported that disabling hardware acceleration in browsers solves System Thread Exception not handle error.

For Google Chrome:

  • Type in address bar ‘chrome://flags’ and hit Enter.
  • At the bottom of the window, you will see the ‘GPU compositing on all pages’.
  • Choose Disabled and click Relaunch Now.

Note-  GPU compositing was disabled in the latest version of chrome. So if you can’t find it then you are using the latest version of chrome.

For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Type in the address bar ‘about:preferences#advanced’.
  • Deselect ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’.
  • Restart Firefox.

For Internet Explorer:

  • Choose Tools, then Internet Options.
  • Select Advanced, then check the box with ‘Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering’.
  • Click OK and restart the browser.

4. Using Windows Installation Disc

If you have a Windows bootable disc, then you can easily fix System Thread Exception not handled error. It is a little complicated process, so make sure to try all the above methods and then try this one.

  1. Insert the disc/USB.
  2. Reboot the system.
  3. You will see the Windows Setup screen. Click the Next button.
  4. Choose the Repair your computer option.
  5. Choose the Troubleshoot feature.
  6. Go to Advanced option.
  7. Click Command prompt.
  8. Type ‘C:’ and hit Enter.
  10. Finally input ‘exit’ and press Enter.
  11. Click Continue and reboot the system.

The above-mentioned steps help you solve System Thread Exception not handled error. If none of the methods works then you might have to install a fresh copy of Windows 10.


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