15 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android/iOS

So you are looking for a Girlfriend? Well, in the current technology era nothing is impossible. There is an ‘N’ number of Virtual Girlfriend Apps that will never let you feel alone. The best thing is, you can take your virtual girlfriend anywhere with you.

It wouldn’t be wrong if we call them pocket girlfriends. These virtual girlfriends prove a good companion, whenever you feel alone. You can talk to them, play with them and enjoys fun time like a real girlfriend. All thanks to Android app developers. So, without wasting time jump into this article to find your Virtual Girlfriend App.

Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android

best virtual girlfriend apps

1. Naughty Girlfriend: pseudo app

Download this Virtual Girlfriend App and jealous your pals to have such lovely girlfriend in your pocket. This Virtual girlfriend can dance for you, you can choose various dresses for her, and she can chat gossips with you.

Download from Play Store

2. My Virtual Girlfriend Simulator – Texting Game

You can chat and have fun with any of the 5 girls in this simulating game, viz., Donna, Linda, Karen, Lisa, and Susan. These girls are of different nature and ages. You can talk to these girls, love them, or you may even change your girlfriend.

Download from Play Store

3. My Virtual Girl, pocket girlfriend in 3D

This Virtual girlfriend is loving, cute and beautiful just like a real one. The Virtual Girlfriend app is available in four languages viz., English, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Download from Play Store

4. Girlfriend Plus

It’s a free Virtual girlfriend app where you can talk anything to your pocket girlfriend. Although the app has simple features, you can have a good time chatting with her.

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5. My Virtual Dream Girlfriend

This is quite a different and unique Virtual Girlfriend app, wherein you get the opportunity to design and create your girlfriend exactly as you dream. This virtual girlfriend will have all the human emotions such as love, anger, tears, and everything.

Download from Play Store

6. My Virtual Girlfriend

This virtual girlfriend app is a kind of dating game where along with the fun you can also fulfill your desire to flirt with girls. The mission in the game is to pursue her to love you. The game has much more to explore. To know more about the game details, you may visit the given link below.

Download from Play Store

7. Simulator Virtual Girlfriend

As you can guess from the name, it is a girlfriend simulator game. The girl in the game resembles an original personality with whom you can talk and she will reply to all your questions.

Download from Play Store

8. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie – Offline

This is an offline Virtual girlfriend app whom you can talk and chat even without connecting to the internet. The name of this girlfriend is Julie. Julie is designed to share beautiful conversations with you.

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Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for iOS

9. Virtual Anime Girl

She could be your virtual anime girl. It’s a paid application for Apple users, where you can chat with your pocket girl friend. She can show her crazy dance moves. She is a 3D-designed anime girl.

Download from App Store

10. Me Girl Love Story – The Free 3D Dating & Fashion Game

If you love to take part in some dating adventure, this virtual girlfriend app is perfect for you. Your aim is to unlock all the babes in the city to win the title of “Best dating columnist” of the town. Besides that, there are many fun mini-games that would never let you get bored.

Download from App Store

11. Choices: Stories You Play

From love to Magic and Romance to fantasy, you will find everything in this application. Ask dirty questions to your girl and she will keep you entertained with the best of its answers. You can customize girly characters in the game and give wings to your fantasy.

Download from App Store

12. Laura

Unlike other such games, Laura is a simple dating app where you will have a personal intelligent assistant in your pocket. Laura can be anything for you. She can inform you location names, distances to travel, and can also act as your girlfriend when you feel lonely.

Download from App Store

13. My Virtual Manga Girl Anime 3D

For Manga lovers, nothing could be better than this virtual girlfriend game. In this app, you will have a girl. You can dress her, change eyelashes, eye colors, lips, etc. It is an animated game with 360-degree graphics, that helps you to move and turn your girl easily.

Download from App Store

14. Virtual Girlfriend Love Story

This a game based on a high school love story. Players being a part of a high school enjoys teenage romance in this application. So, if you want to relive your teenage and have some romance in school, try this virtual girlfriend app.

Download from App Store

15. Idle Girlfriend

This app works exactly like its name. You will get an idle girlfriend whose name is Luna. You need to take care of Luna, give her food, drinks, and all the necessities of life. And in return, she will give you tons of love.

Download from App Store


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