15 Best Battery Saver Apps for Low Battery Devices

The battery is one of the most crucial parts of any smartphone especially when we want to be online all day long. Today we depend on apps for everything. While these apps are very useful, they have a drawback as well.

More applications suck more battery but that doesn’t mean that you stop using these helpful and useful apps. The best solution is to get a good Battery Saver App for your device.

To help you with choosing the best, we are listing some of the best apps to save your smartphones battery life.

Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

battery saving apps for Android

1. DU Battery Saver Pro – Battery Charger

This fast charging app is one of the most trusted and primarily used utility applications among Android device users. It optimizes and saves the device’s battery so that it can sustain for a longer period of time.

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2. Battery Doctor – Battery Life Saver & Battery Cooler

The next Battery Saver App in our list is Battery Doctor. This app works exactly the way its name suggests. It can be used to diagnose and troubleshoot most of the problems. The battery life cycle can be depleted due to overheating, overcharging and many more other causes but it has a solution to all of these too. It can increase the battery life of one’s Android device up to 50%.

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3. Battery Saver- 100% Fast Charging & Battery Saving

Using this Battery Saver App, you can check the full battery report generated by the app which includes voltage, temperature, remaining battery life, device uptime and much more. There are various profiles to set your power plan according to your needs.

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4. Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

This is an absolutely free Battery saver App, that helps to boost up your phone battery at times of need. This app gives you information about the battery consuming app so that you may control and manage the consumption of the battery. This also helps in channelizing and prioritizing your battery usage so that you do not run out of battery in an emergency.

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5. Power Battery – Battery Life Saver & Health Test

Power Battery is another Battery Saver App that can keep your phone healthy and ensures the long lasting battery for hours long. The multitasking functionality of the phone can heat up the device but the inbuilt phone cooler monitors the temperature and kicks in with its device cooling technology.

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6. Super Battery – Battery Doctor & Battery Life Saver

This Battery Saver App plays multiple roles to take care of your smartphone battery life. It acts as a battery extender, charger, CPU optimizer, power manager, and junk cleaner. For fast charging, this is the best app that you should download. This shows you the low battery warning to keep you always alert.

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7. Battery Saver – Fast Charging

There may be lots of reason that your phone is eating up more battery such as background running apps, weak battery power, or any other technical reason. Battery Saver provides you an overall solution for all your Android phone battery problems.

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8. Avast Battery Saver

This one is the most popular Battery Saver App and has been widely trusted by people around the globe. Avast software after its antivirus app, come up with the similar Battery Saver App which includes all the necessary battery management features that maximize your phone battery usage.

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9. Phone Cooler, Battery Saver

Be it overheating of your phone battery or CPU usage issues, Phone cooler, and Battery Saver App has all the answers to your battery problems. It automatically shut down apps that consume high battery power. Its in-built charge master monitors the charging status of the app on a regular basis.

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10. Battery Saver – By Creative Apps World

As the name itself gives the idea that it is an app to save your smartphone battery life. It has the power of extending battery life up to 65% that works great at times of urgent need. It provides longer standby battery mode that never let you run out of battery when you need it the most.

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11. Best Battery Saver Android

This application can stretch your phone battery usage maximum of 80%. Apart from extending battery usage, this app also clear junk and unnecessary files from your phone. This won’t only save the battery life but also create some extra space on your device.

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12. Battery Saver

This Battery Saver App is simple and easy to install. Along with boosting up your phone battery, it can also clean all the cache, junk, and useless RAM files. This reduces the battery load and extends the battery performance. Managing battery with this application is so easy that you do not have to worry about low battery warnings. It auto-manage your battery consumption.

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13. Q Battery Booster – Battery Saver And Fast Charging

This is all rounder application that enhances the overall performance of your device. The basic function of this app is to boost the battery of the device. When the battery falls below 40%, it automatically switches the phone on power saving mode. It provides many other battery management and RAM cleaning functions.

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14. Battery Saver & Charge Optimizer – Flip & Save

This App constantly monitors background apps and phone hardware in real time basis and reports back in case of any errors. Also one single click of ‘optimize’ button solve most of the battery issue in an instant. This offers a wonderful feature using which you just need to flip your phone to enable the power saving mode on your device.

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15. NZ Battery Saver – Battery Doctor & Fast Charging

This is the perfect application with all those features that one need to protect the health of their phone battery. It works 24*7 on your device unless you disable its functioning. You can check the battery history and schedule battery optimization as per your needs.

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