How To Hack Kahoot? (Kahoot Cheats 2020)

Kahoot is a new talk of the town these days. It’s the latest and trendy educational idea which is widely used by students of the 21st century. Studying having pen and paper in hands is an old-school practice of imparting education and gather knowledge. It’s the technological era, where everything is going digital then, why not studies?

Kahoot is a type of game where multiple-choice questions have to answer in order to increase your knowledge. You guys would be amazed to know that there’re millions of searches on the internet regarding Kahoot and Kahoot cheat codes, and how to hack Kahoot.

So, if you’re too eager to know all about Kahoot, don’t exit the page before reading the complete article. Let’s get started –

What is Kahoot?

Be it a kid, school-going teenager, or young adult, playing games is always a fascinating and fun job. But when it comes to playing educational games, it seems a little boring and monotonous. Right? Guys, we’re going to tell you about one such education game but not boring at all. It’s KAHOOT!

Kahoot is a type of fun study game, where students get the opportunity to test their knowledge and skills. The best part is while playing the game there’s no burden to score the minimum marks or pressure of achieving the top position. It’s just a lightweight fun game to check your knowledge level.

More About Kahoot Game!

You must be wondering what type of game is this? First of all, note that this game is designed for the stress-free answering of questions without any fear of pass or fail in exams. Kahoot is the name given to a question bank on a particular topic. Teachers, Students, Business people, etc have contributed their time to prepare question bank.

Later on, these questions will be asked from students and adults who’re willing to answer and know their score. All the questions are based on a picture or a video having multiple choices to answer the question. All the questions either have one answer or more than one answer is also possible. To make the game more interesting, you can set the time for answering each question say 5 second or 10 seconds.

How To Hack Kahoot?


Kahoot is an online quiz. To participate in this game or quiz, whatever you say, you should have an overall knowledge exists around you. But we can’t be good at everything. So, to answer your Kahoot automatically, you can also hack it. Wondering how to hack Kahoot? Don’t worry, just follow the below step-by-step guide to do it.

  • The first and foremost thing you need to do is copy Kahoot’s game pin.
  • Now visit the Kahoot Spam website 👉  here


  • Enter the pin which you have copied in the first step.
  • Fill in your name.
  • Also, give the number of bots.
  • To proceed, check in the box “I’m not a Robot”
  • Next, click on “Flood”.

Then, eventually, you would be able to increase the number of bots. These bots will then answer each and every question asked in while playing Kahoot. However, we would like to catch the attention of our readers that these bots can’t be reversed. That means you won’t be able to remove these bots.

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We’re also giving you some tips and tricks to hack Kahoot. This might help you to a great extent.

Tips & Tricks For Kahoot Cheats & Codes

Well, if you see any website on the internet that claims to give you any Kahoot cheat codes, don’t believe, because it’s not possible. There are no direct cheat codes available for Kahoot. However, if you try a little hard, you can make it with the help of our tips and tricks for breakthrough Kahoot. So, what you’re waiting for? Read on.

Go Google

You must have observed that it’s not allowed to copy the questions of any professional exams like CAT, MAT, and others but Kahoot has no such restrictions. You can easily copy the questions from Kahoot and paste it on Google search engine. And you will get the sure answer quickly. For questions having sufficient time of 1 minute, Google can help however it might get little difficult if the time to resolve one question is less than a minute.

Take Help of Experienced

It’s needless to say that seniors obviously have more knowledge than us. So the probability of knowing the right answer to them is high. You can take the help of experienced and educated seniors or elder siblings. 

Create Mulitple IDs

That’s the very easy but time-consuming way to cheat Kahoot quiz. What you need to do is create multiple IDs say 3 or 4. Give different answers to the same question and check which is the correct one. In this way, you can get the right answer to all the questions.

How To Create Your Own Kahoot Quiz?

That’s interesting! Yes, you can create your own Kahoot quiz. It’s simple, easy, and free. Just do as directed and get your own Kahoot quiz.

  • Visit the official Kahoot website 👉 here
  • Signup your account with Kahoot.
  • Choose your account as a Teacher, Student, Socially, or Work.
  • Add your login credentials.
  • Give the basic information as required.
  • Your account is created at this stage.
  • Now, hit the ‘New K!’ tab on the top of the homepage.
  • Choose between quiz, survey, or discussion.

Say if you choose quiz, start adding questions and their answers. You have to add at least 4 options to each question out of which at least one should be correct. There may be more than one correct answer also. It totally depends on you.

So, this was all about how to hack Kahoot – The trending online educational quiz on the internet. Hopefully, now you know all about KAHOOT hacks & cheats.



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