4 Rising Social Media Platforms You Need to Use

You may well be aware of just how many social media apps there are in the world today. True, many of them fall out of favor after a while (Myspace, Peach, and Vine), but there are several which stand the test of time and stay hugely popular all around the world. Excluding some of the biggest names like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, there are likely to be a few amazing apps that you haven’t gotten around to downloading and using just yet, but these are ones you will definitely enjoy! So, if you can take some time away from using your smartphone for Pokémon Go, then try some of these social media apps.


Reddit describes itself as the “front page of the internet” – to be fair, it’s a pretty accurate explanation. Whilst the design might feel a bit late 90s to someone using the web nowadays, it’s really the content that counts, and you’ll find everything on Reddit. Is all of it incredibly useful and insightful? Not exactly, but the platform allows everyone to join in on important discussions and to find out what’s happening around our planet. There’s politics, movies, music, games, and simply random stories which can make you laugh. Join the online community and see what the world is talking about.


You might think that Instagram is just all selfies and pictures of your meals, and that’s definitely a part of it, the image sharing app has allowed amateur and professional photographers from anywhere on the globe to showcase their work and build an audience. There are some who can actually earn a living through Instagram, although getting more followers takes a lot of time and isn’t as easy as it sounds. Along with the short videos and ‘Stories’ feature, Instagram has kept improving and updating all the time, and is truly a must-have for anyone who dislikes reading status updates and prefers simply to view images.


Thought to be the closest competitor to Instagram, the two apps are actually quite different when all is said and done. Although you can view strangers’ and friends’ Stories – much like you can on Instagram – Snapchat is more about sharing pictures and text between friends. Funny things you saw on your way to work, your new outfit that you’d like an opinion on, or simply a nice sunset from your holiday. The images are meant to be viewed and then forgotten, as every picture is erased if you switch to a new one or close the app. The option to add text and emojis to your images is also fun, and the filters can change your camera so that your own face can appear different!


Lastly, Pinterest is another image sharing app, but in a way that’s more about collecting photos. Basically, you have your own page where you can upload images, but you can also ‘pin’ other people’s photos to your own board, thereby making a page full of things you find interesting. In essence, the idea of Pinterest is to inspire others, whether it’s through fashion, carpentry, drawing or whatever it might be. If you see something you think is cool and would think about trying yourself, then you can ‘like’ the photo and pin it to your board for more people to see. Pinterest is still several million users away from Instagram and Snapchat, but it’s a fun idea and a cool app.


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