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Resume plays an important role during the job search. It describes the qualifications and the characteristics of the applicants and a good resume certainly increase the chances of winning a great job in the field you are interested in.

Though we are in the era of social media sites like LinkedIn, the traditional resume has not lost its significance. Of course, the companies and recruiting agencies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen the resumes. But still, at some point during the recruitment process, your resume will be in the hands of a real person.

Before an employer decides to spend his valuable time interviewing you, he must be really impressed with your resume. The crucial thing to keep in mind while preparing your resume is that each and everything on it must be perfect. The word choices, formatting and descriptions must be perfect.

Resume Builder is a tool that helps you optimize the layout and content on your resume. It also provides wide-range of templates that suit different kinds of jobs. It’s a no brainer that one must use a resume builder to create his resume to get a job in today’s stiff competition.

There are dozens of online resume builder tools that provide some really cool tools to build your resume effortlessly. NovoResume Builder is one among them and it comes with a great collection of templates and wonderful optimization tools that makes your resume stand out among all other applicants. In this post, we’re going to explore some of the key features of NovoResume Builder and we’ll also share a short guide on how to use it.

Best Features of NovoResume Builder

Resume Templates

NovoResume Builder provides you with a great collection of templates. All their templates are ATS-friendly and you can pick anything from Basic to the Professional level. No matter, whether you are a fresher student or a professional with decades of experience, you can find out a suitable template on NovoResume Builder.

Cover Letter Templates

A cover letter introduces you to the organization. It’s as important as your resume. NovoResume Builder has got in-built cover templates for job applicants of all levels of experience.


One great thing that differentiates NovoResume Builder from others is the user-interface. NovoResume Builder is super-easy to use and the interface is completely intuitive.


You can get started for free with NovoResume Builder. You can create a One-page resume and use some predefined layouts for free. A premium version allows you to create a resume of up to 3 pages with a custom layout. They also provide 9 awesome fonts and creative backgrounds to design your resume. The pricing is affordable when compared to the other resume builder tools in the market.

How to Create a Resume with NovoResume Builder?

  • You need to sign up on to use NovoResume Builder. The Dashboard shows you dozens of templates which are carefully designed after conducting extensive research with employers and recruiters.
  • If you are a fresher or an intermediate, a one-page template is good enough to showcase your skills and qualifications. A professional CV template is good if you are senior with over 5 years of experience in your field.

  • Once you choose the resume template, just click on the profile picture to upload your picture. If you are not interested in adding your photograph on a resume, you can simply delete it using the delete icon.
  • Fill up the contact details, summary and title. You can also add the social media profile or website or other contacts by clicking on the contact section. Also, edit the date. Check Present if you want the resume to be dated today.
  • Fill up everything in the resume respectively. If you do not need any section, you can just delete that part using the delete icon.

  • Once you are done with the resume, you can click on the download button on the top-right corner to download the resume.

That’s it, that how you create an engaging resume online using Novo resume builder.


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