3 Ways to Fix DNS Lookup Failed Error

If you are using a broadband connection “DNS Lookup failed” is a very common problem in Google Chrome browser. Mostly, this problem occurs when the network connection does not work properly or when DNS server stops responding. Well, no worries that is a common problem and could be solved easily. With this guide, you can fix DNS Lookup failure error in Windows with ease.

How to Fix DNS Lookup Failed Error?


Well, there is no proper solution for this error. So you can try the following methods one after the other in the same order they are written below.

Method 1: Flush DNS Cache

Windows and other operating systems store all their DNS data in the cache. Whenever a connection attempt is made or when the information is not available your DNS provider is informed. The essence of this storage is to facilitate the connection. The cache contains the information and entries of websites you have visited before. When you delete cache files, all the information is deleted. This is a popular method used to fix various Google Chrome errors such as dns_probe_finished_no_internet, unable to connect to the proxy server, etc. Flushing the DNS is not a difficult process. Anyone can do it with ease.

  • The best and simplest way to do is by pressing Windows Key + R to open up the run dialog box.
  • Then type cmd and press enter.
  • Type ipconfig /flushdns in command prompt and press enter.

  • This removes all cache and ensures that DNS cache has been removed and connection works properly.

Method 2 – Changing DNS Server

You can try this method if the above method doesn’t work. In this method, you need to change your computer’s DNS server address. You can do this by following the below steps:

  • Press Windows + R to open the run Window. In the run Window type ncpa.cpl  and press enter.
  • It will open Network Connections, Now right click on the WiFi or Ethernet adapter and select Properties.

network connections

  • Now double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/ IPv4) and select Use the following DNS server addresses. Add the following DNS server addresses shown below.

use google dns server to fix dns_probe_finished_no_internet

We have used Google DNS server but you can also use some other DNS server. checkout the best DNS server for gaming.

Method 3 – Clear Cache/Cookies

Remember, before trying this method make sure you have tried the first and second methods. In this method, you need to clear cache and cookies as well as your browsing data. To do that just click on the options icon from toolbar then click on Settings. Then scroll down and just click on Advance settings. Under Privacy & security section click on Clear browsing data.

clear your browsing data

Furthermore, you can try disabling the add-ons, because these may be the possible causes DNS Lookup Failed error. These could put an end to the problem. If the error still exist, you can use private browsing mode. This could be an alternate solution to the problem as well.

Finally, you should form the habit of maintaining your system regularly. When there is a persistent problem of malware and virus attacks, corrupted data, DNS lookup problem is one of the consequences. This error often arises because you do not maintain your computer on a regular basis and DNS Lookup Failure occurs.


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