How Much Does It Cost to Create a Live Streaming App?

We live in a tech era that is filled with the regular release of new technologies. This is especially, true in the field of software and, more specifically, apps.

There are always various types of apps available and, as such, many areas for development. The more common of these include live video streaming applications and live streaming app development. The best example of such an app is Periscope, which was introduced to the market in 2015.

We will look into the cost of creating a live video streaming app and, in the process, you will understand how it can be beneficial to make your own.

Live Streaming: A Great Milestone for Software Technology

Live streaming has become widely popular among many internet users. For many individuals, it’s considered a very cheap way of letting their friends or family know what they’re up to, regardless of their location. Live streaming also functions as an inexpensive tool for promoting various marketing campaigns by companies.

It is an effective tool for creating any broadcasts that might otherwise be too costly. This is, of course, thanks to the level of engagement one can get with the online audience.

So, what is the main reason for the success of live streaming? These are the most popular reasons for its success:

  • Individuals love the idea of being part of a large occasion or event.
  • Level of enjoyment. Many individuals find talented individuals entertaining and are engaged by anyone they might consider interesting.
  • In addition to the previous point, individuals also get the ability to interact with the host.
  • Behind the scenes, footage can be seen. This offers a pretty exclusive experience for individuals watching these videos.
  • The overall experience is amazing, and the interest of the individuals is peaked with every live stream.
  • Individuals also have access to various events they would not have the chance to attend. These might include sporting events, music concerts, fashion shows, etc.

Live streaming apps have all the necessary features to produce such a positive response from individuals in many countries all over the world.

Apart from Periscope, mentioned above, these features have become popular with Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media platforms out there.

Live Streaming App Costs

It is now pretty obvious why you would consider creating a live streaming app. While the information stated above is crucial to know for the overall process, it is also important to know more about development rates in the US, Europe, and India.

The next question you are most likely to ask is how much it would cost to develop a live streaming app. Because every project has some unique attributes, the costs may vary. For this reason, all prices should be considered as rough estimates.

Here is the cost for some of the most crucial stages in the development of a streaming app:

1. App design

The first impression is the most important when it comes to creating an app. The design of the application must be simply amazing. Enough time should be invested into making great UI/UX design that will lead to a more memorable experience.

The goal in this stage is to create an app with a good user interface that will not grow old too rapidly, in the eyes of the user.

The whole process of designing apps for phones on either Android or iOS platforms should not take more than two days (by an experienced developer).

In most cases, professional developers provide their services at a rate of $50 per hour. This means that for “two days” (a 48 hour work period) you will pay $2,500; however, this high percentage and rates usually applies mainly to the United States and Europe, which is why lots of companies hire outsourcing developers in India or Asia, where you are more likely to pay $15-$25 per hour.

In addition to the design, part of the live streaming application cost is the wireframing. Wireframing usually takes about 18 hours to complete. At an hourly rate of $50 dollars, the cost of this process can reach up to $900.

2. Main features

The various characteristics of your application will determine whether it will be a success or not. For an application like Periscope, several features including video quality and other important functions should be well developed to impress audiences.

Because you are trying to create a video streaming app, the main focus should be on the video quality itself.

Not only this, but other features that enhance the functionality can work towards a more positive application reputation. For example, users like to be able to react, replay, and download the videos they watch.

Making an application with all these capabilities is not easy, and usually requires a team of skilled individuals to accomplish this task. The estimated time required for developing the features is around 60 hours, but this can increase depending on the quality of video, for example.

At an approximate rate of $50 per hour, the total estimate will be $3,000.

3. Additional features

There are other important features that play an active role in the success of your application. These include:


It is important for live streaming apps to have the ability to show the current location of anyone online. This is an important aspect of functionality.

Because the coding for Android is different from that of iOS, two teams may be required for the project. The whole process takes about 30-32 hours and, at a rate of $50 per hour, it may cost $1,500 to $1,700.


Registration will make it possible for different customers to own the application and access all the various features it has to offer.

The most common way to do this is through email, social network accounts, or by using a phone number. The total estimated cost of adding this feature to the app is about $2,500.

The work can be efficiently completed in anywhere from two days to a few weeks. Other features may include push notifications and app quality testing, which can cost up to $4,200.

$50 per hour (Europe/USA) $15-$25 per hour (India/Asia)
App Design

The estimated time required is “two days” (a 48 hour work period).

~$2,500 ~$720-$1200
Main Features

The estimated time required for developing the features is around 60 hours.

~$3,000 ~$900-$1500

The whole process takes about 30-32 hours.

~$1,500-$1,700 ~$450 to $750
Registration feature

The work can be efficiently completed in anywhere from two days to a few weeks.

~$2,500 ~$1,250



So, how much does an app like Periscope cost? Adding up the numbers gives us a total of almost $17,000 for over 300 hours. This price is for the live streaming app development cost for one operating system.

You are required to have enough capital to make your app usable on multiple systems. If there is a problem with pricing, there are other options available. Moreover, if you require a more accurate price list, you can always contact such development companies as Lunapps and find out exactly how much it may cost to create a streaming app at each stage.


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