10 Best Zooper Widgets You Should Try (Minimalist)

One feature that Android users love the most is widgets. They are available in Android phones for a long time now. Android users are constantly searching for new Widgets as they are faster than the apps. Though app shortcuts in Android Nought are slowly waning away the importance of widgets,  there are still many widget lovers out there. Zooper is one of the best frameworks which allows the Android users to place the widgets on the home screens of their Android devices. There are over a million installations of this wonderful app from the Google Play Store. There are tons of Zooper Widgets on the internet. You just need to install the Zooper app on your Android phone to install the Zooper widgets. We’ve rounded up of some of the best Zooper widgets in this article.

Best Zooper Widgets for Android 

Aura Zooper

Aura Zopper app is a collection of more than 70 awesome Zooper widgets. This app is developed by a bunch of creative artists and talented developers. They update this app frequently and add more widgets to it regularly. Most of the widgets in Aura Zooper are super creative and they will definitely rock your home screen. The icon packs are excellent. It’s going to make your smartphone experience much better for sure. The best part is it is absolutely free. You need to have Zooper Widget Pro 2.40 or above to install Aura Zooper.

Retro Zooper Skins

There are little over 100,000 installations for this app on the Google Play Store. There are 25 widgets in bundled in this app. If you love black and white tones and vintage looks then Retro Zooper Skins is definitely for you. There are some really good minimal and vintage widgets available in Retro Zooper Skins. 13 of the 25 widgets in this app are clocks. They definitely bring out a new slick look for your home screen. You need to install Zooper Pro to use Retro Zooper Skins.

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Typographical Zooper Theme

There are more than 200 widgets in Typographical Zooper Theme which adds elegance and style to your Android home screen. If you are a fan of beautiful typography then you need to download and install this app on your Android smartphone. You need to have Zooper Pro to install this app. It costs you $1. But it’s definitely worth it. Isn’t it a great deal to have over 200 beautifully designed widgets just for $1?

Stile for Zooper

There are just over 10,000 installs for Slite for Zooper on Google Play Store. Do not underestimate it by seeing the number of downloads. It’s one of the most beautifully designed apps with more than 50 slick Zooper widget skins. They surely brighten up your home screen. You need to have a launcher like Nova Launcher and Zooper Pro to use this app on your Android smartphone.

Flat Material Zooper

There are 100,000+ installs and over 4.3 ratings for Flat Material Zooper app on the Google Play Store. Material design is a rising trend nowadays. Flat Material Zooper is all about material. There are over 100 widgets with beautiful material design bundled in Flat Material Zooper. You can download this for absolutely free. You need have Zooper Pro installed on your Android device to use the widgets from Flat Material Zooper.

Fox for Zooper

There are over 25 widgets packed in Fox for Zooper. The icon packs from this app are slick and stylish. No wonder they have a 4.5+ rating and 100,000+ installs on the Google Play Store. Zooper Pro must be installed to use Fox for Zooper on Android device. Fox for Zooper is an excellent app that surely lightens your home screen.

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mnml UI for Zooper

Minimalists will definitely fall in love with mnml UI for Zooper. It’s not easy to create minimalist designs. It demands lots of creativity and time to communicate things in a minimalistic way. All the widgets in this app are scalable and of high quality. Most of the widgets in this app are unique. As like the above Zooper widgets, you need to install Zooper Pro to use mnml UI on your Android device.

Parrot for Zooper

Parrot for Zooper has over 160 apps and 40 beautiful wallpapers. It’s absolutely free to download and install this beautiful app. The skin packs in this app are stylish and slick. It has a really cool collection of wallpapers. The apps are unique. You need to have Nova launcher and Zooper Pro to install this app on your phone.

Europa Zooper

Europa Zooper has got an extraordinary collection of minimalistic designed Zooper widgets. Your home screen looks like never before with the beautiful apps from Europa Zooper. The app also contains widgets which allow you to add docks like in Chrome OS on your home screen. It’s available for free on Google Play Store. There are over 35 clean and minimalist widgets bundled in Europa Zooper.

Unik for Zooper

The minimalism fans and material design fans will definitely love Unik for Zooper. This app has over 30 Zooper widgets packed in it. Almost all the widgets are beautiful and creative. They are consistently updating the app with new widget additions. The widgets from this app surely add a refreshing look to your Android home screen. There are many positive reviews for this app on the Google Play Store. You’ll be surprised to see that the developer’s replies to each and every review.

Zooper widgets add a fresh look to your smartphone home screen. We hope you love our list of the beautiful Zooper widgets. There are many other Zooper Widget apps on the Google Play Store. But we found the above ones to be really beautiful and unique. They definitely stand out among the rest. Let us know which widget you like the most from the above one.



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