10 PUBG Mobile Hacks And Tricks You Should Know

PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battleground) is one of the most popular games that has laid its way to small mobile screens from PCs. PUBG Mobile today is the highest playing game all around the world. It’s a game where 100 players are landed on an island with the objective to survive till the last. The last man standing is declared as the winner and he will be rewarded with Chicken Dinner.

The addiction of this game has plagued everyone. Especially mobile game lovers are crazy for playing PUBG all day and night. If you are a mad fan of PUBG game and wanted to know some cool PUBG mobile hacks, read this article where you are going to know some awesome tricks to hack PUBG game. And believe it, it works!

Best PUBG Mobile Hacks and Tricks

1. Land Your Parachute Right

You must have heard that “A Right Start is Half The Battle Done”. This is true for playing PUBG as well. It is very necessary that you jump wisely from the parachute before you land on the battle arena. Try to land in far away from other players as this will give you more time to loot. Along with this, choose the right time to jump off the plane. After your landing on the battleground, keep on checking your maps. This helps you to keep updated with your and others location.

2. Combat Tactically

To win a chicken dinner only pro fighting skills are not just enough. You have to think tactically and learn from the silly mistakes you do in the previous attempts. Along with a fighting game, it is also a strategy game, so if you move with a well-planned strategy in the game, there are increased chances that you win the Chicken Dinner.

It is therefore suggested to not go beyond the ridge lines else you will be easily spotted. Do not panic and observe your surroundings. Keep changing your location so that your opponents find it difficult to target on you.

3. Make Use of Controls Customization

The best part of this addictive action game is that you can customize the controls as you want or find convenient to play on your mobile. Some people are unaware of this that they can change the game controls. To customize your set of controls, get into the home screen of your game and go to “Controls” menu. You can choose your own commands i.e placement of controls on the left and right side of your phone screen. I recommend using claw setup.

4. Choose the Right Weapon

Pubg Mobile has lots of weapons like Rifles, SMG’s, Shotguns, Sniper and every weapon is special in its own way. Like shotguns are deadly in close range. If you are in a close range fight shotgun should be your first priority.  But you can’t play the whole game with shotguns. Assault Rifles are the way to go, but there are so many rifles available. Here is a complete guide on the best Assault Rifles in PUBG mobile.

This training map will guide you each and everything related to your game. Also, in the new training map, you can practice and try your weapons without getting killed or actually playing the game. This is awesome PUBG Mobile hacks that always keep you safe.

5. Keep Changing Your Armor

In this list of PUBG Mobile hacks, this one you should must follow. To keep your enemies on their toes, you should keep changing your armor. Also, as you combat in the game, with time your armor ability get down and it won’t be as effective as your opponent’s.

So you should make sure that your weapons and armor are better than your opponent. Don’t mind switching to more upgraded and advanced level weapons, if you really want to enjoy the Chicken Dinner.

6. What To Do When Your Opponent Target You

Usually, it has been observed among the PUBG players that when somebody target you, you lie down. Don’t do that! In such a case, the sniper has already set you on his target and closely observing you. So, if you lie down, he will easily turn you dead lowering down his vision. As simple as that. Instead of lying down, face it. Don’t be in a steady position ever. Go zigzag and counter-attack to save yourself.

7. Make Use of Headphones

PUBG Mobile tricks let you play PUBG like a pro. To enjoy any video game, sound plays an important role. PUBG Mobile game has got terrific sound quality. If you really want to enjoy the game at the fullest, you should make use of headphones. Using the headphones, you can feel the thrill and excitement of the game without the distraction of any sound outside the PUBG world.

8. Make Right Choice of Vehicles

To be the last man standing, you should also be a little wise making choice of vehicles. For e.g., at the beginning of the game, we would suggest you to use a car because it is fast and quickly take you to the safe zone.

However, soon you should leave the car. As you go near enemies zone, the same car will no longer help you. Instead, it will become a burden for you. Your enemies will easily spot you if you won’t leave the car. Similarly, in different instances, you should make the right choice of vehicles. If you are playing solo then the bike should be your first choice.

9. Keep on Switching The Modes

In this list of PUBG Mobile hacks, we would suggest you to keep switching between TPP & FPP shooting modes. PUBG Mobile enables you to play in first person shooting mode as well as third-person shooting mode. Practice in both the modes as this helps you to improve your aim and reflexes.

10. Never Stop Communicating

Last but not the least trick in our list of PUBG Mobile hacks is to be in connection with your squad. The essence and real fun of playing PUBG is playing it with friends. If you don’t communicate with your friends and squad in the game, you will be left out.

Coordination is very important. Keep talking with your squad. PUBG mobile offers in-game chat features including voice chat. You have to ensure that all the members of the squad should be in touch with each other, share their loot, and helps in healing other squad members. This adds up the interest in the game.


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