10 Best Night Vision Apps For Android & iOS

Snapping pictures and recording videos at night seems difficult but Night Vision apps help you to capture things beyond the darkness. “You must need proper lighting to capture wonderful pictures”, These Apps prove this statement wrong. Having a Night Vision App installed on your phone, you can click photos and shoot videos even in the Night of New Moon.

Both for Android and iOS users, there are lots of Apps that lets you capture at Night with many other useful and attractive features. We are here enlisting the 10 Best Night Vision Apps for iPhone & Android users.

Best Night Vision Apps for Android & iOS


Thermal Night Vision Camera

This is a Thermal Night Vision Camera App which has the ability to change your camera vision with thermal colors. The app has in-built color detector simulator which changes the bright and dark pixels into yellow and blue color line. Apart from that, it also has a flashlight button for better clarity. The app is available for both the Android and iOS platforms. The app also facilitates to take the screenshot with the camera button itself.

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NightVision Light

This is also a good Night Vision App having enough features to the purpose. You can install this app to resolve your problem of taking pictures at night. In the dark, the app changes the screen of your smartphone into red color. This app works on the scientific principle of adjusting the pupil of the eye to the dark environment. It easily helps your eyes to adapt to the dark and see the telescopic view of each and everything with a red-lit flashlight.

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Night Vision Camera Joke

Well, this is more than just a camera app. It is a game or fun application you can say, that provide you to look through your phone camera in a night full of dark. With its thermal imager, it enhances the light sensitivity so that it becomes easy for viewers to spot objects even in the sheer dark environment. Well, you can use this app to go out in the dark without fear. To just give the disclaimer, this app is just a simulator and won’t harm your device in any way.

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ELRO Color Night Vision IP Cam

This we can say as a hi-tech app that you can control from any remote area with the help of your smartphone. The working mechanism of this app is simple. Whenever the PIR sensor of your phone’s camera detects any kind of motion, it gives you an alert. So, in this way, you can monitor the camera activities in real time. Besides that, it supports push notification so that you can always be updated. It has also the option of remote playback.

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Night Mode Camera

This is a good alternative option for Android users. The application is designed to capture pictures and record videos at the lowest luminosity without the need for any additional application or accessory. The best part is, this app works without any lag. The app provides 8 times zoom feature to bring the best clarity to your pictures and videos. Not just that, you can even share your clicks on social media right from the app. The other features of this app include front and rear camera support, detailed exposure, HD quality, and green amplification mode.

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Night Camera Lite

This is the free Night Vision App for iPhone users to showcase your photography at the night. Surprisingly, with this app, the quality of photos would not be affected. No one can identify that the photos are taken in the dark. For taking back to back camera shots at night, you can also set the timer in the app. You can customize the app settings and coordinate the volume button to click the pictures. You can zoom in the picture up to 6 times. 

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Night Eyes – Night Camera

This light photography app is another Night Vision App that you can install for free on your Apple iPhones. The algorithm of the app is so designed that it provides quick settings to switch from amplification mode to exposure mode. In the exposure mode, the person taking the picture can check the minute details of the scene. The other features of this app include autofocus, change of landscape to portrait mode, LED lights, 10 times more focus, and various color filters.

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Illumes Lite

According to the developer of this app, it is the combo of 5 apps in one app. Stressing of eyes is no more needed. Just install illumes lite app and capture fearlessly at nights. Apart from a camera app, you can also make use of this app as a flashlight tool for looking around easily in the dark. The app provides you to make a choice among the 4 colors i.e. Green, Red, Blue, and Natural. The app deserves a place in our list today because of its illuminating features.

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Night Vision (Photo & Video)

This one is another cool Night Vision App with the perfect blend of technology and camera application. Developers of the app claim that the app is free from all the bugs and lags, hence give a seamless experience to its users. The app has in-built support for various social networking apps like Facebook, Email, and Instagram. You can share the pictures taken directly from your Night Vision Camera App. The other features of this app include photo video slider, focus button, color saturation picker, etc.

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Thermal Night Vision Camera Effect Simulated

Last in the list but not last in importance, is the app which has amazing color filters, frame, and thermal vision to make use of camera better in the night. The interface of the app is very simplified. Everything is provided to do with the help of buttons. There are separate buttons for every function say Thermal Night Vision Device Button to switch on the thermal vision at night and Start Button to launch the Camera View. This app has all the required features that you may expect from a Night Vision Apps.

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