20 Best Substratum Themes You Should Try – Minimalist Themes

Everyone wants to customize their device and well the best way to do it is to add themes to it, with the evolution in technology everything is available in hand. But now we also have varied variety to offer to the users. Prior to the substratum themes cyanogen mode was used to change the look of one’s device. However the new substratum is more powerful and superior in terms of theme engine for the android users.

This not only provides many new features but with this you need not even reboot your device and this also informs the user when the themes are outdated.

Best Substratum Themes For Android

Here are some substratum themes which are not only the best but will give your device a very refreshing and unique look.

Android O Theme

let’s admit it some of us are obsessed with the color black and having a theme on your phone which will give the same effect would be the best. Android O theme is the best choice for people who want to have a darker shade of black on their device. Many people have already tried this theme and absolutely loving it!


Spectrum Theme

Well if black is not your color and you love to experiment them spectrum theme is the best choice as it already offers about 183 color shades to the users. Not only has this but it also allowed customization of ASOP apps, Google apps and even twitter’s settings. Who wouldn’t want all of this? Try spectrum theme to get varied variety of color shades.


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Reverie Theme

There are some people who also prefer to have a very simple and elegant look on their phone’s device, a very light headed theme which will give you this effect is reverie theme. The system’s user interface and the icon’s shape and font and color tone everything complement each other in this theme. This is one of the best paid substratum theme you can have.


Swift Dark Theme

A pure black theme that gives a very new look to the device’s look is swift dark theme. Not only has this but the swift dark theme also supported the Facebook, Facebook messenger and WhatsApp in addition to the settings app of the device.


Flux Substratum Theme

one of the best themes that will definitely not disappoint you is flux theme, it has several color combination offers and also multiple accent colors, the theme is very detailed also nicely crafted according to the users preferences. Flux even allows the users to customize their settings, notification bar as well as dialer and keyboard of the device they are using.


Pitch Black Theme

This substratum has about 12 plus material design exclusive themes, however the themes boosts of navbar overlays, two types of network indicators and also 2 boot animations. The included font and also the boot animation make it quite desirable theme for anyone who is in search of the perfect red or black look for their device. The pitch black theme is considered to be the best black theme of all.


Grvy Theme

well to get an experience of best of both the worlds, users must give this theme a try! grvy theme has a balanced support and works for both light and dark effect. A user can simply customize almost anything if they have this theme in their device. The inventors of this theme has worked on such efficiency scale that even the minute details of this theme are given an utmost importance. Not only this but this theme can also help the user to customize the third party applications like twitter and Instagram etc.


Compact UI

Have you heard of this theme? If not then let me tell you this is one of the best themes one will ever get to try on their device, compact UI is crafted to well that almost changes the phone’s user interface aspects, designed with pixel perfect precision in mind. the compact UI stares away the most popular material design guidelines in favor of line traced glyphs known and loved by many from the compactions icon pack.


Antares Theme

This theme is basically inspired by the hexagonical design, not only this but with this theme the users also get light and dark themes with amoled mode. This mode also allows the user to customize everything that is in their device and also includes 10+ splash screens for both light and dark themes.


Luminous Theme

There are very limited options for the substratum theme and one of them is the luminous theme, this theme is a very elegant theme and it also supports about 55 applications and 49 different color options.


Outline Theme

Well this theme offers a huge number of customization possibilities like 80 apps out of which 43 are simply third party applications and 25 are purely Google apps, while 12 are systems app. After this one can simply mix and match between primary and accent colors. To sum this it is a very beneficial and unique application with amazing color shade options.


Default Dark

Many users have loved the stock effect on their device but would love to make it even more dark, so to serve that purpose this theme has proven to be the best theme. If you have this theme on your device it will bring a dark black- grayish effect to the entire system’s user interface. Although this theme comes with a default accent color it can be changed to other colors like red and pink and white.


S.I.X. Theme

This is one of the best substratum theme that give the perfect dark color shade to the user, and the best part about this is that it is absolutely free. It supports about 95 applications and also has about 158 color shades pre installed in it. It even has 24 NAV bars with color options and about 10 boot animations.


Greyce Substratum Theme

If you are looking for a theme that includes everything then your search ends here, the greyce theme includes the three variants : light theme with gray accents, light theme with black accents and a pixel variant with blue accents.


Compound Theme

Well everyone loves to customize their own device and this theme gives that feature as it is highly customizable for the nougat users. it offers a full package of both light and dark tone themes and looks much more polished and feature- rich.


Coalfield Theme

Though this theme was initially made for the cyanogens mod theme engine however the coalfield theme is now been ported to the substratum themes. The developers of this theme have given utmost attention to even the mini things in the theme. It offers a unique combination of pastel color themes with dark background which you will not find in any other theme.


Transparent Theme

Just as the name suggests this theme is the best as it makes your theme go completely transparent, a very unique feature of this theme is that whenever you change the wallpaper of the device you will have a new theme every time at your disposal, further one can also customize the primary and the accent color of the theme accordingly, the user can also go and change the font icons, colors, dividers among other things.


Rounded UI

If you love the theme where everything is in a round shape then here your search should stop, well this is particularly serving the purpose of people who wish to have a rounded UI, the user can even choose n number of rounded corners for each item.


Gravija Substratum Theme

If you go to see this is one of the simplest theme but it evenly balanced with excellence and exclusiveness, in addition to provide both dark as well as light themes in one single package to the customers it also offers customization.


Belo Theme

A very light theme that supports both the Google apps as well as the third-party applications. The theme looks quite clean and polished and it supports light and the dark themes for AOSP keyboard.


So these were the substratum themes you can definitely try on your device and change the look of it the way you want and desire to, many a time we fail to realize that our device also needs a change, themes can easily do that and they are also free, make sure that you browse the multiple options mentioned in the above list and according to your criteria choose the one that you really want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Substratum?

A substratum is an Android tool used by professional developers and designers to create and modify system-wide attractive and beautiful themes. Substratum works with both rooted and non-rooted devices.

How To Install Substratum Themes?

It works on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) & Above. First, install “Substratum Theme Engine Root” from Google play store. Open the app and root access with all permissions. Now download any Substratum theme you like.

Does Substratum Theme Engine Require Rooted Phone?

Yes, in order to download, install, and apply Substratum themes, your device must be rooted. But if you have Android 8.0 Oreo then it is possible to install Substratum themes without root.


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