How to Grow Facebook Pages On Automation (FPTraffic Review)

Facebook is no more a social network. It’s developing as a full-fledged market space where you can not just interact with like-minded people but also monetize your virtual fame. It is no secret that you can create Facebook pages for free for marketing your brand, service, or product. Yeah! It is very simple but nothing gets done automatically. A few efforts from your side is mandatory. Today’s article will let you know everything about FPTraffic and how you can turn Facebook Fans into money.

What is FPTraffic?

FPTraffic is the name of that formula which helps you to easily grow Facebook Pages on automation and convert your Facebook Fan following into money. Using FPTraffic, you no longer need to find content, you can search for images, videos, directly from FPtraffic and schedule them. The page you create will be fully customized at your disposal and according to your needs. FPTraffic allows affiliate marketing and links as well.

Handling multiple pages at the same time is easier with FPTraffic. You can schedule and post multiple contents on multiple pages at just a single click. FPTraffic is linked up directly with popular and most visited online websites such as eBay, Amazon, etc. So, you can raise a good source of income from there as well.

How Does FPTraffic Work?

  • Create a Member account with FPTraffic.
  • Log in and It’ll take you to the dashboard.
  • There you see all the Facebook Pages that you have linked with FPTraffic. You can also add new pages or remove existing ones.


  • In the Scheduled Posts tab, you can manage your posts. You can create new ones, edit existing posts and delete them as well.
  • You can also schedule a new post there. One of the best features that no other tool offers is you can bulk upload images to your Facebook Page and schedule them. 
  • Under the ‘Content’ Tab, you can find content like images and videos from Tumblr, Reddit, Bing and even YouTube for your Facebook page.


  • In the ‘Analytics’, tab you may find all the real-time statistics of visitors on your page.

Besides that, there’re many blogs, tutorials and ‘How-To’ guides upon creating and using FPTraffic in the best possible way and to generate maximum revenue.

Who Can Use FPTraffic?

FPTraffic is best for all those who want to earn some handsome money from their Facebook Fan following. They can redirect the traffic from Facebook to their website. FPTraffic ensures more visibility of your Facebook Page on the platform and thereby fetching more traffic on your website or blog.

If you are an Internet marketer then it is a must-have tool as it lets to grow Facebook pages on autopilot. Just schedule some post and you are ready to go.

Not just that, it is easy to directly earn through Facebook Pages by generating leads through affiliate marketing. So, if you don’t have any website or link, it’s ok. You can still monetize your Facebook Page.

Besides all this, it’s also good to increase interaction with different people across the globe as Facebook is not limited to national boundaries.

How Much FPTraffic Costs You?

To make it affordable for all, FPTraffic is reasonably charge you just 10$ for one month. With this 10 bucks, you can create as many Facebook Pages as you want and schedule posts in them as per your convenience. Apart from this, users need not pay any additional charges. So to make use of FPTraffic, you just need 10$, a Facebook account, and at least one Facebook Page to get started with.

It also comes with a two weeks trial so there is nothing to lose start your subscription right now. 


Without a shadow of a doubt, FPTraffic is the coolest and easiest way to manage and channelize Facebook Traffic into monetary terms. It is the community of over 2500 people who are taking benefit of the Facebook social network. With decent pricing, many features, easy navigation, and time-saving options, FPTraffic is worth trying.


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