10 Most Active Forums in India That You Should Join

Discussing things helps. When we discuss things, we unlock the opportunity to expand our knowledge and interact freely to talk what’s on your mind.

Internet is a treasure of information on all the topics prevailing on the Earth or out of the Earth but often we fail to find the required information with that precision. Especially when it comes to Indians, they have their own mindsets. An extraordinary one!

So, here we are going to enlist the 10 best forums in India that help you to seek advice from others or share your knowledge with others. You know sometimes those who suffer can give you better advice or information needed.

Best Active Forums in India

Active forum in india

1. Reddit

One of the biggest discussion forums in India, Reddit is an active online community, where they can talk about anything from media to social issues or about the latest viral videos in the country. From silly to mainstream issues, Reddit offers the widest online space where Indians can gather and explore things better. It is absolutely a general discussion forum which has various subreddits where any one of varied interests can participate.

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2. Quora

Another popular active forum in India is Quora where you can ask anything from the Quora members. If you think you can answer others, you can join the community too. To facilitate the users, there are separate sections which include Feed, Design, Business, Psychology, iOS, Android, Books, Food, Health, Movies, Science, Technology, and many more just to name the few here. You can ask anything on this platform related to these categories or anything which nobody have asked so far. You will surely get the answers and whenever a reply has been given to your post, a notification will be sent to your registered email address.

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3. IndianVideoGamer

This is a heavenly online space for game lovers. There are many sections to chat, post queries, and gain knowledge about gaming in India. In this active forum in India, any gamers can take part in but you should have an account created with this website. In the General section, there are 3 subforums i.e, General Chatter, Game Deals, and Imports. In the general chatter, non-gaming discussions are allowed. In the Game deals, discussion on gaming sales, and other offers can be done. Another active forum in India on IndianVideoGamer is news, rumors, Games, Techzone, etc.

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4. IndiaMike

Indiamike is an active forum in India providing virtual space to people who want to share and create content or stories. The purpose of starting IndiaMike is to facilitate people to interact with others. This is one of the unique forums in India, that offers people to share their stories with others and listen to theirs. To explore and gain knowledge, you can read stories and articles on different subjects. You can also share yours and get opinions from others. Not just that you can share images and travel journal as well.

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5. Photography Club of India

Who doesn’t love to click photos and capture some beautiful and some weird moments of life? Photography is very diversified and this forum “Photography Club of India” welcomes all types of photographers and photo lovers. The site layout is of this photography forum is in black and white with pretty colorful photos and interesting write-ups on techniques and tips of photography. There are tutorials upon good photography and Interviews of top world class photographers.

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6. TechEnclave

Those who can’t resist talking technology and are geeks must register themselves on this active forum in India which is all about tech gadgets. Whether you want to buy a laptop or mobile phone, you can get the best expert advice on TechEnclave. Apart from that, there are also sections like home automation and consumer electronics for providing a complete package to discuss technology today.

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7. IREF – India’s Real Estate Forum

If you are looking for property in India or is dealing in real estate business in India, this is the real estate property forum that you can join to interact with many others like you. There are city wise forums in India say Pune Real Estate, Mumbai Real, Estate, and many other forums for major cities in India. All you need to sign up your account and get started interacting with intellectuals and people like you about the property. There are answers to all the common questions about property dealings, property laws in India, Vastu, etc.

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8. Shiksha

This is India’s largest education community providing one of the active forums in India for discussing education. Here, more than 1000 experts are there to answer your queries related to higher education. The official website of this education forum is divided into three tabs viz.,
Q&A Home, Discussions, and Unanswered Questions. You can ask the experts and get counseling with top professionals in your field. This active forum in India is largely contributing to nurturing education among the young ones who are aspiring to achieve great things for society and them as well.

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9. Team-BHP

Team-BHP is among the big forums in India for talking automobiles. This active forum in India that deals in the matters of automobiles and related hot topics covers all the essential aspect of a good online forum. Forums are divided into sub-forums. There are mainly three sections you can see on the official forum, which is the Announcements section where you can update yourself with all the latest announcement in the automobile world. Then, an advice section from the team of Team-BHP and last but not the least is Road safety section where you anyone can learn some quick tips to drive like a pro.

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10. India Broadband Forum

What could be better than this active forum in India which resolves all your queries related to internet, VPN, broadband, and in such other matters? Well, We are living in an era where imagining life without internet is impossible. In such a scenario, it is very necessary and helpful to have such forums in India. All the broadband network in India are placed under a separate section, from Airtel to Reliance, and Jio. Apart from that, there is a dedicated section for dish TV. Using the search option, you may search and participate in any of the existing discussion or simply post anything to start a new thread.

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